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All of our Aussidoodle puppies have been independently screened and certified.

Aussiedoodles are a mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. Loyal, energetic, playful, and incredibly smart, this breed quickly wins over her audience with its sweet charm. The spunky and easygoing Aussiedoodle is the perfect pup for an active family because she requires time for exercise and play.

The Aussiedoodle loves to learn and please her owners, making her a fantastic choice for those looking for an obedient companion. The Aussiedoodle’s hybrid vigor gives her a longer lifespan than the purebred Australian Shepherd or Poodle, usually reaching between 14-16 years old with good nutrition and regular vet checkups. You can also check the latest guide about Do Aussiedoodles Shed

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Top 5 Advantages of Aussiedoodles Puppies

  1. The Aussiedoodle is called “the Einstein dog” because they are highly intelligent and require mental stimulation.
  2. Aussiedoodles are companion dogs who love spending time with their pup parents and children.
  3. Most Aussiedoodles are hypoallergenic and healthier due to their mixed breed genetics
  4. There are three Aussiedoodle sizes, Toy, Mini, and Standard, making this breed ideal for any living space.
  5. Aussiedoodles are friendly, eager to please, and easily trainable.

To learn more about the Aussiedoodle or mini Aussiedoodles puppies, this video will teach you about this special dog breed:








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Pricing/Colors of Aussiedoodles

$900 Red Tri-Color: a red, white, and tan/copper Aussiedoodle with a white blaze on the face, white on the chest, and white on the feet. 

$1100 Black Tri-Color: a black, white, and tan/copper Aussiedoodle with a white face blaze, white chest, and white on some feet.

$1100 Black Tuxedo: solid black Aussiedoodle with little white other than a small white sliver down the chest.

$1100 Red Tuxedo: an Aussiedoodle who features mostly red coloring (also called chocolate) with a tiny spot of white on the chest.

$1100 Apricot Bi-Color: an Aussiedoodle with various shades of apricot and white; this color features more white than a tuxedo puppy.

$1100 Black Bi-Color: a solid black Aussiedoodle with a broad white blaze on the face, chest, and paws; this color features more white than a tuxedo puppy.

$1500 Blue Merle: a primarily grey Aussiedoodle; other color options include blue merle with white, blue merle with tan/copper, and blue merle with white and tan/copper. You can find each color combination to varying degrees all over the body.

$1300 Red Merle: this Aussiedoodle is marked with various red shades; other color combinations include red merle with white and red merle with white and tan/copper.

Aussiedoodles feature incredibly unique color combinations and variations due to their crossbreed heritage. Australian Shepherds are well-known for their multi-colored coats, while Poodles typically have solid, standard color coats. Are you interested in Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in colors other than those listed above? Contact us so we can find your perfect Aussiedoodle puppy.


Depending on the size of Aussiedoodle you want, your puppy can grow up to be between 20 and 70 pounds and 10 to 15 inches tall.

Standard size Aussiedoodle: 40 to 70 pounds and 15+ inches high

Mini Aussiedoodle: 10 to 15 pounds and 10 to 15 inches high

Toy Aussiedoodle: 4 to 6 pounds and 10 inches high

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