Double Doodle Puppies For Sale

Double Doodle Puppies For Sale

All of our Double Doodle and mini double doodle puppies have been independently screened and certified.

Looking for the perfect family dog? Then check out “America’s Sweetheart,” the Double Doodle. With a gentle and trusting nature paired with an energetic and social personality, the Double Doodle has quickly become a favorite amongst doodle breeds. This hybrid dog results from a cross between a Goldendoodle and a Labradoodle, hence the name Double Doodle, or Double Doodlepoo. The Double Doodle is not your typical hybrid dog because its parents are themselves hybrid breeds, not purebreds. Therefore, the Double Doodle gets the very best qualities and traits from its Doodle parents and its Golden or Labrador Retriever and Poodle ancestors: they are hypoallergenic, extremely intelligent, great with kids, and adorably cute. 

If the Double Doodle sounds like the pup for your family, but you’d prefer a smaller-sized dog, then the Mini Double Doodle may be the right fit for you. Whether large or mini, the Double Doodle is an ideal family dog who will brighten your days.

double doodle puppies for sale

Top 5 Advantages of Double Doodles Puppies

  1. Double Doodles are smart and love to please their pet parents, making them naturally easy to train. Many Double Doodles are trained as search-and-rescue, narcotics detection, and retrieving dogs.
  2. The Double Doodle is hypoallergenic, meaning this breed is low-shedding and a good choice for people allergic to pet hair and dander.
  3. Mild-tempered and sociable, the Double Doodle is friendly to strangers and gets along easily with other people and pets.
  4. Double Doodles are active, energetic pups who need daily walks as well as engaging playtime with you, your children, or fellow dogs. Socialized Double Doodles particularly enjoy visits to the local dog park.
  5. As a hybrid breed, Double Doodles are typically healthy dogs who are less likely to have the same congenital diseases as their purebred grandparents and great-grandparents.

Double Doodle Price

$1000-$2300 Goldendoodle-Labradoodle hybrid: the most popular Double Doodle, this mix is available in multiple colors depending on which parent dog the puppy takes after.

$1000-$2300 Double Labradoodle: a Double Doodle mix between a Labradoodle and any other Doodle breed. Popular examples are the Labradoodle-Bernedoodle hybrid and the Labradoodle Aussiedoodle mix.

$1000-$2300 Goldendoodle Aussiedoodle: This trendy hybrid features merle coloring, making this Double Doodle breed a standout. 

$1000-$2300 Australian Double Doodle: Often a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, or Bernedoodle, this mix is popular with pup parents due to the breed’s multi-colored merle coat.

$1000-$2300 Mini Double Doodles: all the same charm, gentleness, and energy, just in a smaller package. 

Double Doodles’ coats may vary depending on their crossbreed heritage. Dogs who trend toward their Golden or Labrador Retriever ancestors will likely be one of these colors: cream, golden, tan, brown, black, or white. If you’re interested in Double Doodle puppies for sale, or if you’re looking for a Double Doodle in a certain color, let us know. Preferable Pups will help you find a Double Doodle for you and your family.


Depending on the size Double Doodle you want, your puppy can grow up to be between 20 and 70 pounds and 10 to 15 inches tall.

Standard Double Doodle: 45 – 70 pounds and 22+ inches high

Medium Double Doodle: 20 to 45 pounds and 18 to 21 inches high

Mini Double Doodle: less than 30 pounds and 16 to 28 inches high

Puppies Ready For New Homes

Double Doodle Puppies For Sale
Double Doodle Puppies For Sale
Double Doodle Puppies For Sale
Double Doodle Puppies For Sale
Double Doodle Puppies For Sale
Double Doodle Puppies For Sale

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