Labradoodle Puppies for sale in Alaska – Top 4 Breeders (2021)

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There are plenty of places to find labradoodle puppies for sale in Alaska, but where do you begin? What breeder is trustworthy? Have the puppies been raised in poor conditions? There are many questions to consider when you are preparing to find a canine companion. Labradoodles are among the most popular crossbreeds in the country due to their gentle personality, hypoallergenic coat, and family-friendly attitude. It can be overwhelming to start the process of looking for the correct dog, so we’ve provided a list of the five best Labradoodle breeders in Alaska to help you find your forever pup.

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Our guide will help you learn about the five best Labradoodle breeders in Alaska, but we understand that even this volume of information can be too much to sift through for potential pup parents. At Preferable Pups, lead we offer to speak on your behalf with these breeders so you can find a puppy who fits your family, home, and lifestyle. Preferable Pups has a strict vetting process for the breeders we work with; we will not work with unproven or unprofessional Labradoodle breeders. If you’d like us to assist you in contacting a breeder, fill out an application. We will contact you soon to get the process started.

1. Lazy Mountain Labradoodles

Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Alaska – Top 4 Breeders (2021)

As the first family and breeder to offer multigenerational and purebred Australian Labradoodles in the state of Alaska, Lazy Mountain Labradoodles leads the way as one of the best Labradoodle breeders in Alaska. Their dedicated care to their breeding parents and puppies further strengthens these bloodlines through uniform standards and integrity.

Lazy Mountain Labradoodles focuses on breeding quality puppies who are trained through the biosensory process within days of their birth. In their eight weeks of care, these puppies are socialized through this means and exposure to children, other dogs, visitors, and household noises. All Lazy Mountain Labradoodles puppies start potty training within a few weeks. To continue that training with the puppy’s new pup parent, the breeder offers a discount to a Baxter & Bella online training program.

Puppies from this breeder are $3300 with a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve a litter spot; all puppies are sold in the order of deposits made. Because these puppies are purebred Australian Labradoodles, their price is higher than crossbred puppies. A Lazy Mountain Labradoodle puppy adoption price covers a veterinarian examination, microchip, deworming, vaccinations, a copy of the pedigree, and a two-year health guarantee and puppy contract. 

Lazy Mountain Labradoodles go to their new families with a Go Home kit, including a sample of their puppy food, a toy, a bully bone, a handmade collar and leash, and information about how to care for your doodle. Due to pandemic restrictions, Lazy Mountain Labradoodles is conducting puppy visits through FaceTime or Zoom only. 

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Palmer, Alaska

Website: Lazy Mountain Labradoodles

Telephone: 907-841-0391

Facebook: Lazy Mountain Labradoodles

Instagram: lazymountainlabradoodles

2. UpNorth Doodles

Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Alaska – Top 4 Breeders (2021)

UpNorth Doodles are so popular in Alaska that they are adopted quickly, so prospective pup parents need to move fast to reserve one of these puppies. Since 2008, UpNorth Doodles has proudly bred quality Australian Labradoodles, including the first multigenerational bloodlines in Alaskan history. What makes UpNorth Doodles one of the five best Labradoodle breeders in Alaska? Aside from a loving environment for puppies, UpNorth Doodles is available for pup parent support throughout the lifetime of the dog.

All UpNorth Doodles Labradoodle puppies are raised in a nurturing environment, and socialization begins a few days after they are born. The puppies are tested for any heritable health conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia and eye testing. Before adoption, puppies receive a full examination, deworming, first vaccinations, and a microchip. Each puppy comes with a two-year health guarantee.

Are you interested in an UpNorth Doodles Labradoodle puppy? Contact the breeder for information concerning price and available litters.

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Website: UpNorth Doodles

Telephone: 907-529-5552


Facebook: UpNorth Doodles

3. Mountain View Labradoodles

Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Alaska – Top 4 Breeders (2021)

Although they are located in Oregon, Mountain View Labradoodles is within reach for any potential Labradoodle pup parent in Alaska. This breeder is devoted to improving their Australian Labradoodle bloodlines by breeding puppies who are healthy, socialized, with superior confirmation and temperament. 

Mountain View Labradoodles works with guardian homes for the care of their breeding parents. The mother returns to the breeder prior to having her litter. From birth, the puppies are cared for and socialized. They are tested for genetic diseases in the hips and eyes and come with a certification of the testing. All puppies are raised in a loving environment with plenty of room to roam and fed high-quality food.

Labradoodle puppies from this breeder are $3250 with a $500 non-refundable fee to reserve a puppy. The balance is due when your puppy is seven weeks old. Mountain View Labradoodles puppies have a two-year genetic health guarantee, free 30 days of pet insurance, and a three-year hip guarantee. They also receive their first vaccinations, deworming, and complete veterinary exams along with initial potty and crate training. Puppies will go home with a Snuggle Puppy with the litter’s scent on it to help with the adjustment to a new home.

Mountain View Labradoodles asks that you contact them with any questions you have before putting down the $500 deposit. If you are ready, complete the puppy application on their website. Once your application is reviewed and accepted, the breeder will contact you to discuss the next steps toward your Labradoodle puppy.

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Brownsville, Oregon

Website: Mountain View Labradoodles


Facebook: Mountain View Labradoodles

Instagram: mt_view_labradoodles

4. Labradoodles of the North

Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Alaska – Top 4 Breeders (2021)

Located in the Yukon Territory, northern Canada, Labradoodles of the North isn’t far from Alaska for Alaskans who are looking for multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. With the price of Air North transport factored into the puppy’s adoption costs, Labradoodles of the North goes above and beyond to get your new puppy to your door. 

Labradoodles of the North provides calming, low-stress environments for pup mothers to encourage the production of more emotionally balanced puppies. During the first few weeks of a puppy’s life, the breeder uses stimulation exercises to give the puppy a neurological head start; these exercises have proven health benefits, such as a stronger cardiovascular system and a greater resistance to disease. The effort and dedication that David and Gina Anderson put into each puppy is one reason why Labradoodles of the North is one of our top 5 Labradoodle breeders in Alaska (or, in this case, in close proximity).

The puppies bred at Labradoodles of the North are $3000 with a non-refundable deposit of $500 to reserve a puppy. You can fill out an application on their website to start the process of finding your new pup. All Labradoodles of the North puppies’ prices include their airfare on Air North, vaccinations, deworming, a microchip, health records, pedigree, a toy and collar, 30 free days of pet health insurance, and support throughout the dog’s life. Due to COVID restrictions, Labradoodles of the North can only ship puppies to Vancouver from Air North.

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Website: Labradoodles of the North

Telephone: 867-689-7426

Facebook: Labradoodles of the North

Final Thoughts on the 4 Best Labradoodle Breeders in Alaska

You’re bound to find the right puppy for your family through one of these five best Labradoodle breeders in Alaska. For further assistance, contact us at Preferable Pups, and we will be happy to accompany you on the beginning of this exciting journey. Bringing a Labradoodle puppy into your home will change your life forever, so let us help you bring the best puppy home.

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Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Alaska – Top 4 Breeders (2021)

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