5 Things You Need to Know Before Having a Dog 

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Becoming a new dog owner is an exciting and terrifying experience at the same time. There is so much that you need to know before even bringing your pup home! Here are five things you should learn about before getting a dog. 

 1. Think of your budget

First of all, the question here is whether you can afford to have a dog at the moment. Remember, they will become your full responsibility. Hence, you are liable to take care of all their needs. First of all, think about whether you want to adopt a dog from a shelter or buy a particular puppy. Some breeds can be really expensive, and you need to do your research first. 

Second, pet healthcare is also not the cheapest. Hence, you have to build your budget considering these new expenses. For example, can you afford frequent vet visits and vaccines during the first year of your pup’s life? Do you have savings to cover health emergencies? See how much pet healthcare costs in your region to know what to expect in that area. 

Finally, think of all the things you will need to buy for your dog. Start your budgeting with food, grooming products, leashes, beds, and so on. These things are also not the cheapest. The costs here will also depend on the breed you have. 

2. Analyze your schedule

One thing’s for sure, dogs require a lot of your personal time. You can’t just get a dog and go on about your life like nothing has changed. Everything has changed. Now, you have another living being you carry full responsibility for. Thus, you have to be ready to re-evaluate your schedule, priorities, and ways you spend your spare time. From now on, you need to incorporate being a dog owner into your daily routine. 

First of all, as a new dog owner, you will need to spend a lot of time with your new pup. In the future, the need for shared time may reduce. However, in the beginning, you will need to train your dog, bond with it, and watch it like a hawk. You don’t want it to develop bad habits like chewing your shoes. You also want it to build a strong connection to you, so you bond easily. 

Secondly, of course, dogs need to have their walks. You already know that. Yet, many new dog owners don’t realize how much time a walk can take. You can’t just bring them outside to do their business and take them right home. No, often, their morning and evening walks are the only time they get to run around, be active, and use their excessive energy (especially if you live in a small house or apartment). Hence, those walks can take a few hours per day, depending on the breed and your dog’s needs. 

Also, if you consider taking a puppy, you need to be ready for their crazy energy level. Young dogs need more time on walks and physical activities. Otherwise, you won’t find any peace at home for the first six months or so. 

3. Breed research

Choosing the right breed is an essential step for any new dog owner. You must know that all breeds come with drastically different personalities, habits, potential health problems, grooming needs, and so on. Thus, you need to decide on all major issues before making a final choice. Choose the desired size of a dog. See what breeds are family-friendly, if it’s important to you. Decide how much you want to spend on grooming (if any at all).

Finally, see how much time you can spend outside with them. Some breeds require many hours of exercising per week to stay healthy. Others can do with a walk in the park. You can even seek out some professional essay help to assist you in your research. 

4. High responsibility

Aside from all the pragmatic preparations, you should also think of your emotional and psychological readiness to take in another living being into your home. Such a decision comes with a lot of responsibility and causes serious attachment. Think about whether you are ready to make such a big change in your life. Are you ready to take care of a pet when it gets sick? Will you manage a dog’s mischievous character without developing anger issues or resentment? Are you ready to make sacrifices? 

Having a god can take a toll on your mental health for better and for worth. Some just can’t handle so much pressure and responsibility. You need to analyze your mental preparedness for having a pet and be honest with yourself about your level to accept such a commitment. Remember, dogs are for life. They can stay with you for more than a decade. 

5. Dog training 

Last but not least, build your training game ahead of time. Having a dog and dealing with things on the go is a bad strategy. It’s best if you develop a training plan before bringing a puppy into your home. You can watch video training lessons online, read books, or ask other dog owners for some tips. You can hire professionals to give you a few training lessons or even pay to write essay on specific breed training plans. Overall, neglect this step and you’ll end up with a poorly behaved dog for life.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Having a Dog

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