Celebrating A Wedding Your Dog Will Enjoy As Much As You Will

Celebrating A Wedding Your Dog Will Enjoy As Much As You Will

Around 88% of Americans say that pets are part of the family, so if you and your fiancée will be celebrating your wedding soon, then including your pooch in the celebrations is a fun way to assert the importance of your pets in your life as a couple. Dogs have been playing an important role in weddings for decades, so you may already be accustomed to seeing pooches in tuxedos and ‘wedding dresses’, posing alongside couples for some of the most memorable pics in their album. Of course, if you will be having one or more dogs at your celebration, you should take steps to ensure they are comfortable and safe


Choosing A Dog-Friendly Wedding Venue

If your pup will be around for part of the ceremony and/or reception, your choice of venue is key to ensuring her comfort. Pups tend to do enjoy being outdoors, so an ideal setting for a wedding with dogs is a garden or beachside event. If you opt for a garden wedding, ask the event organizers or venue if you can create a dog-friendly enclosed space so your dog cannot get lost while wandering. For specific moments in your celebration, a large pen containing your dog’s bed and toys will make her feel comfortable while she has to wait for photo moments. A good idea is to have your dog taken home after she has fulfilled her wedding role. This will enable you to have guilt-free fun while knowing your dog is waiting safely at home.


Creating A Doggie Guest List

If you will be celebrating your home in a family setting – for instance, a large family garden or rented venue that is safe and enclosed, you may choose to invite one or more playmates for your pooch for a limited time. If so, choose friends that are calm, well-behaved and well-trained so that their owners don’t go crazy trying to get them to stay calmly by their side. Your friends and family will be decked out in their finest, so you don’t want dogs jumping on their designer frocks with muddy paws. Of course, any dogs attending the occasion should be well-groomed and supervised by an owner, trainer, or professional pet carer, who will be in tune with the dogs’ needs (including food, water, and rest times).


Training Your Dog So She Is Comfortable In Her Role

Many couples choose to have dogs play a part in the wedding, with just a few traditional canine roles including those of ring bearer, best pooch, bridesmaid, and guest of honor. This makes sense, considering that for many people, their dog truly is their best friend and they can help them de-stress, both pre and post-ceremony. It is important to make sure your dog has the right personality for the role you choose. A very calm dog, for instance, could greet guests when they arrive at the reception; an active, trainable dog, meanwhile, may enjoy performing a little dance or learning to bear the rings. You should train your dog in whatever role you choose so they perform their given task to perfection and don’t end up doing something disastrous like running to a nearby pond for a swim while carrying the rings on their back.


Bringing Key Supplies

Don’t forget to include food, water and equipment (such as water bowls, blankets and beds) for any dogs attending the wedding. To treat your dog, bake or purchase personalized dog biscuits made from healthy, organic ingredients. If you’re having an outdoor spring or summer wedding, provide plenty of shade for your pooch – either in the form of a portable dog house or beds/blankets strategically placed under large, shady trees.


If you will be celebrating your wedding soon, there’s no reason why your four-pawed best friend can’t join you. Find a role that best matches her personality, and make sure to train frequently in the days leading up to your ceremony and reception. Make sure your dog is in a safe, enclosed space, and that a trusted person serves as carer for the evening, ensuring your dog has food, water and rest. Your dog should ideally spend just an hour or two at the party so they can rest in a peaceful, quiet place until you are by their side once again.

Celebrating A Wedding Your Dog Will Enjoy As Much As You Will

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