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It’s hard to find a more popular dog breed than the Labrador Retriever, and for good reason. Labrador Retrievers are well known for their kind, gentle, family-friendly nature. If you are looking for Labrador Retriever puppies in Montana, Preferable Pups can point you and your family in the right direction. We have the 6 best Labrador Retriever breeders in Montana who guarantee that your Labrador Retriever puppy is a high-quality and healthy dog who will bring your family years of companionship.

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At Preferable Pups, we use our unique application to match you with the right puppy for your home and lifestyle. Our company works strictly with the most respectable, professional, and legitimate breeders in the country. The breeders we work with must pass a rigorous inspection to ensure they are not operating a puppy mill. We’re proud to associate with top breeders so that you and your puppy live happily furever after. Simply fill out our application, and we will help you find your best four-legged friend.

1. Montview Labradors

Labrador Retriever Breeders

At Montview Labradors, owners Julie and Matthew Oghigan breed Labrador Retriever puppies with a focus on health, looks, temperament, and retrieving ability. Located in Bozeman, Montana, Montview Labradors prides itself on breeding puppies who can do it all: win in the show ring, be a playmate for children, and a companion lying at his pup parent’s side at night. This dedication to the breed is one reason why this breeder makes our best Labrador Retrievers in Montana list.

Montview Labrador puppies are all raised using the Puppy Culture method to promote self-confidence and socialized puppies. From birth, puppies are handled by the owner and her family. All puppies start crate training and potty training by three weeks of age and basic obedience begins for each puppy in week five.

Oghigian offers a two-year health guarantee for every puppy, whose parents have passed genetic testing. Puppies are tested for a variety of heritable diseases including hip and elbow dysplasia, eye diseases, cardiac conditions, thyroid dysfunction, and knee injuries. Montview Labrador Retriever puppies will have their first vaccinations and deworming, as well as an implanted microchip. A thorough veterinary exam is also completed prior to the puppy going to its new home. All puppies go home with some food and a toy with their littermates’ scent on it.

Montview Labrador puppies range in price from $2000 – $2800, depending on color. A $500 deposit is due upon your application’s approval. Puppies will be available for pickup at eight weeks of age. Puppies can also be picked up at the breeder’s airport or a flight nanny can travel with the puppy to your home at an additional cost. To apply for a Montview Labradors puppy, complete an application on their website and one of the owners will contact you for further information. 

Labrador Breeder Information

Location: Bozeman, Montana

Website: Montview Labradors


Facebook: Julie Oghigian (Montview Labs)

2. Mystic River Labradors

Labrador Retriever Montana

Located in Helena, Montana, Mystic River Labradors breed puppies to create everlasting relationships with their new pup parents. Breeder Karen Treharn focuses on high-quality, versatile, healthy, and stocky puppies who will provide their families with years of laughter and joy.

Mystic River Labradors expose their puppies to socialization and enrichment from birth using the Puppy Culture and Early Neurological Stimulation methods. The breeder makes sure the puppies become accustomed to other people and that puppies receive different types of sound stimulation, including toys with different sounds and textures. Desensitization techniques are employed so puppies become accustomed to music, sirens, thunder, and fireworks. Puppies also begin clicker, crate, potty, and leash training by week four; Treharne also makes sure that the puppies learn how to travel in cars.

These Labrador Retriever puppies are fully vetted, dewormed, and vaccinated by seven weeks of age. They also receive their microchips at this time. All Mystic River Labrador Retriever puppies come with a 26-month health guarantee which covers elbow and hip dysplasia and their Embark DNA results. 

If you are interested in a Mystic River Labrador, complete the application on the breeder’s website to be approved and placed on the puppy waiting list. Puppies range in price from $1800 – $2000 with a $250 deposit upon application approval. The breeder has a wait time of six months and puppies can go home at ten weeks old.

Labrador Breeder Information

Location: Helena, Montana

Website: Mystic River Labradors


Facebook: Mystic River Labradors

3. Montana Rocky Mountain Labradors

Labrador Retriever Montana

At Montana Rocky Mountain Labradors, chocolate is the name of the game. This breeder specializes in chocolate Labrador Retriever puppies, with temperament and health the main goals of the business. Breeder Norma James strives to produce quality specimens of the Labrador Retriever breed who are able to live their best canine lives.

From the start, Montana Rocky Mountain Labrador puppies are loved and handled by James and her family. Socialization for puppies begins when they open their eyes and are introduced to sounds and sights, including other dogs, cats, surfaces, and loud and strange noises. All puppies receive beginning training on litter box and outside potty training, as well as the early stages of crate training.

James’ Labrador Retriever puppies have their first veterinary examination and their dew claws removed at two days old. All puppies received their first vaccinations and deworming at six and eight weeks, respectively. At this time, puppies will also receive their microchip. The puppy care package designed to help the new pup transition into an unfamiliar environment is a reason why Montana Rocky Mountain Labradors is the best Labrador Retriever breeder in Montana. Puppies go home with a food starter bag, a blanket with their siblings and mother’s scent on it, vaccinations, a microchip, a certificate of health, and AKC registration.

