Top 5 Great Dane Breeders in Delaware 2022

5 Best Great Dane Breeders in Delaware

The Great Dane has been represented n media as being a lumbering mountain of a dog with a goofball demeanor, and this depiction would be entirely accurate. The Great Dane is not only a tall, graceful breed but also a very sociable and affectionate dog with tons of personality. They easily attach to their family and become very protective of them, making them great guard dogs. Are you thinking of adding a Great Dane to your family, but aren’t sure about where you should start? Preferable Pups strives to make your decision easier with our list of the 5 best Great Dane breeders in Delaware.

Need extra help in finding the right breeder for your future best pal? Fill out our application, and we will guide you step-by-step through the adoption process. Now without further ado, here are the 5 best Great Dane Breeders in Delaware!

1. Kelso’s Gr8 Danes Delaware
Kelso’s Gr8 Danes Delaware

Irena Kelso has a tremendous love for Great Danes. At her home in Wilmington, she raises each of her dogs and their puppies in her house as members of the family. She is an AKC Breeder of Merit and takes great care to ensure each puppy is healthy and happy.

Kelso’s Gr8 Danes breed mostly blue and black puppies. They currently own 10 adult Danes and match them carefully to bring out the best in each litter. To adopt a puppy, potential owners must fill out a purchase agreement and contract. They take this measure to prevent their pups from going into neglectful homes or puppy mills. Kelso’s Gr8 Danes take the well-being of their puppies seriously.

Breeder Information:

Location: Wilmington, DE

Phone: (302) 437-6041

Website: Kelso’s Gr8 Danes – Home (


Facebook: Kelso’s GR8 Danes (Great Danes) | Facebook

2. MorningStarz Great Danes Delaware
MorningStarz Great Danes Delaware

MorningStarz Great Danes is a small breeder in Newark, Delaware. They are a close-knit family operation that raises and cares for Great Danes in a loving home. Their mission is to match as many healthy, happy, and adorable puppies with their forever homes as they can.

MorningStarz Great Danes have harlequin and mantle colors, prominently displayed in photos and videos on their Facebook page. Each puppy is health tested for hip, eye, heart, and thyroid conditions before going to their new home. After 10 weeks of affection and socialization, the little ones are ready to move on to their next stage of finding their forever homes.

Breeder Information:

Location: Newark, DE

Website: MorningStarz Great Danes in Delaware | Great Dane puppies | Good Dog

Facebook: MorningStarz Great Danes | Facebook

3. Dean’s Danes Delaware
Dean’s Danes Delaware

Dean’s Danes is an in-home breeder of Great Danes. They are passionate about the breed, and openly display this to their local community. Their Facebook and Instagram pages are filled with photos, videos, and updates of their dogs and puppies. When litters are born, there are paired with creative and often themed names, such as the “Supernatural” group (inspired by the hit CW series) that includes names like “Sam”, “Dean”, “Castiel”, and “Rowena”.

Dean’s Danes breed puppies with many possible colors. They regularly expect solids, merles, and harlequins in black, blue, fawn, and blue fawn mixtures. Every Great Dane is AKC registered. When the puppies are ready to go home, they are sent off with a puppy kit, including a new toy to begin their new life in their forever home.

Breeder Information:


Facebook: Dean’s Danes | Facebook

Instagram: Dean’s Danes (@thedeansdanes) • Instagram photos and videos

4. Paws of Faith Great Danes Delaware
Paws of Faith Great Danes Delaware

Paws of Faith Great Danes is a small local breeder of Danes. They adore the breed and are passionate about matching each healthy, friendly, and adorable pup with their new forever home. Their Facebook page is filled with fun photos of their puppies – both available for adoption or permanent members of the family – and updates of litters and prices.

Paws of Faith Great Danes do not crop their dogs’ ears. The price for each of their puppies begins at $1,500. Their colors range from mixtures of blue, harlequin, and mantle patterns, producing unique colors of Danes for every litter. These pups are raised in a house of love, making them wonderful companions for any family.

Breeder Information:

Phone: (609) 680-7295


Facebook: Paws of Faith Great Danes | Facebook

5. Rigg’s Danes Delaware
Rigg’s Danes Delaware

Rigg’s Danes are a hometown breeder in Seaford, Delaware. They focus on health, temperament, socialization, and compassion for each puppy in their care. Every dog, adult or puppy, is raised with a tender hand in a house of love. They are active in their community in the hopes that each of their pups goes to a trusting family.

They raise their Danes inside the house among the family, socializing them at an early age. They breed solids, mantles, and harlequins of varying colors. The puppies are taken to the vet before adoption where they receive their vaccinations, deworming, and are given a microchip. Rigg’s Danes are very responsive to any questions and concerns potential owners have regarding the adoption of one of their adorable pups.

Breeder Information:

Location: Seaford, DE

Phone: (410) 960-1525


Facebook: Riggs Danes | Facebook

Instagram: Riggs The Great Dane (@riggsthedane) • Instagram photos and videos

Find your new Great Dane puppy in Delaware!

The Great Dane is an elegant but goofy dog filled with personality and compassion for its family. They are a friendly and loyal breed that makes great guardians or therapy dogs. Considering a new pet for adoption is not an easy decision. With so many options, it can be hard to determine which breed is the best fit for your family, but we at Preferable Pups hope that we have made your decision a bit easier with our list of the top Great Dane breeders in “the First State.”

Top 5 Great Dane Breeders in Delaware

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