Aussiedoodle Shedding Guide

Do Aussiedoodles Shed? Aussiedoodle Shedding Guide 2023

What happens when you combine an Australian Shepherd with a Poodle? You end up with an Aussiedoodle, an adorably sweet spirit, an active companion, and a children-friendly dog. With two of the most intelligent dog breeds as parents, the Aussiedoodle is a brilliant pup who is incredibly affectionate, eager to learn, and easy to train. Like many other Doodle breeds, one significant benefit to the Aussiedoodle is it’s a low-shed breed. If you or a family member are susceptible to allergies caused by pets, you may be in the market for a hypoallergenic dog, like the Aussiedoodle. Do Aussiedoodles shed? Yes…and no, so let’s look at the truth underneath the fur.

What is a hypoallergenic dog?

A hypoallergenic dog is a low-shedding dog that is less likely to cause allergic reactions in allergy-prone individuals. The triggers for pet allergy sufferers are the protein particles in pet saliva and hair, and the results include itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, and serious asthma concerns. 

How do allergic reactions occur? When a dog licks himself, his saliva attaches to hair dander. When the hairs are shed from the dog, they fall into the environment. The same situation happens when a dog scratches or shakes herself. You can find loose fur all over the furniture, the floor, the carpeting, and even in the air. But if you own a hypoallergenic dog, you’re less likely to deal with these conditions. Hypoallergenic pups produce less dander and saliva than other dog breeds, making these types of dogs ideal for allergy sufferers. 

Potential pup parents should know that hypoallergenic dogs do shed; there is no zero-shed dog. However, with hypoallergenic dogs, the dander and saliva tend to stay on the hair follicles rather than being shed into the home. That’s what makes hypoallergenic pups wonderful pets for people with mild pet allergies.

Do Aussiedoodles shed if they are hypoallergenic?

Do aussiedoodles shed?

Yes, Aussiedoodles shed despite being a hypoallergenic breed. Every dog sheds to some degree, even hypoallergenic ones. Aussiedoodles shed minimally, making them more of a low-shed dog breed. How much an Aussiedoodle shed is entirely dependent on the coat he inherits. An Aussiedoodle who takes after the Poodle’s coat will have curly hair and won’t shed much. Aussiedoodles who have wavy fur get that trait from the Australian Shepherd parent, a dog breed that features a double coat. These Aussiedoodles are likely to be medium to heavy shedders.

First-generation (F1) Aussiedoodles are a 50/50 hybrid of a purebred Poodle and a purebred Australian Shepherd. The F1s have an equal chance of having a curly coat as a wavy one. Second-generation Aussiedoodles (F1b) are bred back with the Poodle, meaning they are 75% poodle and 25% Australian Shepherd. The F1b generation Aussiedoodle has a far better chance of having the Poodle’s curly coat, which sheds far less than the Australian Shepherd’s coat. The second-generation Aussiedoodle (F2) is a cross between two Aussiedoodle parents, which also results in a puppy who is unlikely to shed much hair at all. If you have allergies but still want an Aussiedoodle, an F1b or F2 may be your best match.

What kind of coats do Aussiedoodles have? 

The Aussiedoodle can have one of two coat types. Here’s a brief overview of the Aussiedoodle coats:

Curly coats

A curly-coated Aussiedoodle has hair that comes from the Poodle side of his family. While this type of Aussiedoodle sheds less, his coat care requires more effort. Curly hair becomes matted more easily, and Aussiedoodle pup parents need to brush their dog’s coat daily to prevent matting from occurring. Semi-regular professional grooming is also necessary for a curly-coated pup.

Wavy coats

Aussiedoodles with wavy coats have that style from their Australian Shepherd parent. While the Australian Shepherd has a double coat, the Aussiedoodle has a single coat; as such, the Aussiedoodle will shed far less than a purebred Australian Shepherd. Pup parents of Aussiedoodles with wavy coats need only brush their pup’s coat once a week or so, depending on the dog’s regular activities.

How can I tell if my Aussiedoodle will shed?

Your Aussiedoodle is more likely to shed if he has a wavy coat, like his Australian Shepherd parent. Aussiedoodles who have curly coats will shed less, having taken after their Poodle parent. When you speak with a breeder about what you want in an Aussiedoodle, be sure to ask about the pup’s ancestry. If you want a puppy with more Poodle than an Australian Shepherd, the breeder can show you a selection of puppies that fit your requirement.

Preventative steps to limit Aussiedoodle shedding.

Do Aussiedoodles Shed? Aussiedoodle Shedding Guide

Even though Aussiedoodles shed to varying degrees, there are still steps you can take to limit the hair in the air and on the furniture. Here are some preventative steps to keep a handle on Aussiedoodle fur:

  • Professionally trim your Aussiedoodle. While this step applies slightly more to curly-haired Aussiedoodles than wavy-haired ones, trimming is an excellent method to control shedding no matter the type of pup you have. Take your pup to a professional groomer once every two to three months.
  • Brush your Aussiedoodle daily. Aussiedoodles with curly hair can become matted quickly, and daily attention is needed to prevent that painful condition. Aussiedoodles are known for their adventurous spirit and outdoor activities, and they often get into mud, brush, and water, so brushing daily can help your pup stay clean until bathtime.
  • Bathe your Aussiedoodle. Curly-haired Aussiedoodles should be bathed every two weeks, while wavy-haired Aussiedoodles can get away with monthly baths.

Do Aussiedoodles shed? Yes, Aussiedoodles shed, but as hypoallergenic dogs, they tend to shed less than other breeds. The Aussiedoodle’s shedding level is dependent on the dominant parental genes in the puppy’s ancestry. Would you like more information about Aussiedoodle puppies for sale? Find a reputable, experienced breeder offering low-shedding Aussiedoodles with help from Preferable Pups.

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Do Aussiedoodles Shed? Aussiedoodle Shedding Guide

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