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Aussiedoodle Breeders Alabama

All of our Aussidoodle puppies for sale in Alabama have been independently screened and certified.

Alabama Aussiedoodle Puppies are the perfect companion for active families looking to add a playful, loyal and loving pup to their home. Aussiedoodles are a hybrid breed consisting of Poodle and Australian Shepherd parents, offering an intelligent and energetic pup that is sure to bring joy into your home.  Aussiedoodle Breeders in Alabama provide puppies with the highest quality of care and attention to ensure each pup is happy and healthy when they go home with their new family. 

Aussiedoodle Puppies for sale

Top 5 Advantages of Aussiedoodles Puppies For Sale In Alabama

1. Do Aussiedoodles Low-Shedding Coats?: 

Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in Alabama often have low-shedding coats, making them a great choice for families who don’t want to worry about excessive shedding. 

2. How Is The Aussiedoodles Temperament?:

 Aussiedoodles are known for being smart and easy to train, making them a great choice for both experienced and novice dog owners. 

3. Are Aussiedoodles Loving Companions?:

 Aussiedoodles are loyal, affectionate dogs that make great family companions.

4. Are Aussiedoodles Great With Kid?s: 

Aussiedoodles get along well with children, making them a perfect pet for families with two-legged kids! 

5. Aussiedoodles Are Energetic Playmates:

 Aussiedoodle puppies have high energy levels and need regular exercise, making them perfect playmates for active families.

If you’re looking for a loyal companion that will bring joy to your home, consider getting an Aussiedoodle puppy from an Alabama breeder today! You won’t be disappointed! 

To learn more about the Aussiedoodle or mini Aussiedoodles puppies, this video will teach you about this special dog breed:

Mini Aussiedoodles puppies for sale near me

This is one of the most favored sizes of Aussie doodles puppy on the market. They are fantastic for small apartments and condos. But they also love getting attention so be prepared to enjoy lots of playful energy from your Mini Aussiedoodle.








Aussiedoodle Puppies Ready For NEW Homes

Pricing/Colors of Aussiedoodles For Sale In Alabama

$900 Red Tri-Color: a red, white, and tan/copper Aussiedoodle with a white blaze on the face, white on the chest, and white on the feet. 

$1100 Black Tri-Color: a black, white, and tan/copper Aussiedoodle with a white face blaze, white chest, and white on some feet.

$1100 Black Tuxedo: solid black Aussiedoodle with little white other than a small white sliver down the chest.

$1100 Red Tuxedo: an Aussiedoodle who features mostly red coloring (also called chocolate) with a tiny spot of white on the chest.

$1100 Apricot Bi-Color: an Aussiedoodle with various shades of apricot and white; this color features more white than a tuxedo puppy.

$1100 Black Bi-Color: a solid black Aussiedoodle with a broad white blaze on the face, chest, and paws; this color features more white than a tuxedo puppy.

$1500 Blue Merle: a primarily grey Aussiedoodle; other color options include blue merle with white, blue merle with tan/copper, and blue merle with white and tan/copper. You can find each color combination to varying degrees all over the body.

$1300 Red Merle: this Aussiedoodle is marked with various red shades; other color combinations include red merle with white and red merle with white and tan/copper.

Aussiedoodles feature incredibly unique color combinations and variations due to their crossbreed heritage. Australian Shepherds are well-known for their multi-colored coats, while Poodles typically have solid, standard color coats. Are you interested in Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in colors other than those listed above? Contact us so we can find your perfect Aussiedoodle puppy.


Depending on the size Aussiedoodle you want, your puppy can grow up to be between 20 and 70 pounds and 10 to 15 inches tall.

Standard size Aussiedoodle: 40 to 70 pounds and 15+ inches high

Mini Aussiedoodle: 10 to 15 pounds and 10 to 15 inches high

Toy Aussiedoodle: 4 to 6 pounds and 10 inches high

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Need more information about Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in Alabama?

We make it simple when you are looking for Alabama Aussiedoodle breeders.

Does Preferable Pups have Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in Alabama?

Here at Preferable Pups, we work extra hard to only add the best section of Aussiedoodle dog breeders and puppies in Alabama. If you are on puppy finder and don’t see a puppy for sale in Alabama, click “Apply” and we will find one.

How does Preferable Pups screen Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama?

We have 100’s of breeder requests each week. We use PawFax to verify our Alabama Aussiedoodle. With only the best breeders allowed in the Preferable Pups community, you have nothing to worry about when looking for your new best friend. Learn about our industry-leading process for screening the health of puppies. Learn More

Do you have Aussiedoodle puppies for sale near me in Alabama?

Yes! Preferable Pups is always adding new fully screened and healthy Aussiedoodle puppies. We have Aussiedoodle puppies for sale all over Alabama and the surrounding areas within our Preferable Pups family of breeders. If you’re looking for Aussiedoodle Alabama, you came to the right place.

What if the Aussiedoodle puppy I want is not in Alabama? Will you ship?

When you search for Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama you will see each breeder has been asked to provide several pieces of information. One of the things we asked them to provide, is travel details. Travel arrangements will be clearly defined in each breeder’s biography. Of course, it’s always best to pick your puppy up in person but if that’s not convenient travel arrangements can most likely be made.

Do you have Toy Aussiedoodle Pups for sale in Alabama?

Of course! The breed would not be complete without the toy Aussiedoodle. If you are looking for a mini Aussiedoodle for sale in Alabama, Preferable Pups has you covered. We have a great selection of toy Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama.

What’s the price of Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in AL?

There’s no set price for Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in Alabama. Pricing is determined by the unique attributes of each particular puppy. These attributes include sex, temperament, coloring, and more importantly, breeder experience. You won’t go wrong using Preferable Pups when looking for Alabama Aussiedoodle.