Labradoodle Puppies for sale in Arkansas – Top 4 Breeders (2022)

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Cheerful, delightful, and adorable are three adjectives often associated with the Labradoodle, a c of a purebred Poodle and a Purebred Labrador Retriever; with Australian Labradoodles, a purebred Spaniel breed is also added to the mix. The result is the perfect family dog and ideal companion, which are the top reasons why the Labradoodle breed is in high demand. Are you looking for Labradoodle puppies for sale in Arkansas? If so, you’ll want to go to a breeder who is professional and reputable. Our 5 best Labradoodles breeders in Arkansas give you the top breeder options to choose from to find your furever pup.

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At Preferable Pups, we’re all about matching pup parents with the puppy that best fits their family, home, and lifestyle. That’s one reason why we provide these top breeders to you, so you get your puppy from a safe, healthy location. If you need further assistance on your journey to puppy parenthood, reach out to us! Fill out our application, and we’ll walk with you every step of the way until that cute, wriggling furball is cuddled in your lap.

1. Fairytale Lane Australian Labradoodles (merged with Blue Nova Doodles)

Arkansas Labradoodle Breeders With Puppies For Sale

At Fairytale Lane Australian Labradoodles, the goal is to produce family-friendly Labradoodle puppies with excellent health, temperament, and confirmation. With a focus on mini and medium-sized Labradoodles, this breeder ranks as one of our best Labradoodle breeders in Arkansas because of their care and detail both in breeding puppies and in preparing them for their new families. Fairytale Lane is currently accepting deposits for late summer and early fall puppies.

All Fairytale Lane Australian Labradoodles puppies are thoroughly tested for genetic health concerns with certifications for eye, hip and elbow dysplasia, knee, and heart. A one-year health guarantee applies to each puppy. The breeder also offers lifetime support for the puppy and pup parents. Puppies are socialized shortly after birth and are raised alongside other dogs and children.

To secure a puppy, the breeder asks potential pup parents to complete the online application on their website. Australian Labradoodle puppies from Fairytale Lane are $3000, with a $300 non-refundable deposit which dictates your placement on the puppy list. Puppies receive deworming and their first vaccinations, a microchip and application, 30 days of pet insurance from Trupanion, and a two-year health guarantee for genetic illnesses. All puppies have a go home kit that includes a blanket, treats, some puppy food, a custom Fairytale Lane collar, and their veterinary records.

Local residents can pick up their puppies at Fairytale Lane. Out-of-state residents can have their puppy flown to them with a flight nanny for $550 or ground transport at $300 – 600, depending on location. 

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Jonesboro, Arkansas

Website: Fairytale Lane Australian Labradoodles


Facebook: Fairytale Lane Australian Labradoodles

Instagram: fairytalelanelabradoodles

2. Caney Creek Doodles

Arkansas Labradoodle Breeders With Puppies For Sale

A small, family-owned facility, Caney Creek Doodles is located in central Arkansas and ranks as one of our best Labradoodle breeders in Arkansas because of its focus on high-quality and healthy dogs. Caney Creek Doodles primarily breeds Miniature Labradoodles but also breeds Goldendoodles and Aussiedoodles. Parent dogs are cared for in guardian homes, and when mothers are ready to whelp, they return to Caney Creek Doodles to birth their litters. From the start, Caney Creek Doodles puppies are surrounded by family, care, and love.

All Caney Creek Doodles Labradoodles have a one-year health guarantee and lifetime support from the breeder. The family offers a private Facebook page for Caney Creek Doodles puppies and their families to provide support to new pup parents and to showcase the puppies as they grow up. Additionally, the parent dogs and puppies are tested for 160 different genetic diseases and health conditions. Every puppy also receives their first vaccinations and a full exam by a veterinarian and begins steps for crate training. 

If you are interested in a Caney Creek Doodles Labradoodle puppy, the breeders ask that you complete their application form on their website. Prices vary by breed and size, and a non-refundable deposit is necessary to secure a puppy. The breeder makes no guarantees on sex or color. Puppies can be shipped via airline at the pup parent’s expense. 

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Searcy, Arkansas

Website: Caney Creek Doodles

Email: Use the contact form on the website.

Facebook: Caney Creek Doodles

Instagram: caneycreekdoodles

3. Clear Water Labradoodles

Arkansas Labradoodle Breeders With Puppies For Sale

At the foot of the Ozark mountains, the Cox family raises high-quality Australian Labradoodles at Fairytale Lane Australian Labradoodles. This breeder specializes in family-oriented dogs that are low-shed and allergy-friendly. Fairytale Lane focuses on breeding mini and medium-sized Labradoodles.

Fairytale Lane Australian Labradoodles take the genetic health of their parent dogs and subsequent puppies seriously. Parents and puppies are tested for and certified clear of patella, cardiac, and hip and elbow dysplasia. All puppies have their ophthalmologist clearance certifications for inherent eye diseases and other genetic conditions. 

A puppy from Fairytale Lane costs $3000 and a non-refundable $500 deposit is required to reserve a puppy. The balance is due when the puppy is six weeks old. The breeder includes a one-year health guarantee against genetic illnesses. All Fairytale Lane Labradoodle puppies are raised in the Cox family’s home and are socialized quickly through Puppy Culture training and constant handling by the family’s two children. The puppies will begin crate and potty training as well. 

Owner Janet Cox offers to hand-deliver your puppy to you by accompanying the puppy on a plane and meeting you at your local airport or driving to your home if you live nearby. Additionally, pup parents are welcome to come to Fairytale Lane Australian Labradoodles to pick up their puppies themselves.

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Heber Springs, Arkansas

Website: Clear Water Labradoodles

Telephone/text: 501-270-0145

Email: Use the contact form on their website.

Facebook: Clear Water Labradoodles

Instagram: clearwaterlabradoodles

4. Nelson’s Labradoodles

Arkansas Labradoodle Breeders With Puppies For Sale

Carefully raised and socialized, Nelson’s Labradoodles puppies are loyal, caring, and affectionate, qualities that many happy customers have noted. Breeders Rhonda and Tim Nelson focus on healthy Labradoodle puppies that are beautiful and ideal for families.

Nelson’s Labradoodles is located on a quiet family farm in Northwest Arkansas. The puppies born and raised here are handled daily for proper socialization. Under the supervision of their mother dog and the Nelsons, these puppies grow up to play in yards and fields. This combination of socialization and exploration is why Nelson’s Labradoodles puppies easily integrate into their new homes.

All puppies are vaccinated and receive a veterinary exam before leaving the breeder. If you are interested in a Nelson’s Labradoodles puppy, contact the Nelsons via the application on their website or by phone.  

Labradoodle Breeder Information


Website: Nelson’s Labradoodles

Telephone: 479-466-4620 or 479-409-4443

Facebook: Nelson’s Labradoodles


Final Thoughts on the 5 Best Labradoodle Breeders in Arkansas

If you are looking for Labradoodle puppies for sale in Arkansas, there’s no better place to look than these breeders. Preferable Pups only works with breeders who are professional and responsible, and the above breeders are the 5 best Labradoodle Breeders in Arkansas. Need help reaching a breeder or starting the process? No worries. Contact Preferable Pups and complete our online application. We’ll contact you and assist you as you choose your Labradoodle puppy and new best friend.

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