Top 5 Great Dane Breeders in Idaho 2022

5 Best Great Dane Breeders in Idaho

The Great Dane, also known as the German Mastiff, is a large dog indeed. So large that their nearly comical size has been the source for many jokes, some found in characters like Marmaduke or Scooby-Doo. While it’s true that these dogs are big and lanky, their size isn’t the only thing comic strips and cartoons get right. They are also loyal and compassionate, just like that goofball Marmaduke or the lovable scaredy-cat Scooby. Perhaps you grew a love for the breed after laughing at these characters’ antics, or perhaps you are just learning about their true family-oriented nature. Whatever your reason for considering Great Danes, Preferable Pups is here to help you find the top breeders in your state.

Need an extra paw? Fill out our application, and we can assist you through the step-by-step process of adopting your next furry, four-legged pal. Now we welcome you to our list of the 5 best Great Dane Breeders in Idaho!

1. Dunn Right Ranch Great Danes Idaho
Dunn Right Ranch Great Danes Idaho 

Located between the Selkirk and Purcell mountains in Northern Idaho, the Dunn Right Ranch breeds Great Danes perfect for any home or show ring. Since 2004, the Dunn family has raised puppies with an emphasis on health and temperament, striving to bring out the best in every litter. Nicole Dunn got her start by showing dogs and horses, and once those strong bonds between her and her animals were formed, she knew she wanted to improve that feeling through breeding.

The puppies are well socialized with people and other dogs, and they are noise and touch desensitized. When they reach the appropriate age, they received their vaccinations, deworming, and examinations. Their dewclaws are removed, and they are given a microchip. Dunn Right Ranch offers a 2-year health guarantee that covers hips, heart, eyes, and thyroid, ensuring a very healthy pup for your family.

Breeder Information:

Location: Bonners Ferry, ID

Phone: (208) 295-7167

Website: index (


Facebook: Dunn Right Ranch | Facebook

2. Bond Acres Great Danes Idaho
Bond Acres Great Danes Idaho

Bond Acres is a small hobby farm that participates in the breeding of quality Great Danes. Lacie Bond, one of the lead breeders, fell in love with the breed when she adopted her first one, Anna Belle. After her beloved Dane’s passing, she decided to reach out to breeders to learn more about the dog she loved and discovered a desire to breed them herself.

The puppies at Bond Acres are raised inside the family home among children, getting them socialized and used to their behavior, and they are completely potty trained before adoption. At 6-weeks of age, the pups are taken to receive their vaccines and taken again two weeks later to get a second round. They are dewormed and have their dewclaws removed. With all their medical trips, Bond Acres makes sure to organize all the pups’ vet records and gives them to their new owners upon adoption.

Breeder Information:

Location: Georgetown, ID

Phone: (208) 252-2999

Website: Our Dogs | Bond Acres Great Danes


Facebook: Bond Acres Great Danes | Facebook

3. Castle Creek Great Danes Idaho
Castle Creek Great Danes Idaho

Michaele Neff of Castle Creek Danes breeds Great Danes with excellent health, conformation, and temperament. She is passionate about raising beautiful, loving Danes to be wonderful companions for any willing family. Neff purchased her first Dane for her program in 1999, and she has only fallen more in love with the breed since.

Neff makes sure the puppies at Castle Creek Danes have everything they need to be prepared for life at their forever home. They are socialized with people, children, and other dogs, and they start crate training while in the program. The puppies also learn name recognition, E.N.S., sound desensitization, not to bite or chew unwanted items or surfaces, and much more. When they are ready to head out with their new family, they leave with a toy with their littermates’ scent, a collar, microchip, AKC registration, and a certificate of health.

Breeder Information:

Location: Nampa, ID

Website: Castle Creek Danes in Idaho | Great Dane puppies | Good Dog


Facebook: Michele Neff | Facebook

4. Coeur D’ Alene Great Danes Idaho
Coeur D’ Alene Great Danes Idaho

Coeur D’ Alene Danes are a small breeder in northern Idaho, dedicated to breeding top-quality Great Danes. As strictly inside dogs, both the adults and puppies are as spoiled as the breeders’ children. The pups come from a healthy champion line of show dogs. Their stud has many accreditations, including passing the AKC STAR Puppy Program, is an International and National Puppy Champion, and is currently working towards his Canine Good Citizen (CGC).

The puppies at Coeur D’ Alene Danes go through Early Neurological Stimulation (E.N.S.) to improve their health and behavior later in life. They are leash trained, well socialized with young children and other animals, learn basic obedience, and are excessively loved. The puppies are also trained with “stacks,” a tool used to help their balance in the show ring, which will bring out the champion in every pup!

Breeder Information:

Location: North Idaho

Website: Home – COEUR D’ ALENE DANES (


Facebook: Coeur d’ Alene Danes | Facebook

5. T.L.C Grooming, Breeding, and Rescue Great Danes Idaho (No High-Quality Photos)

Katherine Schwartz runs T.L.C Grooming, Breeding, and Rescue from her home in Idaho. Schwartz and the other folks in her program are very passionate about dogs and have a deep devotion to raising wonderful companions for loving families. They are determined to raise their puppies to be as healthy as possible so that they can bring as much joy to their new families as they have to T.L.C.

Schwartz and her crew make sure that each of their puppies has all that they need to be confident going to their new family. Their dogs are health tested for hip dysplasia, an issue found in many Great Danes and other dogs of their size. After 10-weeks of love, care, and medical checks, the pups are ready to leave T.L.C and start their new lives at their forever homes.

Breeder Information:

Website: T.L.C Grooming, Breeding, and Rescue in Idaho | Great Dane puppies | Good Dog

Find your new Great Dane puppy in Idaho!

Great Danes are a loyal, compassionate, goofy, and gentle addition to any family. As long as you don’t mind a bit of drool and a lack of elbow room, the Great Dane could be the perfect fit for you. If you are considering adopting a Great Dane, consider giving the above breeders a visit. All are AKC registered, prioritize health and a good upbringing, and are open to any question you have regarding the new addition to your home. We understand that a lot of thought and consideration goes into deciding a new pet for your family, so we hope our list has made it a bit easier to choose a Great Dane to join your family.

Top 5 Great Dane Breeders in Idaho

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