12 Things You May (or May Not) Know About a Border Collie

Border Collies are fantastic dogs with a history that is quite unique. If you are planning on getting one, you must know that they come with criteria for high activity and socialization. Getting a Border Collie for your home will liven up your life. 

That being said, if you want a dog that is playful, smart, and lovable, this breed may be for you. Here are twelve things you may or may not know about a Border Collie that you may be interested in!

12 Things You May (or May Not) Know About a Border Collie

12 Things You Ought To Know About Border Collies

Below, you will read about how awesome a Border Collie can be. They can be super fun to learn about. Here are 12 things you ought to know about Border Collies.

1. They Are So Intelligent And May Outsmart You At Times

Border Collies are well-reputed as the world’s smartest dogs out there. Since these dogs are so clever, it means they are very easy to grasp on anything and learn. 

This means that before they establish any bad habits, such as barking, nipping, or any whining, you ought to discipline them immediately, behaviors that many Border Collies default to when they are bored. 

That’s why you’ve got this dog to look out for. After training and educating them, chances are they will trick you, deal with you, and even outwit you. The funny thing is that you may not know it before it is already too late. 

Bear in mind that you can not just leave him alone by himself. If you’re going to prevent it from being violent and crazy, this is a dog that just needs a job and regular care.

2. They Have A Big Vocabulary

Border Collies have the potential to learn a lot of words, hence they can have a big vocabulary when they are trained properly. If you look up the famous Border Collies in the world, some of them are well-known for their wide range of vocabulary.

They can be so smart that if they know the word that you are asking for, it may bring it to you. Now that sounds so awesome and remarkable! 

3. They Can Play Various Canine Sports

Surprisingly, Border Collies can just be highly flexible in any canine sport. In different dog sports, including flyball, agility, and many more, the exceptionally adaptable and skilled Border Collies also flourish. Sure enough, they can play various canine sports.

For dogs, Flyball is a team sport. Every team has 4 dogs each. It is understood that Border Collies excel at this fast and fun sport. Dog teams sprint over a series of obstacles to a box that activates a tennis ball (in relay fashion). 

The dogs catch the ball, then sprint back to the starting line to pave the way for the team’s second canine to run. Without mistake, the first team to see all 4 dogs complete the run succeeds.

While in Agility, through a set of hurdles, the handler guides the dog properly. The fastest one wins the competition in the course. All kinds of obstacles are included in the adventures, including tunnels, weave surveys, teeter-totters, A-frame ramps, and jumps. Not only is this sport a physical obstacle, but also a mental one. 

If you want to have some fun with your dog, consider adopting this breed as you can enjoy a lot of activities with him!

4. They Can Work Different Jobs

Herding is the major job that they can do. You can train them for it! And in this role, they are very exceptional. They are known for their intense look, or “eye,” with which the flock is commanded pretty well. Up until today, Border Collies are still being used around farms and ranches around the world to herd sheep. 

Nevertheless, the Border Collie is a dog that does other things very well, too. The reason for it is because they are so clever. As service dogs and therapy dogs, they are also used to alert others (the health workers) to health problems such as seizures. 

With certain individuals, they are indeed very helpful, and it is impossible to not recognize that they are very good at their jobs. The interesting fact about them is that they are dogs with endless stamina, agility, and drive to work. In cases like this, they do really well which makes it harder to resist their charm.

5. These Type Of Dogs Have Their Own Shedding Season

With their long fur, you may be wondering if these dogs are prone to shedding. So, the question is, do border collies shed? The answer to that question is a yes. The climate of the region where you and your dog live influences this very much.

In this aspect, they are most likely to lose and shred some fur when they are in the shredding season. The shedding season usually takes place in the spring and fall, although this can vary from one dog to the next. 

In fall, they are preparing for a full, thick coat for the cold upcoming in winter. While in spring, they often shed their winter coat because the temperature in the upcoming summer is much warmer and their coat will be more exposed to light.

If you intend to buy or foster a Border Collie or other herding dog breed, their grooming requirements are serious and must certainly be managed.  

To keep up with their hygiene and to search for just about any problems, it is essential to brush them periodically. In general, Border Collies are good dogs, but often have issues with dry and itchy skin.

6. They Are So Hyperactive

One thing you should know about this dog is that they are so hyperactive. Do not expect to find this dog lying and lazing around the yard. He is not the couch potato dog that you might be assuming. 

He would not like that. He wants a career and he definitely deserves one. Keeping up with the extreme physiological toughness of the Border Collie is stressful, even exasperating, for an owner or family who wants a laid-back family pet.

When Border Collies are left without stimulation, the quicker it is for it to get bored and hyper. Border Collies are working dogs and they superbly love having jobs during the day to keep them busy. 

Essentially, this high-energy dog needs to channel its activeness toward something, or else it would misbehave and cause some destruction around the place.

12 Things You May (or May Not) Know About a Border Collie

7. They Live A Long Life

A happy and well cared for Border Collie can live up to ten to seventeen years of age. For a medium-sized dog that is well cared for and does not face any major health issues in his life, this is only about the average estimate.

8. This Dog Is For Those Who Want A Medium-Sized One

Maybe you do not prefer too small or too big- then go for a medium-sized one! A healthy Border Collie will usually grow to be 22 inches tall and weigh between 42-45 pounds anywhere. They fall easily into the group of medium-sized dogs.

9. Their Names Have Origins

Did you know that the Border Collie dog breed was first created to gather and control sheep? This happened in the hilly frontier country between Scotland and England- they were originally bred there. 

Moreover, this is where Border Collies got their name! Collie is used to describe sheepdogs. So, their names have origins and it did not just come out of the blue.

10. They Are Good With Tracking, Searching, And Rescue

The Border Collie’s strong training skill makes them a perfect tracking, search and rescue dog. While this is not mentioned earlier in their jobs, Border Collies are actually good with tracking and searching. Though you may want to note that for a search and rescue role, you should start training your Border Collie puppy very early. 

Their ability to please people and incredible nose make the perfect search and rescue dog. There are past successful viral stories that Border Collies found missing people that were not easily seen by human rescuers. If you want to know more about these cases, you can try to search it up! 

11. They Are Great For Older Children

The Border Collie is faithful and can be good with kids. It’s wary of strangers as well, making it a strong watchdog for the family. However, while the Border Collie might be a good family dog, it does not mean it works every time for every family. This type of breed is more suitable and recommended for older kids.

12. They Are One Of The Best Companions You Can Get

A Border Collie is a great dog for the active and adventurous individual. Certainly, they are one of the best companions you can get. They are easily educated by their intellect and tractable nature. They are intuitive and they have an incredible capacity to discern what you’re going to ask of them before you request for it. 

Moreover, they can adjust to virtually every living environment that offers the mental and physical exercise they need if they are appropriately socialized and educated from puppyhood.

You can have overloads of fun with them. In no time, you may be seeing your world revolves around your dog. If you seek a thrilling adventure, then you can take a Border Collie along with you because they can mostly participate in everything that you may want to do. 

That is all for this article, hopefully, you learn all that you wanted to know about Border Collies. It can be seen that based on these facts that this type of dog can shine bright like the stars. 

If you want to be a friend and a good owner of this kind of breed, you should have lots of time to spend with them. If you think you are up to the challenge a Border Collie dog can bring, do not hesitate to adopt and get one right now and enjoy!

12 Things You May (or May Not) Know About a Border Collie

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