Labradoodle Puppies for sale in Alabama – Top 6 Breeders (2021)

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If you are looking for a Labradoodle puppy in Arizona, you are not alone. Due to their hypoallergenic coat, adorable faces, and family-friendly personalities, Labradoodles are one of the most sought-after breeds in America. Happy-go-lucky and loyal are the standard characteristics for this breed and a primary reason Labradoodlesthey are in high demand. At Preferable Pups, we want to help you find the best Labradoodle puppy for your family from vetted and professional breeders. Here are the five best Labradoodle breeders in Arizona.

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1. SundanceLabradoodles

Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Arizona – Top 5 Breeders (2021)

With a focus on multigenerational Australian Labradoodles, SundanceLabradoodles breeds and raises puppies who have an outstanding temperament and a no-shed hypoallergenic coat. As a small family breeder, SundanceLabradoodles ranks high on our 5 best Labradoodle Breeders in Arizona due to their singular dedication to both the breed and the well-being of their puppies.

A standout feature of SundanceLabradoodles is their effort to organically raise their litters. The parents and puppies live in a chemical-free environment without exposure to pesticides or fertilizers. All-natural cleaning products are used in the home and crates. 

For the puppies, socialization begins from their birth, and SundanceLabradoodle subscribes to the Puppy Culture and Avi-Dog methods through early neurostimulation. Their puppies are handled early and grow up surrounded by love and care. 

A SundanceLabradoodles puppy is $3500, and a $500 deposit is required to reserve a puppy. All puppies come with a veterinarian checkup, vaccinations, a microchip, and deworming treatments. The puppies also have an introduction to potty and crate training. SundanceLabradoodles offers a two-year health guarantee, lifetime support, one month of free pet insurance, a sample bag of food, a grooming tool, and a toy. 

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Mesa, Arizona

Website: SundanceLabradoodles


Facebook: Sundance Labradoodle Puppies

Instagram: sundance.labradoodles

2. Orange Blossom Labradoodles

Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Arizona – Top 5 Breeders (2021)

Another one of our 5 best Labradoodle breeders in Arizona is Orange Blossom Labradoodles. This small breeder focuses on providing excellent family companions, and in many cases, children’s therapy dogs. All of owner Barbara’s doodles have earned their therapy certifications, and she clearly knows what it takes to breed Australian Labradoodles with longevity, temperament, and health.

All Orange Blossom Labradoodles puppies are highly socialized and experience early mental stimulation exercises through the Avi-Dog and Puppy Culture methods. This breeder uses a puppy-to-family matching process to find the puppy with the right temperament and energy levels for you. Orange Blossom Labradoodles encourages new puppy parents to visit the breeder after the puppies are six weeks old.

Orange Blossom Labradoodles puppies are $2800 plus Arizona state taxes. Before they go to their new homes, all puppies will be examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated, dewormed, temperament tested, and microchipped. The breeder offers a two-year genetic health guarantee and thirty days of free pet insurance coverage. Orange Blossom Labradoodles puppies go to their new homes with puppy toys and chew sticks, a collar and leash, and a puppy blanket with the mother’s scent. 

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Mesa, Arizona

Website: Orange Blossom Labradoodles


Instagram: orangeblossomlabradoodles

3. Luxe Labradoodles

Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Arizona – Top 5 Breeders (2021)

Luxe Labradoodles breeds mini and medium Australian Labradoodles on their two-acre farm. With a family of 5 children and multiple pets, Luxe Labradoodles produces puppies who are highly socialized and ideal pets for families with children and other household pets. The breeder is also a professional dog trainer, so you’re more likely to get a socialized and well-mannered puppy here.

All Luxe Labradoodles puppies are stringently tested for genetic health issues and they have been bred to have hypoallergenic coats, making dog ownership for people with allergies a potential reality. This breeder waits until a litter has been born before accepting adoption applications, which will be open on the website when puppies are available. Luxe Labradoodles will contact you by phone to approve your submission. These puppies are $3500, and a $500 non-refundable deposit is due with your application.

Luxe Labradoodles puppies head off to their new families with a veterinarian exam, vaccinations, a microchip with paid registration, a blanket with siblings and mother’s scent, a toy and treat bag, a collar and leash, sample puppy food, and a two-year health guarantee. 

What really makes Luxe Labradoodles one of our 5 best Labradoodle breeders in Arizona is their commitment to no-kill shelters. A portion of every puppy sold is donated to local no-kill shelters in the greater Phoenix area.

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Website: Luxe Labradoodles

Telephone: 602-463-4477


Facebook: Luxe Labradoodles

4. Tails of the West Labradoodles

Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Arizona – Top 5 Breeders (2021)

Tails of the West Labradoodles is such a popular breeding program that all puppies from their current litters are spoken for. They do encourage potential pup parents to check back on their website often for news about available litters. Tails of the West Labradoodles breeds medium-sized Australian Labradoodles with an emphasis on health, temperament, and allergy-friendly companions.

Each Labradoodle is raised in either the breeder’s home or a guardian home. This process allows the parents and their puppies to be calm, socialized, and affectionate family dogs. Mothers are placed with guardian families and return to the breeder when they are ready to give birth. The puppies are raised around a family and other pets, which helps them to become highly socialized for their future families.

Tails of the West Labradoodles are $3000 including taxes with a $300 non-refundable reservation fee. Puppies will have their vaccinations and deworming as well as their spay or neuter (by 7 weeks old). A microchip with paid registration and a two-year genetic health guarantee are also part of the puppy package. Puppies go to their new homes with a starter kit which includes training treats, food, a bone and toy, a potty training bell, and a cloth with their mother and siblings’ scents. 

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Peoria, Arizona

Website: Tails of the West Labradoodles

Email: Use the contact form on their website.

Facebook: Tails of the West Labradoodles

5. Pawsome Labradoodles

Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Arizona – Top 5 Breeders (2021)

While Pawsome Labradoodles’ current puppy list is full, the breeder encourages interested pup parents to contact her for information about upcoming litters and puppy availability. Pawsome Labradoodles’ excellent and professional reputation, and their devoted care for their dogs, makes them a popular choice for many people looking for Labradoodle puppies in Arizona.

Pawsome Labradoodles puppies are raised with the breeder in a loving environment with plenty of space. From birth, the puppies become accustomed to handling and, with constant exposure to people, become socialized and ready for their new homes. All puppies receive a veterinarian exam, deworming, vaccinations, and a microchip. The price for these puppies is $2800 plus Arizona state tax. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due when your puppy application is approved.

To adopt a Pawsome Labradoodles puppy, first, fill out the puppy application located on their website. The breeder will call you to determine what type of puppy would best fit your home and lifestyle. If there are no available puppies at the time of your inquiry, the breeder will place you on her waiting list. Between 8 – 9 weeks of age, the puppies will leave for their new homes. Arrangements can be made to pick up your puppy or have the dog flown to your local airport.

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Queen Creek, Arizona

Website: Pawsome Labradoodles

Telephone: 480-229-4369

Facebook: Pawsome Labradoodles, LLC


Final Thoughts on the 5 Best Labradoodle Breeders in Arizona

If you are looking for Labradoodle puppies for sale in Arizona, these breeders should be your first stop for inquiries. Our 5 best Labradoodle breeders in Arizona go the extra mile to ensure that you and your new puppy are a perfect match. If you need further assistance finding your furever puppy, or if you have additional questions about the purchase process, contact us at Preferable Pups. We will make the puppy adoption process easy for you. Complete our application, and get ready for your new furry bundle of joy.

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Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Arizona – Top 5 Breeders (2021)

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