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Bernedoodle– Is It Better than Owning a Bernese Mountain Dog?

If you appreciate the finest dog breed, you cannot ignore the Bernese Mountain Dog that originated in Switzerland. They are considered a hard-working dog breed in rough mountain terrain and cold climate. They can handle the toughest assignments with utmost ease in harsh weather conditions.

Though they are strong, they have a sweet personalities and are very loyal to their owners. However, because of high maintenance requirements and large size, they can be difficult to maintain, especially for owners who live in apartments.

This is why they are occasionally crossbred with other breeds to create a more low-maintenance and easy-going family dog in a manageable size, even for apartment living.

The most famous of these breeds is the Bernedoodle, which is created by the Bernedoodle breeder by mixing Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle.

Below we have listed a few reasons why a Bernedoodle may be more suitable for you.

  1. Smaller in Size:

Bernese Mountain Dogs are considered in the Giant dog category, and their height varies from 22 to 28 inches, weighing 66 to 122 pounds. Whereas the Berneddodle comes in different sizes like small, medium, and large. On average, their height is 11 to 17 inches, and they weigh 66 to 91 pounds.

  1. Better for Apartment Living:

A Bernedoodle is 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% Poodle, which means they are smaller in size, so they are better for apartment living. A Bernese Mountain Dog is a full-sized large dog that actually needs more outdoor time and should not be kept in an apartment.

  1. Shed Less:

The Bernese Mountain Dog shed a lot. In fact, they shed more than average, which means you will have to keep cleaning your home, and they will need to be brushed daily. On the other hand, due to the genes of Poodle, a Bernedoodle may shed much less, and many are considered hypoallergenic based on the prominent genes of the litter.

  1. Good Temperament:

Both the dog breeds have excellent temperaments. The only difference is that Bernedoodle is a family dog with an excellent temperament, just like the Bernese, but in a small package that is easier to handle.

  1. Longer Lifespan:

We would say this is one reason why most people should go for a Bernedoodle. Due to its health concerns, a Bernese Mountain dog has a short life span of 6-8 years. This is relatively short than many dog breeds and losing a dog is heart-breaking. Bernedoodles can live up to 12-15 years, almost double a Bernese Mountain dog. Death is inevitable, but why not get a breed that will give you company for a longer time?

  1. Lesser Feeding Expenditure:

This is a no-brainer that a large-sized dog needs more feeding than a medium-sized dog. Hence, the expenditure on a Bernese Mountain Dog is more than the Bernedoodle. Also, you have to consider the grooming and medical expenditure as well, and a Bernese Mountain Dog will cause more expenditure than the Bernedoodle.

  1. Lesser Health Issues:

One of the main reasons why Bernese Mountain Dogs are not preferred by many is because they are prone to die from cancer, which can be heart-breaking. They can also suffer from many other health issues like ligament rupture, arthritis, and hip dysplasia is also more prone because of their large size. Also, they can suffer from hypoadrenocorticism and histiocytic sarcoma.

Bernedoodle is a new breed, so there is limited information available about their health, but they still have fewer health issues than their parent dogs. They are, in general, a healthy breed as they also have the Poodle genes. They can still face minor health concerns like hip and elbow dysplasia and eye issues.

  1. Better Weather Tolerance:

If you live in a cold region, only then opt for a Bernese Mountain dog, as the name suggests that it is a mountain dog used to the cold weather. It may have issues adapting to a warmer climate. Whereas the Bernedoodle can tolerate both warmth and cold, hence can be kept as a pet in many regions comfortably.

  1. Stinks and Drools Less:

Though this does not make a difference for many, it is still good to know that the chances of Bernedoodle stinking are lesser than that of the Bernese Mountain dog. Also, if you dislike your dog drooling on your clothes, you should never opt for the Bernese Mountain dog as they drool a lot. On the other hand, the Bernedoodle is the perfect example of a dog with a low drooling tendency.

  1. They are Family Dogs:

Most personality differences come from the fact that Bernese was bred for work, while Bernedoodles were created to be family dogs. On the other hand, they are more attached to their humans and need more attention.

  1. Kid Friendly:

Bernese mountain dogs are also children-friendly, and so is Bernedoodle. But we will still say that if you have kids, Bernedoodle is a better option as its size is manageable. A Bernese Mountain dog sometimes has no estimate of its size; hence you need to assist your kid when it plays with the dog, which is not the case with the small size Bernedoodle.

  1. Better for First Time Owners:

While both breeds are gentle, it is evident that Bernedoodles are easy to manage sheerly because of their smaller size. The first time, dog owners find it tough to handle larger dog breeds, especially for taking them out for a walk due to their high physical strength. A smaller dog is always an excellent option for a first-time pet owner. Hence Bernedoodle is more appropriate if it is your first dog.

The Bottom Line:

Well, we do not discourage you from owning any dog breed as every dog is precious, but you should always analyze the breed you choose carefully as few breeds are not suitable for various owners. Always do a thorough research of the breed before you finalize to bring a furry ball of joy into your home.

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Bernedoodle vs Bernese Mountain Dog

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Bernedoodle vs Bernese Mountain Dog

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