Newfiedoodle puppies for sale

Newfiedoodle/Newfypoo Puppies For Sale

All of our Newfiedoodle puppies have been independently screened and certified.

Would you like a puppy who will grow up to be a gentle giant and lifelong companion? Then consider the Newfiedoodle, a cross between a Newfoundland and a Poodle. Intelligent, calm, hypoallergenic, and energetic, Newfiedoodles, also called Newfydoos, are quick to capture hearts with their sweet faces and kind demeanors. The spirited yet good-natured Newfiedoodle makes for a wonderful pup for active families with children or pup parents who want a loyal dog who is part of their everyday lives.

Newfiedoodle And Mini Newfypoo Puppy Weight

The Newfiedoodle is the largest Doodle breed and can weigh between 80 – 130 pounds. If that seems too much Newfypoo for you, then the Mini Newfiedoodle may be more your style. With all the same traits as a standard Newfiedoodle, the Mini Newfypoo is a lively spark in a tiny package. Perfect for small dog fans or small living spaces, the Mini Newfiedoodle makes an adorable addition to any family.

Newfiedoodle puppies for sale

Top 5 Advantages of Newfiedoodles And Mini Newfypoo Puppies

  1. Newfiedoodles are hypoallergenic dogs, meaning they are a low-shedding breed ideal for people allergic to pet dander.
  2. The Newfiedoodle is a smart dog originating from two intelligent dog breeds, the Poodle and the Newfoundland. That means the Newfiedoodle is bright, eager, willing to please, and easy to train.
  3. Families with young children are a perfect fit for the Newfiedoodle as this breed is well known for its fondness for children. Newfiedoodles are a popular designer breed due to their characteristically calm and gentle traits.
  4. The Newfiedoodle is on the quiet side and rarely barks. That doesn’t stop the Newfiedoodle puppy from being an excellent family watchdog, ready to make noise to scare off intruders or alert their family to trouble.
  5. Not a fan of dog drool? Newfiedoodles have smaller mandibles than purebred Newfoundlands; thus, Newfiedoodles drool considerably less than other breeds.

newfypoo Puppy for sale near me

If you’re looking for a new furry friend, why not consider a Newfypoo puppy? These adorable dogs are a cross between a Newfoundland and a Poodle, and they make great pets.

Newfypoos puppies are generally friendly and good-natured, and they love to play. They are also very smart and easy to train. Newfypoos require plenty of exercise, so be sure to take your dog for walks or runs every day.

These dogs are prone to weight gain, so it’s important to feed them a healthy diet and avoid overfeeding them. Newfypoos also need regular veterinary checkups.

If you’re looking for a loyal and loving companion, then a Newfypoo may be the perfect dog for you. Apply today to get starting with your new puppy!

Newfiedoodle and Mini Newfiedoodle Puppies Colors

mini newfiedoodle puppy


mini newfiedoodle puppy


mini newfiedoodle puppy


mini newfiedoodle puppy


Pricing/Cost Of Newfiedoodle and Mini Newfiedoodle Puppies

$1200 – Black: the entire pup is solid black in color; some pups may sport a small white spot on the chest or stripe down the chest.

$1200 – Solid Chocolate: coat colors range from darker brown to reddish-brown; some puppies may have a white stripe down the chest or a spot on the chest, as well as white on the face.

$1200 – Black and White: parti-colored pups will have a mix of black and white coloring in patterns.

$1200 – Chocolate and White: parti-colored pups will have brown and white patterns over their body; the brown ranges from dark to reddish in color.

$1200 – Merle: the coat is often a mixture of light blue, silver, grey, and white and features various coat patterns.

Newfiedoodles can have a range of unique color combinations and variations due to their crossbreed heritage. Poodles often have solid-colored coats, while Newfoundlands range in darker colors splashed with white. If you are interested in Newfiedoodle puppies for sale, contact Preferable Pups and let us help you find your forever Newfiedoodle puppy.


The Newfiedoodle is available in a standard size or a miniature size.

Standard size Newfiedoodle: 70 – 130 pounds and between 22 – 30 inches tall

Mini Newfiedoodle: 12 to 30 pounds and 11 to 14 inches high

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Newfiedoodle Puppies For Sale

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