Top 5 Great Dane Breeders in Alaska 2022

5 Best Great Dane Breeders in Alaska

The Great Dane, also known as the German Mastiff, is a true gentle giant. Despite their imposing size, they are affectionate and elegant pets. Though they can be sweet, they can also be protective of their owners, making them great guardians and service dogs. Are you ready to add this “Apollo of Dogs” to your family, but don’t know where to start? Preferable Pups has made it easier by compiling a list of the 5 best breeders of such graceful dogs in Alaska.

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 #1. Asay Acres

Asay Acres Great Danes

At the base of Hatchers Pass in Palmer, Alaska is where Asay Acre is settled. Established in 2002, Frank and his wife, Christie, along with their family-run their kennel to breed champion show dogs. They are an AKC Breeder of Merit participants and prove it through the pups they raise. They are bred to meet health, temperament, and conforming standards for the breed.

Asay Acres offers a 4-year health guarantee that covers many common health issues of Great Danes. At an average of $2,500 per pup, you are sure to get a quality dog meant for showmanship or lounging on the couch.

Breeder Information:

Location: Palmer, Alaska



 #2. Great Alaskan Danes

Great Alaskan Danes

The scale and majesty of Alaska are affectionately compared to that of the Great Dane to those at Great Alaskan Danes. Located a few hours from Anchorage, Craig Ramm and Cyndi Day raise their five Danes as members of their families. Their goal is the preservation of the classic Great Dane breed, and through that goal, they raise their pups with conformation, health, and temperament in mind. The puppies are raised with early sensory stimulation and participate in many activities from sports to couch-cuddling.

With the adoption of one of their puppies, Great Alaskan Danes offer a guarantee of vaccination, microchipping, AKC registration, and a puppy starter kit to ensure a smooth and safe transition into your home.

Breeder Information:

Location: Soldotna, Alaska

Phone: (907)252-9756



 #3. TDT Great Danes

TDT Great Danes

Another AKC Breeder of Merit on this list, TDT Great Danes are competing dogs, raised for show and champion status. Tabitha Plambeck is the breeder behind the company, and she is determined to set up each puppy with the proper necessities for moving on to their next and final owners.

Each puppy that leaves TDT Great Danes’ care is given a health guarantee and additional benefits like a small bag of food or toys that brandish their littermates’ scent. Each dog is considered a member of their family, and as such, they are treated with tenderness and delicate care when they are ready to leave their care at 10 weeks old.

Breeder Information:

Location: North Pole, Alaska

Phone: (907)978-2086



Facebook: TDT Great Danes | Facebook

 #4. Wolfe Pack Great Danes (No High Quality Images) 

Wolfe Pack Great Danes may be a small kennel, but their love and devotion to Great Danes are as grand as The Last Frontier itself. They own four breeding adults, and the parents, as well as the puppies, are treated as loving members of the family.

They take proper care of the pups’ health, as well. They prioritize testing their Great Danes for dysplasia of the hip and elbow, eye issues, and thyroid and cardiac problems. The puppies’ colors are mainly brown, grey, and black, but they are no less adorable.

Breeder Information:

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Phone: (907)344-1567



 #5. Last Frontier Danes

Last Frontier Danes

Last Frontier Danes have a great love and respect for Great Danes and aim to better the breed. All their dogs are AKC registered, and health tested. Aside from breeding their Great Danes, Last Frontier Danes occasionally rehome pets that come into their care, intending to find them a loving forever home.

Recent coloring has focused on black, harlequin, and merle, though other colors may be expected in the future. Their most common coat is harlequin, so lovers of the pattern would be in luck when the next litter is born!

 Breeder Information:

Location: Meadow Lakes, Alaska

Phone: (206)437-4613


Facebook: Last Frontier Danes | Facebook


Find your new Great Dane puppies for sale in Alaska!

If you are an Alaskan searching for a gentle giant to grace your family, Preferable Pups provides many reputable and wholesome options to choose from. These lanky dogs make wonderful pets for any household that longs for a pup with so much love to give. The above breeders are all AKC registered and offer a health guarantee for every adopted pup. As well, most of the above breeders are members of the Great Dane Club of America. Careful care and consideration go into choosing a new furry member of your family, and we aim to make your decision easier by providing a comprehensive list of some of the best Great Dane breeders around.

5 Best Great Dane Breeders in Alaska 2022

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