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Loveable, affectionate, and eager to please are just some of the characteristics that make the Labradoodle breed an extremely popular one. However, due to the increased demand for Labradoodles in Delaware, there are backyard breeders who try to make a quick dollar by selling unhealthy puppies at high prices. So if you’re looking for Labradoodle puppies in Delaware, you want to go to professional and vetted breeders who produce happy, healthy puppies because they love the breed—not because they want to make fast money. We’ve compiled a list of the f best Labradoodle breeders in Delaware who are reputable and from whom you are certain to find the Labradoodle puppy of your dreams.

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1. Blackbird Labradoodles

Blackbird Labradoodles

Although Blackbird Labradoodles doesn’t have available Labradoodle puppies at this time of this writing, their puppies are of such high quality that it’s worth the wait. Blackbird Labradoodles focuses on producing beautiful, healthy Australian Labradoodles with intelligence and friendly temperaments. This small in-home breeder’s dedication to the Australian Labradoodle breed is one reason why they are on our best Labradoodle breeders in Delaware list.

Blackbird Labradoodles puppies are $3000 regardless of color or gender. Interested parties should complete the online application on the breeder’s website. The breeder will review your application and contact you to discuss what kind of puppy you want. Then, a $500 non-refundable reservation fee is due, and once the litter is born, you pay the first half of the puppy’s cost ($1250). The remaining balance is due when the puppy is six weeks old.

Australian Labradoodle puppies from Blackbird Labradoodles receive a full veterinary exam, vaccinations and deworming, and a puppy registration certificate. All puppies will go home with a microchip, and they will have started potty training and been exposed to various levels of stimulation and socialization. Blackbird Labradoodles puppies also receive a puppy care package containing food, a blanket, and a medium-sized toy, and each puppy has a two-year health warranty and a 4-generation pedigree. 

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Blackbird, Delaware

Website: Blackbird Labradoodles

Email: Contact breeders through their website

2. SoDel Doodles

SoDel Doodles

A newer Labradoodle breeder, SoDel Doodles has been in business since 2015, successfully producing and raising Labradoodles as well as Standard Poodles, Bernedoodles, and Goldendoodles. The Rae family takes pride in their facility, located on their farm near the ocean. Their goal is to provide intelligent, affectionate, and loving companion dogs to everyone who becomes part of the SoDel Doodles family.

The Rae family asks that people interested in their Labradoodles to complete the online puppy application form. They will contact you to discuss what type of puppy you are looking for and to answer your questions. Puppies are put through temperament testing so that you are matched with a dog who fits your lifestyle. SoDel Doodles Labradoodle puppies are $2500, and a reservation deposit is necessary to have a spot on their waiting list. Puppy picks are done in order of deposits, and SoDel Doodles offers discounts for veterans and first responders.

All SoDel Labradoodles have a 24-month health warranty against congenital diseases: this warranty does not cover joint problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia. These puppies go to their new families with their first round of vaccinations, deworming, and a full veterinary exam with testing for genetic health conditions.

Location: Lincoln, Delaware

Website: SoDel Doodles

Email: Complete the contact form on their website.

Facebook: SoDel Doodles

Instagram: sodeldoodles

3. Waltzing Matilda’s Labradoodles

Waltzing Matilda’s Labradoodles

At Waltzing Matilda’s Labradoodles, the emphasis is on improving the Labradoodle breed with puppies who display loving temperaments, superior health, and allergy-friendly non-shedding coats. Breeder Michelle raises her puppies in her home on an acre of fully fenced land. This breeder focuses on maintaining the integrity of the breed by producing quality mini and medium-sized Australian Labradoodles.

All Waltzing Matilda’s Labradoodles Australian Labradoodle puppies are $3350, tax included. A $500 deposit is required to reserve a spot on the puppy waiting list. Interested pup parents need to first complete the online puppy application on the breeder’s website. Puppies can be picked up by their new families or delivered to your nearest airport as a carry-on next to the breeder or a pup nanny.

These Australian Labradoodle puppies come with a two-year health guarantee, their initial vaccinations and three deworming sessions, and a comprehensive veterinary exam with a health certificate. Socialization is a priority for this breeder, so all puppies are handled and loved from birth. At three weeks, the puppies begin potty training, and at six weeks,standard-sized they receive crate training. Waltzing Matilda’s Labradoodles sends puppies to their new homes with a collar and leash, a toy and baby blanket, a sample of food, and lifetime support for you and your new furkid.

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Milford, Delaware

Website: Waltzing Matilda’s Labradoodles

Telephone: 302-265-2331


Facebook: Michelle Walker-Thomas (Waltzing Matilda’s Labradoodles)

Instagram: waltzingdoodle

4. Delaware Doodles

Delaware Doodles

Delaware Doodles has bred and raised medium and standard-sized Australian Labradoodles since 2003. Tammy, the breeder, had difficulties with her own young Labradoodle’s health, and the breeder disappeared when Tammy contacted them for assistance. Because of their experiences, the Delaware Doodles breeder started this business to ensure no one else went through the same event.

All Delaware Doodles Australian Labradoodles parents and puppies are rigorously health tested, one reason why we list them as one of the best Labradoodle breeders in Delaware. The adult breeding dogs are tested for genetic illnesses, including hip and elbow dysplasia, CERF, heart diseases, and more. Each puppy comes with a two-year health guarantee.

Delaware Doodles puppies are $2400, and all are born, raised, and socialized in Tammy’s home. The puppies receive their first vaccinations, deworming, and veterinary check before their new pup parent receives them. These Australian Labradoodle puppies also come with health records, a three-generation pedigree, a sample of puppy food, and a blanket or toy with their sibling and mother’s scent on it. Puppies can be picked up when they are eight weeks old.

Labradoodle Breeder Information

Location: Roxana, Delaware

Website: Delaware Doodles

Telephone: 302-436-5501


Instagram: delawaredoodles

Conclusion for the 4 Best Labradoodle Breeders in Delaware

You want the best options for finding the breeder who will find you the right Labradoodle puppies in Delaware. Our comprehensive list gives you four outstanding breeder options to choose from, so you can deal with professional, respectable breeders who want only the best for their puppies. Need more assistance in the puppy and breeder process? Preferable Pups can help! Fill out our online application, and we’ll contact you to get the puppy party started. 

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