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You Won’t Believe The Pet Subscription Boxes Now Available

Pet subscription boxes are widely popular nowadays. 

You can have boxes delivered right to your door with items specifically for your pet.

You may be aware of dog and cat subscription boxes.

But did you know that there are now boxes geared toward other kinds of animals as well?

In this blog post, we will discuss several kinds of animals that companies now sell pet subscription boxes for.

Subscriptions Boxes for Dogs

Dog subscription boxes are some of the most well-known subscription boxes. There are dozens to choose from, all of which offer fun perks for you and your pooch! They normally include some or all of the following items:

  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Chews (jerky, bully sticks, meaty bones – anything to keep those teeth occupied)
  • Accessories or swag for your dog, like a bandana or grooming tool

Though there are many fantastic options on the market, here are a couple of places to start:


PupBox was created with new puppy parents in mind, but they offer boxes for grown-up dogs too! Because they are tailored to young, growing pups, every box comes with training materials to help teach your dog to be the best boy or girl they can be. And extra training time means more bonding time for the two of you!


KONG is the brand for tough, innovative chew toys that can withstand the most enthusiastic chewers. So it’s no surprise that their boxes include training toys and personality toys that are hand-picked for your pup but are strong enough to last. Still skeptical that your unstoppable chewer will rip them to shreds? Just upgrade to the “Extreme Chewer” option when you sign up! 

KONG Boxes also come with easy recipes to make tasty treats for your best friend and tips for you based on your dog’s breed.

For even more dog subscription boxes, check out this article on the best monthly dog box.

Subscription Boxes for Cats

Much like dog subscription boxes, there are several options available for your feline! No matter which service you choose, you’re practically guaranteed to receive:

  • Treats
  • Toys (with plenty of feathers and bells)
  • Catnip, of course!

Here are some crowd favorites to check out for your kitty cat:


KitNipBox is all about feline love. Every month, they send you and your cat a goodie box filled to the brim with all-natural treats, a few toys, and even a surprise gift too! KitNipBox donates a portion of all its proceeds to over 100 animal welfare organizations, like the San Francisco SPCA, The Paw Project, and the Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP).


MeowBox has been featured on BuzzFeed, USA Today, InStyle, and even Vogue! But even though they’re recognized at such a large scale, they still support local small businesses by including at least one locally-made or hand-crafted toy in each month’s box. And the box itself may be the most enticing item to your cat – which may or may not be due to a “magical kitty potion” that MeowBox sprays on their boxes, according to their website. 

Subscription Boxes for Horses

Hold your horses because there are subscription boxes for your equine friends too! While there aren’t quite as many services to choose from like there are for dog and cat subscription boxes, there are still plenty to check out. Most horse subscription boxes include:

  • Grooming Tools
  • Treats
  • Tack or Tack Care Products
  • A human gift for you!

Here are two of the more popular horse subscription boxes:

The Stable Box

The Stable Box offers subscription plans for every month, every three months, or every six months, depending on your preference and budget. Each box includes six items for you and your horse, and they’re always changing, so you’ll never get the same product twice! Along with your six items, every Stable Box comes with Horse and Rider magazine’s most current issue. They also donate 10% of their monthly profit to animal sanctuaries and horse rescues.


SaddleBox is a fantastic option for equestrian enthusiasts. Every box comes with a package of SaddleBox’s original gourmet horse cookies, plus their featured treat recipe of the month! And don’t worry, SaddleBox has you covered too, with fun gifts like mugs or socks to show the world you love your horse. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to horse rescues around the country and provide free boxes to those rescues, so every package you receive comes with a picture and short bio about a horse that your purchase helped!

Subscription Boxes for Rabbits

Calling all rabbit owners – your sweet, fluffy bunnies can get in on this fun too! Whether they are backyard pets or inside with you, rabbit subscription boxes help you shower your bunny buddies with love. Most all rabbit subscription boxes include:

  • Treats 
  • Toys
  • Surprise gifts – for your rabbit and you!

If you want to spoil your little bun, check out these subscription box services:


BinxBox sends your bunny delicious dried fruits, herbs, and baked goods every month, along with some enticing Timothy hay to package it all up. They usually include 3-4 toys and supply items and may have an extra gift for humans from time to time! The actual boxes are bunny-safe, made with corrugated cardboard that is perfect for napping or nibbling – or both.

Happy Bunny Club

Happy Bunny Club ships your bunny a box filled with two bags of all-natural treats, at least two toys, plus a couple of surprise items each month. Each box also comes with a “newsletter” from Happy Bunny Club, listing all of the ingredients in the treats, the latest bunny news, and their “Charity of the Month.” Happy Bunny Club supports these charities by featuring them in their social media posts and monthly newsletters and donating a free box to each organization. Happy Bunny Club has also donated prizes and sponsored competitions to help these charities raise awareness and financial support!

Subscription Boxes for Hedgehogs

Yep, you read that right. Even hedgehogs can roll their way onto the subscription box train! While there are few subscription boxes to choose from, they do exist, and you can expect to get some sweet goodies for your hedgie, such as:

  • Treats
  • Hedgehog-approved toys
  • Cage accessories

Check out this subscription box, for example:


PocketPetPouch sends treats, toys, and accessories, but they also send you one of their signature, hand-made PocketPetPouch snuggle bags every month! They know that hedgies love snuggling up and burrowing inside a comfy cocoon, so they send you a fleece-lined pouch perfect for naptime and hedgehog cuddles! They are 12 inches long and 10 inches wide, so they’re suitable for hedgies of all shapes and sizes. And don’t worry – they sew every pouch with a hidden finishing seam so that no little claws or quills get stuck on the stitching!

Subscription Boxes for Other Animals

Keep in mind that there are other pet subscription boxes for less popular animals (in terms of the number of owners). We have also found boxes for: 

  • chickens 
  • parrots 
  • ferrets 
  • hamsters 
  • rats 
  • guinea pigs, and
  • chinchillas

In Summary

Well, we hope we opened your eyes to the many pet subscription boxes now on the market.

These boxes make great surprises for your own pet or someone else’s pet.

We hope you find the right box to meet your needs!

You Won’t Believe The Pet Subscription Boxes Now Available

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