6 Tips on How To Groom a Dog That Has Curly Hair

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Grooming a dog with curly or wavy hair is more complicated than dogs with short, straight coats. Let’s use the “water breeds” as an example. These canines have exceptionally coarse, curly fur.

Many individuals fall in love with Poodles and Bichon Frise because they are stunning pets. Terrier breeds are outgoing, vivacious, and the life of any party. All these beautiful breeds share curly hair, which makes them all the same in some way.

Beautiful as they are, curly-haired dogs need special attention to keep their coats comfortable and tidy. Please use this manual to assist you in ways to groom a Goldendoodle, the healthy coat and additional grooming care he merits.

Tips on How To Groom a Dog That Has Curly Hair

Here is how you can groom a dog that has curly hair. You can keep your dog’s hair mat free and manageable. 

Brush it

It is necessary to divide, brush, comb, and remove mats from your curly-haired dog’s fur before cutting it. This guarantees a straight cut when you do start snipping. 

To begin, lightly brush his fur with a pin or slicker brush. Part his hair in the front of his neck and feel his skin with your fingertips. This makes it possible for you to brush his fur rather than just the top layer. If he has thick fur, brush from tip to root; otherwise, start at the tip and work your way in.

Once you’ve finished brushing, look for tangles. Re-comb his fur using a comb after you’ve gone through it once more to remove any tangles. 

Use a de-shedding tool to comb through the fur if you have any spots too knotted for the brush to work through. This way, you may get rid of any additional hair that can make grooming more difficult.

Cut the hair

You may start trimming your dog’s hair once all of the knots are out of his hair. This will require multiple stages and a mix of clippers and scissors.

Work on the paws

Start by taking care of your dog’s feet. He loses traction and traps dirt because hair between his paw pads develops. Before beginning to work on the tops of the paws, clip this hair. 

Trim the hair at the top just enough to seamlessly transition from the hair on his legs to his paws. Always assess your work after taking a step back; this helps you make an equitable cut. Keep the skin tight while trimming around the paws to avoid unintentional nicks.

The head

The head is the third stage of your dog’s haircut. Start slightly above his eyes and work your way up and away from his ears. Always take your time while cutting in this region since if your dog moves while you’re cutting, you might accidentally harm him. 

Pull the hair away from his ears to shorten it if it is longer inside. Long hair should not be left alone since it might interfere with your dog’s hearing. Trim the skin beneath the chin and around the muzzle to complete the head area.

The underside

Move on to your dog’s legs and the region under his rump when you finish with his paws. Remember to trim your dog’s fur from the lay to achieve a decent appearance and make the task manageable for yourself. 

Owners of dogs with curly hair may want their legs to appear more voluminous. If you want this appearance, don’t trim the hair on the outside legs. If your pet needs extra direction, you can help him by lifting his legs to aid in angling or asking for assistance.

The tail

The next step is to walk back to your dog’s back and focus on his tail. Cut from this area and proceed to the tip of his tail while using one hand to keep it firmly at the base. 

Some owners favor the bushy appearance in this additional circumstance. Avoid clipping the tail’s final few hairs if you decide to.

Final Verdict

If you make an effort to make grooming time comfortable for your curly-haired dog, they will come to adore it. Use the appropriate tools while working slowly. While initially taking a lot of time to groom a curly-haired dog to eliminate knots in the undercoat. 

You can refer to ways to groom a Goldendoodle on our website for some more info. Once the initial job is done, maintaining it with frequent brushings is simple and will keep your pet looking fairly good!

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6 Tips on How To Groom a Dog That Has Curly Hair

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6 Tips on How To Groom a Dog That Has Curly Hair

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