Montana Rocky Mountain Labradors offer a 26-month health guarantee that specifically covers genetic defects in the hips or elbows. Puppies are $1500, including a non-refundable deposit of $300. Complete the application form on the breeder’s website if you are interested in one of their Labrador Retriever puppies.

Labrador Breeder Information

Location: Kalispell, Montana

Website: Montana Rocky Mountain Labradors

Telephone: 406-261-2525


4. Rock Branch Retrievers

Labrador Retriever Montana

Angela Boughner, the owner of Rock Branch Retrievers, emphasizes the sporting qualities of the Labrador Retriever breed as well as an impeccable pedigree. Rock Branch Retriever puppies are bred to have a strong retrieving desire along with drive and motivation. 

All Rock Branch Retrievers puppies are raised in Boughner’s home amongst her family for socialization and sound desensitization. Early on, the puppies start their training by becoming used to the water, retrieving, and birds. They are also potty training around three weeks old. Each puppy is vaccinated, dewormed, and given an examination by a licensed veterinarian before they depart for their new homes.

Rock Branch Retrievers makes the top 6 best Labrador Retriever breeders in Montana due to their generous health guarantee. The guarantee covers hips, elbows, and eyes. Puppies leave home with a bag of puppy food and a toy or blanket that smells like their mother. 

Rock Branch Retrievers only breeds black, yellow, and chocolate Labrador Retriever puppies. The price for a puppy runs between $1500 – $1800, including a $500 deposit ($300 to join the waitlist and $200 to reserve a puppy). The typical wait time is roughly three months, although Rock Branch Retrievers does have two puppies available as of this writing. Puppies go to their new homes once they are eight weeks old.

Labrador Breeder Information

Location: Dillon, Montana

Website: Rock Branch Retrievers


Telephone: 321-266-0333 or 321-890-4108

Facebook: Rock Branch Retrievers

5. Blockhead Blessings Labradors

Labrador Retriever Montana

With an emphasis on bettering the breed, Blackhead Blessings Labradors produce mellow and gentle Labrador Retriever puppies in Montana. Owner Shanae Jamison and her five children raise puppies who are socialized from birth. Jamison believes that puppies and children need to respect each other, thus she ensures that all her puppies are handled and around young kids from the beginning of their lives.

Blockhead Blessings Labradors is a small, family-owned kennel in Naxon, Montana. Jamison is hands-on with every litter, teaching the puppies to become accustomed to children and other dogs. Puppies begin crate and potty training as well as an introduction to retrieving. In all, the puppies are raised in rural Montana and learn all the socialization skills they need to transition to a new home with their future family.

All Blockhead Blessings Labradors puppies receive a veterinary examination, their first round of vaccinations, and deworming three times. For health guarantees, contact Jamison who will explain their process in detail. Puppies are $1000 – $1500 with a $300 deposit to reserve a puppy. Selections are determined by the order in which the deposits were received. You may pick up your puppy at the breeder’s home, drive to pick up your puppy or arrange for a flight nanny to accompany your new furkid home for an additional fee.

Labrador Breeder Information

Location: Naxon, Montana

Website: Blockhead Labradors

Telephone: 208-640-9419

6. Bear Bones Labradors

Labrador Retriever Montana

Bear Bones Labradors advertise their puppies as calm, loyal, and ideal as family companions. This breeder focuses solely on English Labrador Retrievers, striving to produce puppies with the block-shaped head known to this breed as well as a gentle, sweet temperament. 

Bear Bones Labradors are one of our best Labrador Retriever breeders in Montana because of their dedication in working to pair their puppies with appropriate owners and families. Aside from their goal to breed healthy and happy puppies, they monitor the puppies from birth to the time when they leave for their new homes. Bear Bones Labradors begin basic obedience training early in the puppy’s development. After you pay your deposit and choose a name for your puppy, the breeder and her family will train the puppy to recognize that name. Potty training begins as early as is safely possible.

A Bear Bones Labradors puppy comes with the first round of vaccinations and deworming, basic command introduction, an introduction to doggie doors, the Volhard test, and a puppy health guarantee. Puppies are $2000, although the breeder notes that the price is subject to change. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due by the time the puppies are two weeks old, and the balance to be paid when you pick your puppy up.

If you are interested in Labrador Retriever puppies in Montana, complete the online application form. Puppies are selected in a first-come, first-served manner. Expect to wait roughly six months for a puppy from this breeder.

Location: Frenchtown, Montana

Website: Bear Bones Labradors

Telephone: 406-499-2578

Email: or

Facebook: Bear Bones Labradors

Conclusion for the Best Labrador Breeders in Montana

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