5 Tips for Finding the Best Pet Crates for Your Dog

5 Tips for Finding the Best Pet Crates for Your Dog

Did you know that crates are meant to replicate your pet’s natural den? So crating your pet is not only a traveling tool, but it’s also your pets’ safe haven, a space just for them. Choosing a crate for your pet can be stressful as we want to give them the very best, but it’s not always clear what to look for.

So keep reading to find out how you can pick the best pet crates for your fur babies.

1. Pick a Material

While we usually see crates made out of metal, you can also consider a soft crate. Soft crates are made from materials such as canvas and can offer more cover than a metal crate. The only downside is that if your pet is an escape artist, this style of crate might not work for you.

2. Crate Covers

It’s important to find out if the crate you are considering has crate covers that you can purchase. Adding a crate cover helps the crate feel more like a den and can help make your pet feel at ease. It also helps make the crate darker so that the light doesn’t keep your pet awake.

3. Home Aesthetic

While this might not be an essential part of picking a crate, it helps if the crate fits into your home aesthetic. Crates have come a long way from being metal wire containers, you can even get crates made to look like other pieces of furniture. This is extremely helpful if you don’t have a separate area to put your pet crate.

4. Size Matters

The size of your pet crate is an important factor. Your pet needs to be able to stand up in the crate without crouching, and they need to be able to turn comfortably in the crate. If your crate is too small they won’t be able to fully relax, which beats the purpose of crating your pet.

You also want to make sure the crate you pick isn’t too large. Animals want to feel secure, and if the crate is too big, it can create the same type of anxiety that an empty room does. 

It is important to start crate training a dog early, so you need to keep in mind your dog is still growing. So plan ahead when picking out your crate space, as you’ll most likely need to upsize in the future.

5. Is Heavy Duty Needed?

If your pet is prone to destroying its beds and toys, you should consider a heavy-duty crate. These crates are made to take the punch from even the most destructive dogs. 

Picking the Best Pet Crates Made Easy

Deciding on the best pet crates can be quite challenging, but these tips will make the job much easier. So you can rest assured your pet is comfortable and safe in its new crate.

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5 Tips for Finding the Best Pet Crates for Your Dog

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