Home Decorating Ideas That You and Your Dog Will Love

One survey said there were 54 million pets in the world. 27% of these were of the canine variety. When that special creature enters a person’s home, changes have to be made. Like newborn babies, they need their sleeping area, special food, and lots of love. 

Home Decorating Ideas That You and Your Dog Will Love

When someone is looking at their home decor, there has to be both compromise and provision. The pet will have its requirements, and some things will need dog-proofing. The ideal situation arises when both the household and its dog live comfortably side by side. We’ll now take a deep dive into the practical areas to consider when it comes to home decor. We’ll also use Labradoodles as our example pet.   

Unique Customization

Admittedly this will be more appreciated by the adults than the pet! Many people display signs in their front gardens relating to their dogs. They may include a warning sign for the postman! Some folk have welcome mats outdoors, as well as indoors. They can feature dog pictures, to show who’s at home.

These days technology has enabled people to personalize things even more. There are websites that let people feature their own photos on mugs or T-shirts. According to the professionals at Vision Bedding people also buy high-quality custom print fabrics. Folk wants the power to choose what text or print colors are used. They want to upload their digital photos, so they appear on such things as bedding, rugs, or blankets. 

Labradoodles are a cross between a poodle and a retriever. A pet owner may choose to have pictures of their beloved dog on their pillows, bath decor, or wall art. 

A Pet-Friendly Kitchen  

Dogs such as Labradoodles are sociable and love to be near the family (including children) – and mealtimes are no exception. When much of what they practically need is located in the kitchen, everyone can come together. 

Imagine an island in the middle of the kitchen that includes holders for the dog’s food and drinks. Alternatively, there may be a built-in feeding station under a cabinet. There may be a cupboard that includes a pull out drawer containing dog food. Someone else may decide to have a pet food dispenser attached to the wall to maximize space. 

A Relaxing Lounge For Pets And Humans Alike

If a dog is allowed on the settee, it may be that a blanket should be put over the sofa to protect it.  This doesn’t have to look unstylish or out of place. It will protect the furniture from pet hair and damage.

There are lots of online photos showing how people have incorporated their dogs into their lounge areas. Small dogs can relax in unused fireplaces, or fit in a chest of drawers that’s had the drawers removed. If the dog furniture also serves other functions (e.g. if there is a worktop above its head) the furniture will feel more incorporated, and less of an add-on. 

Dog-Proof Furniture

It’s not safe to keep ornaments on low shelves when there are young children around. The same thing applies to dogs. Low tables may be great for putting coffee on, but dogs don’t have a lot of control over their tails! The higher things are stored, the safer they will be. 

One benefit of having a leather sofa is that it won’t absorb unpleasant pet smells. Anyone who has a dog will have to accept that there may be scratch marks over time. Having said that, it will help if regular veterinary visits keep the claws under control! The leather is pretty easy to clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner, damp cloth, or leather treatment products. Bonded leather sofas are less cohesive, so they are more likely to come apart when there are pets around. 

When it comes to rugs, throws, or cushions, tight weaves are more resilient. At the end of the day, furniture needs to be durable and strong if people and pets are going to use it constantly. 

Hard Flooring 

Unfortunately, there may be a toilet accident occasionally with your pet. It’s at times like these that rugs and carpets are not desirable. Think about the possibility of germs, pet dander, stains, and smells. If someone in the house suffers from allergies, they will not appreciate a carpet full of such things. The only time a rug is a good idea is when it’s to protect the flooring below it. This may be in areas of high foot – and paw – traffic. 

Hard flooring is best, although in some cases it can stain quite quickly. In terms of wood, people can choose from mahogany, sycamore, oak, cherry, or elm. Tiles are scratch proof and are cool for the dog to sit on during a hot summer. The same thing applies to using laminate, ceramic, or stone flooring. One expert recommendation was to buy vitrified porcelain tiles shaped similarly to timber planks. If they are grainy this texture will help reduce the chance of a dog skidding when at speed.  

Home Decorating Ideas That You and Your Dog Will Love

Use The Right Materials

If someone has a pet that sheds its hair regularly, canvas, microfiber, and denim are less likely to be a problem. Try not to have things made of velvet, corduroy, velour, chenille, or mohair. If a dog walks past a highly textured wall its hair will stick there too. Such surfaces as semi-gloss or satin paint will provide good protection against such issues. 

When there is a canine in residence, it stands to reason that white materials may be unsuitable or delicate fabrics such as velvet or silk. Dogs can safely stand by curtains as they look through the windows. If there are blinds, however, it may be possible for the dog’s paws to damage them by mistake. 

Dogs unfortunately like to chew through wires. Wherever possible let the cables be boxed or kept behind furniture, so the pet cannot access them. Some plants are toxic to dogs, so it’s essential to look online specifically regarding your breed of animal. 

Seating And Toys For The Dog

Some dogs are only interested in sitting on their master’s seat. Why not purchase a special dog cushion instead? If they have a designated chair or bed area, they will be less inclined to steal your place. The dog may also decide to chew on its own chair legs rather than some more expensive furniture! 

If furniture chewing is an issue, regularly rub essential oils into it. Two examples would be clove or citrus. Anyone who prefers metal or chrome furniture to wood will not have the same problem. Keep the dog well stocked up with rubber or fabric toys, to serve as a distraction from doing this.

If your dog has a designated play area in the home, it may be easier to set boundaries. It can be taught that other places are unsuitable for such activities.  

Offices, Bedrooms, And Beds

Anyone struggling to work from home could keep a pet bed in their room. Although dogs such as Labradoodles are often quite happy on their own, they can bring a touch of nature and relaxation to your surroundings. Puppy Labradoodles are sensitive to noise, so an office area may be an ideal daily environment. Dogs can also be a good reminder that it’s beneficial to go on a lunchtime walk for some exercise. 

Dogs love to sleep near their owners. Some beds have pull-out drawers underneath. If your dog is small it may even enjoy sleeping in one. 

Many pet owners use crates for their animals to sleep in. If a puppy labradoodle is resting inside one, it may look imprisoned. From its viewpoint, however, the crate provides a sense of security. Dogs don’t like to be squashed inside small crates or to rattle around inside larger ones. Fortunately, some crates have the possibility for size adjustment, to accommodate their physical growth.  

Cleaning And Drying Facilities

Different species of dogs need varying amounts of daily exercise. For example, Labradoodles have a high need for physical activity. Needless to say, the weather will not always be perfect for the walk. If there is a towel in the car this is the first line of defense from muddy, wet dogs. An outside tap and covered area would be a good place to wash off the dirt before it came indoors.

If there is space indoors, incorporate a mudroom. This is basically an enclosed shower area in which to shampoo the dog. Perhaps there will be space in a utility room for this. The goal is to contain the dog rather than letting it run off and shake the water in all directions. Whilst it may be potentially costly to create this space, it’s important to think of your carpets and furnishings.  

As we have learned, it’s possible to have a house that looks nice, with fitted furniture that can accommodate your pet’s daily needs. Artwork and photography can help maintain a dog theme so that everyone will know it’s much loved at home.

Home Decorating Ideas That You and Your Dog Will Love

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