Labradoodle Puppies for sale in Colorado – Top 6 Breeders (2021)

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Labradoodles are a wonderful crossbreed that makes for a family-friendly, affectionate, and energetic dog. Are you looking for a Labradoodle in Colorado? If so, Preferable Pups has 6 of the best Labradoodle breeders in Colorado for you to contact. With their allergy-friendly, hypoallergenic coats and sweet personalities, Labradoodles are consistently ranked as one of the most popular breeds. However, if you are interested in a Labradoodle, you want to work with reliable, reputable, and professional breeders so you purchase a healthy puppy. Our best Labradoodle breeders in Colorado can help you find your furever pup.

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1. Rocky Mountain Labradoodles

Colorado Labradoodle Breeders With Puppies For Sale

Breeders of standard and medium-sized Australian Labradoodles, Rocky Mountain Labradoodles exist to breed exceptional dogs to carry on the wonderful qualities of this breed. Owner Karen Elliott, a registered ALAA breeder, focuses on Labradoodle puppies with intelligence, composition, and great personalities. With a low shed coat quality, this breed is ideal for families with pet allergies.

At Rocky Mountain Labradoodles, each breeding pair and puppy is tested for general health and hereditary defects. Mother dogs are cared for by guardian families, and return to Rocky Mountain Labradoodles to settle into the nursery to birth their litters. Elliott keeps a futon in the nursery to be with the mothers during whelping. Socialization is a top priority, and each puppy is handled from the start. By day three, puppies begin a neurological stimulation program that promotes increased health benefits. 

Rocky Mountain Labradoodles puppies are $2700 plus tax. To reserve a puppy, you need to complete the puppy application on their website. You will then speak with Elliott by phone to determine what type of puppy you are looking for. A non-refundable deposit of $400 will reserve a puppy. Each Rocky Mountain Labradoodle receives a puppy pack including a bag of food,  collar and leash, a toy, and a folder containing your puppy’s information, a health guarantee, a three-generation pedigree, and microchip registration.

This breeder ranks as one of our top Labradoodle breeders in Colorado due to the extent Elliott goes to in making sure her puppies are top-notch and that they go to good homes.

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Wetmore, Colorado

Website: Rocky Mountain Labradoodles

Telephone: 719-784-2198 or 719-221-5417


Facebook: Rocky Mountain Labradoodles

Pinterest: Rocky Mountain Labradoodles

YouTube: RockyMtnLabradoodles

2. Colorado Mountain Labradoodles

Colorado Labradoodle Breeders With Puppies For Sale

As a Puppy Culture breeder, Colorado Mountain Labradoodles follows the Puppy Culture model in breeding and raising their Australian Labradoodle puppies. Additionally, they are thorough in their responsibility to place their puppies in the most nurturing and loving homes. Because of these two qualities, in particular, Colorado Mountain Labradoodles is one of our best Labradoodle breeders in Colorado.

With the Puppy Culture model, Colorado Mountain Labradoodle puppies are trained to be confident puppies through properly timed socialization experiences. They are exposed to various social situations to better prepare them for the challenges they may face in their new homes. Puppies are exposed to people, loud noises, car rides, baths and grooming, crate training, and loose leash walking. Every puppy starts potty training at three weeks old and begins clicker training at five weeks. Puppies will know basic commands, such as sit, down, go to your place, and watch me by the time they leave for their new homes.

Colorado Mountain Labradoodles have an extensive puppy package that includes lifetime support from the breeder, a two-year health guarantee, one month of free pet insurance, first vaccinations and deworming, veterinary examination, a clicker, and many treats, toys, and helpful information for raising a puppy. 

The price for a Labradoodle puppy from this breeder is $2500 plus tax. In order to reserve a puppy, you need to complete an online application and receive approval. Then, a $500 non-refundable deposit is needed to place you on a waiting list for your chosen litter. Another $500 deposit is required when the puppies are born, and the balance is due when the puppy is seven weeks of age. Puppies can be picked up by their new families once they are eight weeks old.

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Pueblo West, Colorado

Website: Colorado Mountain Labradoodles

Telephone: 719-214-5330


Facebook: Colorado Mountain Labradoodles

Instagram: Colorado Mountain Labradoodles

Twitter: @CMLabradoodles

3. MileHigh Doodles

Colorado Labradoodle Breeders With Puppies For Sale

MileHigh Doodles provides multigenerational Australian Labradoodles that are top quality and allergy-friendly. As a smaller breeder, MileHigh Doodles may not get the same attention as larger breeding businesses, but the upside is that they are likely to have more puppies available than the other breeders. For example, there are reservations open for multiple spring 2021 litters.

MileHigh Doodles follows both the Puppy Culture program and Super Puppy program to ensure that their puppies are socialized and well-mannered before they are placed in their forever homes. Breeding dogs are raised in guardian homes, and mothers are brought to MileHigh Doodles to give birth to their litters. As they grow up, the puppies are given the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test to determine their temperament so they can fit in with the right family. Puppies are further evaluated by a professional trainer and then chosen for families on the reservation list.

