Top 5 Great Dane Breeders in Colorado 2022

5 Best Great Dane Breeders in Colorado

When you hear the name “Great Dane,” the first thought that pops into your head might be its large size. It isn’t an exaggeration either; they are big dogs! Their lanky legs and majestic elegance are what give them their nickname, “the Apollo of Dogs.” However, though their size can be intimidating, these dogs are anything but. They are affectionate, goofy, and gentle additions to any family. Are you thinking of welcoming a Great Dane into your family, but don’t know where to start? Preferable Pups has made it easier by listing the 5 best Great Dane breeders in Colorado.

Need extra help in finding the right breeder for your future best pal? Fill out our application, and we will guide you step-by-step through the adoption process. Now without further ado, here are the 5 best Great Dane Breeders in Colorado!

1. Glacier Danes Review
Glacier Danes Colorado

Glacier Danes have been breeding Great Danes since 2000. Since then, their operation has grown to house 12 Danes and numerous litters. One member of a duo, Brian, has worked with a few of their Danes to become certified therapy dogs since 2017. They not only want to breed healthy, happy pups but strive to preserve the breed standard.

Currently, pup prices range from $2,000-$3,500, though their mantles, harlequin, and merle mantles typically cost more. Each puppy is examined by a veterinary professional where they are dewormed, vaccinated, and microchipped. They offer a 2-year health guarantee that covers hereditary and congenital conditions, ensuring you get a healthy, happy puppy to add to your family.

Breeder Information:

Location: Parker, CO

Phone: (303) 805-7014

Website: Glacier Danes


Facebook: Glacier Danes – Posts | Facebook

Instagram: Glacier Danes (@glacierdanes) • Instagram photos and videos

2. Vanmar Great Danes of Colorado Review

Vanmar Great Danes of Colorado

The puppies from Vanmar Great Danes of Colorado are selectively bred from champion bloodlines. Great Danes have been a part of Tamara Johnston’s life for over 30 years, and she has finally achieved her goal of breeding her own. She breeds her Danes only twice each year, so puppy reservations go fast.

In the first 5 weeks of their lives, the puppies live in the living quarters of Johnston’s home. They then move into the kitchen where they get used to being around humans and their everyday activities. Johnston carefully screens each potential owner to ensure they’re a good home. Once a puppy is adopted, they are offered lifetime breeder support, a health guarantee, and discounted obedience classes.

Breeder Information:

Location: Centennial, CO

Phone: (303) 944-0334

Website: Vanmar Great Danes of Colorado


Facebook:  Vanmar Great Danes of Colorado | Facebook

Instagram: Vanmar Great Danes Of Colorado (@vanmargreatdanes) • Instagram photos and videos

3. Simply Sublyme Great Danes Review
Simply Sublyme Great Danes Colorado

Simply Sublyme Great Danes raises puppies to exude quality in both the show ring and in your home. They take their breeding seriously and carefully choose their pairings to ensure healthy pups that adhere to the breed standard. They are passionate about their work and strive to produce wonderful companions for willing families.

Simply Sublyme exposes their puppies to several forms of nurturing and enrichment. The pups are desensitized to noise, used to grooming, potty trained, leash trained, and much more. The puppies are $2,500 each with a $500 deposit included. The price covers a 2-year health guarantee and application for AKC registration, vaccination, and deworming so that each pup is as healthy as can be.

Breeder Information:

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Website: Simply Sublyme Great Danes


Facebook: Wendy Austin Whitlock | Facebook

4. Rose Great Danes Colorado Review
Rose Great Danes Colorado

Rose Great Danes have been breeding, raising, and showing Great Danes for 27 years. They strive to breed healthy, structurally sound, and beautiful Danes for the family home and the show ring. From their champion lines, they offer Danes of harlequin, mantle, and merle colors. Despite their determination to breed champion dogs of excellence, they prioritize raising their pups in a house of love and care.

Rose Great Danes regularly updates their upcoming and available pups on their website, listed below. On their “Great Dane Puppies” page, they announce the year’s expected litters based on their breeding adults. When the litter is born, they post pictures of the first 24 to 48 hours of the puppies’ lives so you can stay updated on the health of the puppies and their mother. Contact the breeders for pricing and any special request.

Breeder Information:

Location: Durango, CO

Phone: (970) 259-1128



Facebook: Rose Great Danes | Facebook

5. P&C Mountain Danes of CO Review
P&C Mountain Danes of CO

P&C Mountain Danes of CO are a small breeder in Colorado Springs. They are passionate about raising their favorite breed in a loving home and sharing them with their forever families. Each puppy has been health tested, genetically tested, and color tested to adhere to the breed standards.

The pups are raised in an active household where they become desensitized to loud noises like doorbells and radios. They are groomed and potty trained early, and they are given their age-appropriate vaccinations and other medical necessities. Along with an AKC registration and a microchip, the puppies will go home with a complimentary collar and a 2-year health guarantee, ensuring a healthy, happy new addition to your family.

Breeder Information:

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Website: P&C Mountain Danes of CO in Colorado | Great Dane puppies | Good Dog

Find your new Great Dane puppy in Colorado!

The Great Dane is a loving, loyal, and sociable dog perfect for any family that doesn’t mind a certain lack of elbow room on the couch. If you live in Colorado and are searching for the newest furry member of your family, the Great Dane may be a perfect fit for you. The breeders listed above are reputable caregivers that are all AKC registered. Contact them today to get more information on their available pups or updates on future litters. We hope this list has made it easier for you to choose Great Danes as your family’s next companion.

Top 5 Great Dane Breeders in Colorado

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