10 Breeds That Make Great Apartment Dogs

There is nothing more relaxing than coming home after a long day in the office and being greeted with the endless loyalty and upbeat energy that only our furry pals can provide. Other than companionship, and cuddles, there are numerous other health benefits of living with a dog. So you shouldn’t let the fact that you live in an apartment stop you from adopting a dog. However, choosing the right breed that makes a great apartment dog can be quite challenging, especially if you live in a small apartment.

And that is because there are numerous qualities you must consider when searching for an ideal option for your apartment, with the main one being the dog’s size. Remember, huge and energetic dogs don’t do well in an apartment. Other great qualities to look out for include low-energy count, bark levels, and temperament. So, here are some of the best breeds that can make great apartment dogs:

Top 10 Breeds That Make Great Apartment Dogs

1. Pug

Recognizable by its unique squished face, a Pug is a loyal and playful pet that needs to be very close to its owner. Pugs are known for their low energy and sweet disposition. They are easygoing and can get along with other pets in the house, including cats. This breed doesn’t bark without a good reason, so special training is not necessary to please your neighbors. Due to its inactivity, size, and quietness, a pug puppy can be an excellent addition to your small apartment. But make sure you provide it with the right nutrition for Pugs.

10 Breeds That Make Great Apartment Dogs

 2. Bichon Frise

Normally mistaken for a Poodle, a Bichon Frise can be a great addition to your family. Bichon Frise is highly recommended for individuals with pet allergies. This small-sized breed makes great apartment dogs, and it can get along with cats and other pets in the house. Clocking about 15 pounds when fully grown, this playful pet won’t take too much space in the house or even the couch. However, it does get sensitive when left alone, so you should be ready to have indoor games and daily walks if you plan on adopting this breed.

10 Breeds That Make Great Apartment Dogs

3. English Bulldog

Despite its stocky build, the English Bulldog is well known for its laziness. This breed can nap the entire day on the couch. Bulldogs rarely bark and are great with kids, so you will never have to worry about your neighbors complaining. And all you have to do to keep them happy is making sure that they are well fed and taken for short walks every day.

10 Breeds That Make Great Apartment Dogs

4. Basenjis

Even though they are not that common in the United States, Basenjis are excellent dogs for apartment dwellers searching for a low maintenance pet. Basenjis don’t shed and are the only breed that doesn’t bark on the planet. Therefore, you will never have to worry about your dog, disturbing the neighbors. However, they do need some exercises every day and toys to play with the whole day.  

10 Breeds That Make Great Apartment Dogs

5. Greyhound

Commonly believed as a high-maintenance and highly energetic pet, the Greyhounds are actually one of the ideal apartment dogs on the planet. Despite being one of the fastest dogs on the planet, this breed can easily adapt to apartment life as they love lounging the whole day. All you have to do is take him to the park for a great workout, and you will have him sleeping the better part of the day.

10 Breeds That Make Great Apartment Dogs

6. Basset Hounds

If you are looking for a kid-friendly and laid back family dog, then look no further than Basset Hounds. This beautiful breed is quite easy to maintain and quite lazy, so make sure you get him a comfortable bed. This breed has great endurance, and an evening-long walk is enough workout for him. However, they are huge dogs with small legs and can be quite heavy to carry around.

10 Breeds That Make Great Apartment Dogs

7. Basset Fauve De Bretagne

Irrespective of your home’s size, a Basset can be a great apartment pet for families with no pet allergies. This active and friendly small-sized dog is one of the best apartment breeds on the planet. All they need is an hour’s walk every day and with a few games to be happy. And the fact that they have low barking tendencies makes them ideal for small apartments.

10 Breeds That Make Great Apartment Dogs

8. Dachshund

Dachshunds also referred to as “sausage dogs,” are friendly dogs that get along with kids and other dogs. Not only are they ideal to come home to every evening, but they are also perfect for less active dog owners. This dog only requires a small amount of exercise per day due to its small legs.

10 Breeds That Make Great Apartment Dogs

9. Poodles

Besides being the second most intelligent breed on the planet, a Poodle is one of the best-behaved dogs that you can ever own. This breed is considered hypoallergenic; therefore, it’s a great option for allergy sufferers. Even though they are a bit bigger, they are skinny and fall under most apartments’ weight limits. Poodles are relatively quiet and get along with human beings and other dogs.

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10. Boston Terrier

Also known as the American gentleman, Boston Terriers have the energy and ruggedness of huge dogs and perks of smaller ones. They are not lap pets like most apartment dogs; however, they will stick by your side the whole day. But, they will need a daily walk to remain happy. This affectionate and wonderful breed will remain inactive indoors. Boston Terriers make great pets for the elderly and kids. However, they tend to overheat in temperate climates, so make sure they are kept indoors.

10 Breeds That Make Great Apartment Dogs

Final Thoughts

Adopting a dog can be a life-changing experience for most of us, especially the first-time owners. And that is because of the high level of loyalty and joy that comes with these beautiful companions. However, selecting the wrong breed for your small apartment can end up being a disastrous experience. Therefore the first thing you must consider when adopting a dog is the size of your home. Look for a small-sized dog that has less energy and barks less. Remember, some breeds just don’t do well in an apartment.      

10 Breeds That Make Great Apartment Dogs

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