How to Ensure the Health and Safety of Your Dog During the Cold Season

It’s a whole lot of fun to see your pooch romping in the snow, or to take your furry friend on wintertime adventures with you. But did you know that dogs are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia? And that the salt on the street hurts their paws?

Your pup feels the cold and it’s important that you know how to make sure he is safe and cared for when the weather turns icy.

Check out these cold weather tips for dogs to ensure dog safety in winter.

How to Dress Your Dog for Winter

If your pup is going to be spending time outside with you during winter, you need to make sure he’s got the proper attire.

Winter can do damage to your dog’s paws, so keep their feet protected with booties or paw protectors in areas with ice and snow.

Some dogs have a coat that’s built for winter, such as huskies, but many are naturally ill-prepared for freezing temperatures. If you have a short-haired, delicate dog, you should bundle them up in a warm coat, such as these best dog coats for whippets.

Keep their Feet Clean

Sodium chloride (rock salt) and calcium chloride is sprinkled on streets to make the sidewalks slip-resistant for humans. But these can be harmful to pooches’ paws. If your dog hasn’t got booties, massage petroleum jelly onto their paws to protect them from the chemicals.

Additionally, ensure you keep your dog’s feet clean by rinsing them with water when you come back home. Make sure to get between the toes and crevices in the pad.

Limit Time Outside

Be mindful of when you take your dog outside and for how long. Try to avoid spending a lot of time outside in extreme weather conditions and blizzards as many dog breeds are vulnerable to frostbite.

Keep in mind that very old and very young dogs have a difficult time regulating their body temperatures and will be more vulnerable to cold — so playing in the snow is not recommended.

Provide a Warm Place to Sleep

This is one of the most important tips for dogs in cold weather. If your dog sleeps outside, it’s imperative that you provide an insulated doghouse to keep them warm and safe. He should have a comfy bed and thick blanket to keep him warm while he sleeps — whether outside or inside.

Choose a place where there isn’t draught funneling through. You can also consider a self-warming pet mat that retains body heat and keeps the animal warm.

Are You Prepared With These Dog Safety Tips?

Do you know how to ensure dog safety during winter? Perhaps you already do some of these things, or maybe there are some considerations that you need to make as the cold weather comes in. It’s important to consider your dog’s breed and age and provide for him accordingly.

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How to Ensure the Health and Safety of Your Dog During the Cold Season

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