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About Our Goldendoodles Pups

Looking for Goldendoodle puppies for sale?

Goldendoodles are super cute, they are a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. How can you go wrong with that combo? But hey, that’s not all they have to offer. They are friendly, very loyal and smart as a whip. As a breed, the are known for being user-friendly. 

Goldendoodles are a fairly new breed. Think 1990’s. Yep, that right! 1990! If you were a child before then you would have never seen one. Mind blown! Another interesting fact about Goldendoodles is they make fantastic guide dogs and therapy dogs. You can even find mini Goldendoodle puppies on the Preferable Pups site.


If you are an allergy sufferer a Goldendoodle puppy is a great choice for you. Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic and have a low-shed coat. No sneezing! No puppy hair all over the house! They are perfect!


Goldendoodles have a golden personality. These guys will be your best friend. Goldendoodles are uber patient. This fact makes them great with their kid humans. Goldendoodle pups are loving little guys. They love to snuggle and they give the most incredible puppy kisses. If you already have a puppers or plan on getting another one down the line the Goldendoodle will be a perfect choice because they will get along with other animals fantastically. They were built with the perfect sensibility to be fantastic guide dogs. 


Goldendoodles are always up to play. They will run around the park and make tons of friends. They will love to go on a run around the neighborhood and probably make friends while you are out. But hey if you’re not up to making all those new friends you can just play in the backyard with your Goldendoodle pup. 


Whether it’s training your Goldendoodle puppy in the what, when, where’s and how’s, basic commands or more difficult training they are super eager to learn. Goldendoodles are quick learners like Usain Bolt quick. If you like a puppy that can learn tricks and enjoys showing off the Goldendoodle is the fella for you. Oh, and they love belly rubs.


Goldendoodles have a shorter coat that is easy to maintain, which is perfect for new puppy owners. Goldendoodles coats come in a wide selection of colors. The most common are Dark Brown, Black, Gray, Orange/Golden, and White. All you have to do is pick your favorite color.


Mini 12″-15” 15-30 LBS

Medium 16″-18” 30-45 LBS
Standard 19″-25”+ 45-80 LBS

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Puppy’s health

After you have been approved for your Goldendoodle puppy and selected the perfect one, your puppy will have his last health exam with us. We teamed up with PawFax so we can utilize their industry-leading health exam. We, together with PawFax, require this 20 criteria health exam to be signed off by a licensed veterinarian, not the breeder. The health exam must result in an A+ grade before we allow the puppy to go home. Taking your new puppy to your veterinarian within three days after receiving him is an essential follow-up. In addition to the health exam, we vet our breeders through PawFax. Vetting our breeders is critical because it weeds out any puppy mills. Puppy mills have a high percentage of unhealthy puppies due to their deplorable breeding practices. You can rest assured we do everything posable to ensure our puppies are healthy, happy, and ethically bred.




We make it simple when you are looking for Goldendoodle breeders

How much do Goldendoodles cost?

The most important thing to look at is the breeder experience. A breeder with experience will breed healthy puppies. We work closely with the Goldendoodle breeders to set a price. Together we then factor in each puppy’s unique characteristics — things like coat type, disposition, and size. For example, mini Goldendoodle for sale would be a little more expensive over a standard.

Do you have Goldendoodle puppies for sale near me?

The best way to find Goldendoodle breeders is with our Puppy Finder. The Puppy Finder was designed to locate the closest Goldendoodle breeder with the perfect puppy for you. Preferable Pups has a fantastic family of Goldendoodle breeders.

Do your Goldendoodle breeders ship puppies out of state?

Of course! All of our Preferable Pups dog breeders ship puppies out of state. Our fantastic team will handle the travel details to help get your new puppy home safe and fast.

Do you have mini Goldendoodles for sale?

Yes, we do. The breed would not be complete without the mini Goldendoodle puppies. They are bout the cutest things ever. Use our Puppy Finder to find the breeder closest to you.

Do you have Goldendoodle breeders in my state?

Yes! We have Goldendoodle dog breeders and puppies for sale all over the US. If you are looking for Goldendoodle dog breeders and puppies for sale, Preferable Pups is your last stop! You can even find mini Goldendoodle puppies on the Preferable Pups site.

How quickly can I find a Goldendoodle puppy with Preferable Pups?

Very fast! We handle the entire process of Goldendoodle breeder screening, health checks, and travel arrangements. We do this, so you don’t have to spend weeks doing the time-consuming tasks of finding a qualified dog breeder.