A completed and approved online application and a non-refundable fee of $500 is necessary to reserve a puppy. The total price is $3000, with $1000 due when the puppies are born and the remaining balance due before you pick up your puppy. All MileHigh Doodles puppies come with a two-year health guarantee, age-appropriate vaccinations and dewormings, health records, a microchip and registration, a collar and leash, a blanket, and Snuggle Puppy, and food. Puppies are no longer shipped, but a Puppy Nanny service is available if you aren’t able to pick up your puppy directly from the breeder. The extensive care and effort that MileHigh Doodles puts into their breeding process rank them as one of the best Labradoodle breeders in Colorado.

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Littleton, Colorado

Website: Mile High Doodles

Telephone: 303-915-3413


Facebook: Mile High Doodles

Instagram: Mile High Doodles

4. Agape Labradoodles

Colorado Labradoodle Breeders With Puppies For Sale

For the last seven years, Agape Labradoodles’ owners Sonny and Lindsey Kelsey have bred and raised miniature and medium-sized Australian Labradoodles. As a small, home-based breeding program, Agape Labradoodles raises breeding dogs in their home and in guardian homes. Their emphasis is on breeding quality dogs who provide their new owners with unconditional love.

All Agape Labradoodles puppies are exposed to the Super Puppy program, which helps with neural development and growth. Puppies have a two-year health guarantee, a four-generation pedigree, health records with vaccinations and dewormings, a veterinary health certificate, and a microchip. The puppy gift bag that is included contains puppy food, a leash and collar, a blanket and toy, and a helpful puppy supply list and information packet.

An Agape Labradoodle puppy is $3000 for all colors and sizes. A $500 non-refundable fee is due when you have completed an application and it has been approved by the breeder. The remaining balance is due when your puppy is six weeks old. All puppies are sold under a strict spay/neuter contract and receive lifetime support from the breeder. Your puppy can either be picked up on-premises or your puppy can be flown to you at your cost or you may meet the breeder at the airport and bring your puppy home yourself.

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Denver, Colorado

Website: Agape Labradoodles

Telephone: 303-868-1083

Facebook: Agape Labradoodles

Blog: Agape Labradoodles

Instagram: agapedoodles

Twitter: @labradoodlesCO

5. Dandy Doodles of Denver

Colorado Labradoodle Breeders With Puppies For Sale

One of the most popular Labradoodle breeders in Colorado, Dany Doodles of Denver is an in-demand breeding program. Owner Robert Larson breeds and raises Australian Labradoodles from parents who have met all required genetic testing so that his puppies do not have genetic defects. 

Because of the demand for Dandy Doodles of Denver’s Labradoodle puppies, they are accepting deposits for all upcoming litters. Puppies are $2900 with a $500 deposit to ensure your spot on the puppy waiting list. After you complete the online puppy application, Larson will contact you to discuss your preferences in color, gender, and size to match you with a puppy that meets your needs. The balance for the puppy is due before you pick her up.

All Dandy Doodles of Denver puppies are veterinary certified for their first vaccinations and deworming, spayed or neutered, and a bag of puppy food. Their puppy package includes a two-year health guarantee against hereditary diseases and genetic defects. 

You can pick up your puppy from the breeder or arrange to have your puppy flown to your local airport for an additional fee of $425. One reason why Dandy Doodles of Denver is the best Labradoodle breeder in Colorado is the $250 discount they offer for anyone who buys a second puppy from them.

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Littleton, Colorado

Website: Dandy Doodles of Denver


Phone: 720-331-1780

6. Gorgeous Doodles

Colorado Labradoodle Breeders With Puppies For Sale

Since 1998, Gorgeous Doodles has focused solely on breeding companion Australian Labradoodles in all sizes. Owner Melanie Ann Dewey states that her desire is to breed quality Labradoodle puppies who are gentle, good-natured, and beautiful. As a fully licensed facility, Gorgeous Doodles’ owner’s dedication to continuing the breed is one reason why they are a top Labradoodle breeder in Colorado.

Gorgeous Doodles offers allergy-friendly Labradoodles with both wavy and curly coats. Puppies are often available in a variety of colors, including red, gold, and parti colors. The color of the puppies determines the puppy’s price which ranges from $3000 to $3700. Puppies are offered on a first-come, first-served basis once your non-refundable $500 deposit has been accepted. Puppies available who are already born require a $1000 deposit.

All Gorgeous Doodles Labradoodle puppies have their vaccinations and deworming, two full veterinarian examinations, a 27-month health guarantee, and a microchip. Puppies can be spayed or neutered before they go to their new homes. The puppy package includes a comfort blanket with their mother’s smell, a fitted harness and leash, and a bag of food and recommended treats. 

Gorgeous Doodles currently requires all puppies to be picked up from their premises. Extra puppy training is available for an additional fee. A $400 discount applies to anyone who purchases a second puppy from this breeder.

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Granby, Colorado

Website: Gorgeous Doodles

Phone: 360-910-0491 or 720-544-3735


Facebook: Gorgeous Doodles

YouTube: Gorgeous Doodles Melanie

Conclusion for the Best Labradoodle Breeders in Colorado

Are you searching for Labradoodles in Colorado? If you are thinking about bringing a puppy into your family, these best Labradoodle breeders in Colorado can help. Need more assistance in getting the process started? Contact Preferable Pups and fill out an application. We’ll get you directly in touch with breeders who will find you the right Labradoodle puppy for your forever home. 

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