6 Cool Items for Your Dog to Stand Out

6 Cool Items for Your Dog to Stand Out

Do you know how many cool products are entering the market every year? Doggy heaven has come to Earth, with new toys, feeding products, and delicious chews! Brands are catering to your every need. From dog accessories, health and wellbeing, and toys, to e-collars, and travel trimmings, it is a dog’s world!


With fantastic new items to try out and purchase, why not choose ones that will help you and your pooch stand out from the crowd? Let’s take a look at some awesome items for your dog to do exactly this! 

1. Leanlix Himalayan Dog Chew

With less than 1 calorie per serving, this high-value training tool can also be used as a reward – with absolutely no worry over unnecessary weight gain! Leanlix has developed an entire range of flavors, including Bark B-Q, Free-Range Chicken, and PB & J Time.


There has been much talk about finding alternatives to roller balls and other treat devices, as these can be a fatal choking hazard for your pup. Finding the perfect size ball that is enjoyable, but not small enough to block a dog’s airway – these are huge risks. With Leanlix, you can eliminate the dangers of choking completely.

As a perfect electrolyte mix and weight management treat, your friends will be jealous that your dog is spoiled with such a delicious and innovative snack!

2. Citronella Spray Bark Collars

For those of you who would prefer to stay away from shock or vibration collars, now you can be introduced to a natural spray. Companies are working harder than before to train dogs more ethically with these non-invasive collars. If you’re having trouble with your dog’s behavior, you can check them out to see how various collars can add benefit to your dog and the entire family. Keeping you sane is the aim and this discipline can now be done in a much gentler manner.


How it works is that when the collar detects persistent barking, a non-harmful, natural citronella spray is released into the dog’s neck area. With this collar hot on the market, your dog will not only stand out as having excellent behavior but also for smelling amazing! 

3. Summer Apparel

For the dog family that enjoys the outdoors, camping, and walks in nature, you might want to invest in some apparel to help keep your dog cool during those extremely hot months. Overexposure to the sun can cause overheating, dehydration, and heat exhaustion. In fact, there are now cooling vests that your dog can wear that will help regulate its body heat.


In addition to being trendy, wearing summer apparel can actually protect your dog when the heat becomes unbearable. With the dangers of heatstroke and paw pad burns from hot gravel or asphalt, great care should be taken to ensure your dog is comfortable and protected in the heat. With temperatures soaring, cool apparel is not the only one that can help your dog stand out during your exploratory outings.

4. Collapsible Port-A-Bowl

Using a collapsible water dish is an excellent addition to your dog’s accessories, as it is so versatile and extremely beneficial for your dog’s risk of heatstroke in the hotter months. When you’re on the move – popping into the office with your pooch, going for a walk, working remotely in a coffee shop for some time, then going to see a friend – you will be assured that your dog can access water quickly, wherever you go.


With companies like Outward creating top-of-the-range portable water bowls that can be collapsed and transported effortlessly, it is no wonder that this makes our list of items for your dog to stand out.

5. Timed Puzzle Feeder

If you are reading this article, you definitely care for and love your dog dearly. You want to ensure their life is comfortable and that their days are filled with entertainment! But, when you are not in the privacy of your own home, it can be incredibly embarrassing to have your dog become out of control. Clawing at your friend’s doors on a visit, barking incessantly and uncontrollably, chewing on shoes or pillows, or generally being a nuisance to the other pets nearby – these are some of your worst nightmares!


Innovative companies like Foobler have come to your rescue by creating entertainment that can be activated for your dog to enjoy for hours! This nifty treat and puzzle device is essentially a feeding toy, with the concept not too dissimilar to the likes of a Kong dog toy. However, this puzzle feeder is filled with 6 timer-activated pods, each of which is set to be released with stuffed food or treats on a timer.


Ranging from 15 minutes, all the way to 90 minutes, your dog is sure to be kept on their toes: engaged, focused, and best of all – entertained for some crucial peaceful periods at home or when you’re out and need them occupied.  

6. Light up Dog Leash

This last doggy item is a hoot! If you take walks in the evenings and ever find yourself struggling to get home before the last light, this is definitely worth looking into. Dog leashes that light up in distinct colors, selected from multiple choices, are also extremely useful if you live in a town where cars may struggle to see you as it gets darker.


With high visibility to traffic, these dog leashes that light up can be charged via USB and can be displayed as a flashing light or a steady glow. These colorful bright leashes will make sure your pooch really does stand out, wearing awesome lights and guiding your way home.

6 Cool Items for Your Dog to Stand Out

The new doggy items coming onto the market are more interesting, fashionable, and more useful than ever before. Many accessories are being designed to enhance the comfort of our dogs and the ease with which we can travel with our beloved pets. It is the best feeling in the world to have our dogs accompany us on outings, and an even better thrill we get from having others notice our canine besties. You can be assured from this last that your pooches will be well-behaved, entertained, and too cool for the rest of the pack!

6 Cool Items for Your Dog to Stand Out

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