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About Our Doberman Pinscher puppies

If you are looking for an unmatched guard dog AND a lovable cuddle buddy for your family, look no further than a Doberman Pinscher. Highly intelligent and sweet, Doberman Pinschers want nothing more than to keep the family they adore dearly safe. Noble in every sense of the word, Doberman Pinschers are beautiful, athletic, dogs that are trainable and great with the entire family. 

Doberman Pinscher puppies

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Doberman Pinscher History

The Doberman Pinscher is a breed of domestic dog, one of the few breeds developed in Germany. It is a larger dog used initially by tax collectors and local authorities to guard their property against intruders. The name “Doberman” derives from the German city Doberan, where the first Dobermans were bred for use as personal protection dogs around 1876. In the 19th century Europe, it was common for middle-class families to own at least one working dog, often a terrier or an overgrown Sheltie. These would be employed on farms or sent into coal mines or other dangerous places to keep rats and other vermin populations under control, which they did with great success.

However, some farmers found that a Doberman did not have the stamina to keep up with a herd of cows or other livestock. For this reason, many farmers would later employ a Collie instead, which was significantly more efficient at keeping stock under control. In addition, the Doberman tends to be highly protective of its family and territory and is wary of strangers.

Top 6 Advantages of Doberman Pinschers Puppies

  1. Though Doberman Pinschers may look like the guard-dog part, they are extremely lovable dogs with a reputation for being very affectionate with their family, making them fantastic family dogs. In particular, Dobermans are sweet and protective of children in their family, as long as they have been raised with them.
  2. Great for active homes, Doberman Pinschers transition well from a run or long hike to snuggles on the couch. They are fantastic playmates for children due to their boundless energy. So long as they have the ability to release their energy, they are laid back at home. 
  3. Known for their guard-dog abilities, Doberman Pinschers can help you and your family feel at ease at night. Though they are excellent guard dogs, they aren’t prone to excessive barking like many other guard dogs are. 
  4. Doberman Pinschers are extremely intelligent, making them highly trainable dogs. They learn basic commands quickly, allowing you to take their training to the next level at a young age. 
  5. With a reputation for adaptability, Doberman Pinschers aren’t particularly anxious dogs. They can shift their routine (perhaps from a long camping trip back home) relatively simply, and without much behavioral impact — a trait uncommon among many dogs. 
  6. With their sleek coats, Dobermans are low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. This breed’s short coat does require regular brushing, due to how much Dobermans shed, but extensive grooming is not necessary.

Doberman Pinscher Puppies Colors 

  • Black & Rust: likely the coat you imagine when you picture a Doberman Pinscher – a mostly black body with light brown socks, sides of their chest, and whisker area. 
  • Red & Rust: another commonly seen coat, red & rust is an overall reddish-brown coat with light brown socks, sides of the chest, and whisker area. 
  • Blue & Rust: almost identical to the look of a black & rust Doberman, but with a more charcoal gray color in place of the black. 
  • Fawn (Isabella) & Rust: a fawn Doberman is a similar beige color you see with other fawn dogs, but they also have the classic light brown accents seen with many other Doberman coats.  
  • All Black: one of the few coats that don’t show the stereotypical Doberman socks, these Dobermans are pure black – even their paws and nose. 
  • White: really more of a cream-colored coat with white socks, sides of their chest, and whisker area.

Albino: just as it sounds – pure white everywhere (with an adorable pink nose).

How much do Doberman Pinchers Puppies cost?

The prices of Doberman Pinscher puppies tend not to vary much by the color of their coat, but there is certainly a range between family-dog (only) Dobermans and show-quality Dobermans. If you are looking for a wonderful family companion, you can expect to pay around $1500 for your puppy; however, if you want to show off your beautiful Doberman (literally), you can expect to pay closer to $2500 for a show-quality bloodline. 

How big do Doberman Pinscher’s get?

    • Males tend to grow to an average of 26-28 inches and 75-100 lbs.
  • Females average a height of 24-26 inches and a weight of 60-90 lbs.  

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Top 5 Disadvantages of Doberman Pinschers

  1. One downside to the Doberman Pinscher is that they can be difficult to train or keep under control when they are not working. Although they are very intelligent, athletic, and have an excellent sense of smell, this breed can also be stubborn and get bored quickly. This breed wants to work, and without a job, they can be left up to their own devices and misbehave.
  2. Dobermans are prone to a variety of health problems. Dobermans often have heart disease, hip dysplasia, allergies, skin disorders such as seborrheic dermatitis and mange, plus other conditions, including being prone to weight gain.
  3. Dobermans are very affectionate and loyal dogs in general, but they do suffer from separation anxiety. Dobermans become deeply attached to their owners, and they don’t like to be left home alone. Separation anxiety consists of any of these behaviors: excessive howling or barking, digging and destructive chewing, and urinating or defecating in the home. 
  4. This breed often engages in same-sex aggression, with females being more prone to this behavior. Female aggression is often triggered by meeting another female in heat, or when the female feels that her territory has been invaded needs to defend it. Any Doberman Pinscher owner should take the time to thoroughly train their dog to avoid any dangerous interactions with other dogs.
  5.  A Doberman’s size also makes him more difficult to control if he becomes excited by something such as another dog or an unfamiliar person on the street, and all that energy gives him plenty of strength to overwhelm even an adult human. On average, Dobermans weigh 90 pounds, and some dogs, especially males, are even heavier. Training is a must with a breed this size. Otherwise, you are likely to be dragged around when trying to walk your dog. Also, a dog this big might be too much pup for young children. Although Dobermans are typically good with kids, they may accidentally knock them over due to their size.

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