Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mission

At Preferable Pups, we’re puppy people. Our mission is to help you find your furever friend, but that’s not where our job ends. We believe in creating a successful and lifelong relationship between you and your new puppy. We love puppies, and we want your pup to grow up to be a welcome and loved member of your family.   

Preferable Pups provides future pup parents with happy, healthy, and pet-insured puppies. You want your pup to start off life on the right paw, and so do we!

There are plenty of companies that will promise you a healthy puppy, then not deliver on that promise. It’s heartbreaking to see the pain of pup parents who lose their puppy to illness or disease because their puppy came from an unhealthy breeding facility. We think promises are important to keep, especially where the care of pets is concerned. Other places will offer you the perfect puppy, then leave you holding the poop bag. 

At Preferable Pups, we’re with you every step of the way on your journey because you and your puppy are important to us. That’s why we offer a pet insurance plan to pup parents because we know the story doesn’t end when you bring your new furkid home.

Preferable Pups works only with legitimate, professional dog breeders. All the breeders we partner with are thoroughly vetted to meet our high standards. We do not work with and do not advocate interacting with puppy mills or backyard breeding operations. 

Preferable Pups believes that pet insurance is a must for pet parents, especially when you bring a puppy into your heart. We’ve partnered with the best pet insurance companies to make sure each pup parent has the opportunity to protect their puppy and their finances from the start.

Puppies are adorable, wriggling little furballs at first. Then, they grow up, and in the process, they may get into some mischief and experience an accident or two.

A pet insurance plan ensures that you can take your puppy to a veterinarian or an emergency clinic, pay for the veterinary costs upfront, and file a claim with the insurance company for reimbursement.

That way, you can get the best treatment for your puppy without worrying about the financial impact.

Simply fill out an application form on our website, and we’ll take it from there! Once your application is approved, we will match you with professional and reputable breeders who want you to love your new puppy as much as we do.

Once you’ve found your match, you can get ready for the new addition to your family. You can also search our Puppy Finder!

Your puppy will receive a thorough health examination signed off on by a licensed and certified veterinarian. Preferable Pups use an extensive health test by a third-party source.

We do this since most breeders use their own tests, but there have been mistakes in the past when they have been conducted at home themselves or using other companies’ products alone. We ensure your pup has an A+ score before going home with your new fluffy addition!

Our Preferable Pups price is set by each breeder. They determine the pricing for each puppy based on its unique characteristics, such as breed, coat type, and disposition! We recommend that you just start the application process and we will determine your price range and match you to a breeder that qualifies. 

We have been hard at work on-boarding the best dog breeders in all 50 states and we are currently reaching out to more. Preferable Pups only work with verified, top-quality breeders so if you don’t see a breeder near your location now, we encourage you to apply so you are in our breeder outreach system. 

If you’re looking for a new puppy but live outside of the state your dog will come from, we offer different options. Preferable Pups can help with safe ground transportation or air travel so no matter where the puppy is going, they safely arrive at their destination.

For pup parents more than 100 miles away, we can help arrange air transportation or find a Puppy Nanny to accompany your puppy on their journey home.

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