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All of our Goldendoodle puppies have been independently screened and certified.

Goldendoodles are super cute, they are a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. How can you go wrong with that combo? But hey, that’s not all they have to offer. They are friendly, very loyal, and smart as a whip. As a breed, they are known for being user-friendly. 

Goldendoodles are a fairly new breed. Think 1990’s. Yep, that right! 1990! If you were a child before then you would have never seen one. Mind blown! Another interesting fact about Goldendoodles is they make fantastic guide dogs and therapy dogs. You can even find mini Goldendoodle puppies on the Preferable Pups site.

Apricot Goldendoodle

Top 5 Advantages of Goldendoodle Puppies

  1. Hypoallergenic: If you are an allergy sufferer a Goldendoodle puppy is a great choice for you. Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic and have a low-shed coat. No sneezing! No puppy hair all over the house! They are perfect!
  2. Personality: Goldendoodles have a golden personality. These guys will be your best friend. Goldendoodles are uber patient. This fact makes them great with their kid humans. Goldendoodle pups are loving little guys. They love to snuggle and they give the most incredible puppy kisses. If you already have a puppy or plan on getting another one down the line the Goldendoodle will be a perfect choice because they will get along with other animals fantastically. They were built with the perfect sensibility to be fantastic guide dogs. 
  3. Activity: Goldendoodles are always up to play. They will run around the park and make tons of friends. They will love to go on a run around the neighborhood and probably make friends while you are out. But hey if you’re not up to making all those new friends you can just play in the backyard with your Goldendoodle puppy.
  4. Intelligence: Whether it’s training your Goldendoodle puppy in the what, when, where’s and how’s basic commands, or more difficult training they are super eager to learn. Goldendoodles are quick learners like Usain Bolt quick. If you like a puppy that can learn tricks and enjoys showing off the Goldendoodle is the fella for you. Oh, and they love belly rubs.
  5. Coats: Goldendoodles have a shorter coat that is easy to maintain, which is perfect for new puppy owners. Goldendoodles coats come in a wide selection of colors. The most common are Dark Brown, Black, Gray, Orange/Golden, and White. All you have to do is pick your favorite color.

Goldendoodle Colors













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Colors of Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale

$1200.00 –  Chocolate or brown; the coat is a rich brown but may turn silver as the dog ages.

$1200.00 – Red; the coat is a classic mahogany color that is bright and catches the eye.

$1200.00 – Apricot; a lighter variation of the red Goldendoodle and the color that makes Goldendoodles look like teddy bears. The color lightens over time.

$1200.00 – Champagne; a rare color as the dog carries a recessive red gene; the coat may lighten into a more pale cream color over time. 

$1200.00 – Cream; a variant of red and apricot, the cream colored Goldendoodle may seem almost white.

$1200.00 – Black; jet black, the coat is velvety soft but may change to a silver or blue color as the dog ages.

$1200.00 – Black and white; either color may be more dominant than the other, although white tends to be the most common.

$1200.00 – Tan; less common than apricot or red coat colors, tan is a default pigment of red. This color mimics the golden tones of the Golden Retriever.

Goldendoodles come in a variety of colors and also a wide array of patterns. The most popular are brindle, merle, parti, tuxedo, abstract, phantom, and sable. By working with reputable breeders, you can find the Goldendoodle puppy with the coloring and coat pattern you are looking for.


The Goldendoodle comes in three sizes, depending on whether it has a Miniature, Medium, or Standard Poodle in its genetics. Miniature Goldendoodles can weigh up to 20 pounds; Medium Goldendoodles can weigh up to 45 pounds; large Goldendoodles typically range between 50 – 75 pounds.


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