Currently, Preferable Pups has the most advanced breeder network in the market today. We show proof of where the puppy came from, confirmation of the puppy’s health, and professionally arrange all traveling needs. We have been named the most transparent breeder network in the world. Our network is consistently screened around the clock to adhere to the new industry standard. This prevents puppy health issues and gives the puppies more attention during the breeding process.


There is no other company in the dog market that provides such an in-depth experience to their customers. Our puppy staff walks our customers through the entire process from a-z. We do this through our innovative matchmaking process that helps people to identify a breed based on their lifestyle. Our goal is to have 0 puppies returned to us, to a shelter, or given away due to mismatch. All of our customers and puppies receive the full PawFax package. This includes a comprehensive health certificate, PawFax puppy registration, three months of insurance, and a birth certificate. All of the puppies listed in our Puppy Finder are 100% healthy and vetted.

Our Breeds

Buying a puppy online can be a very scary process. Thankfully, I had Preferable Pups to walk me through the entire process. I will recommend them to any puppy buyer.

Samantha G.
My experience with Preferable Pups was fantastic. From the application process to the constant communication to the follow-up care, Preferable Pups was great. They really go above and beyond.
Sage R.

Thank you Preferable Pups for an excellent experience. Ryder is my new fur baby. A month back I lost my 10yr old Labraddoole, Franklin. I never could remember a time that he was not with me I miss him dearly and vowed that I would get another dog. They are good for the soul. Franklin is his own little personality. Love him.

Thomas H.