4 Ways You Can Help Stray Dogs Without Any Risks 

Every living creature, such as animals, including dogs, play a vital role in the environment. For this reason, it is just but humane to help them in whatever way you can. Aside from altruism, helping stray dogs is important to prevent the spread of any disease, such as rabies, which can pose a huge threat to human lives. In line with this, below are some of the ways on how you can help stray dogs without any risks.

1. Get in Touch with a Local Shelter or Rescue Organization

One of the ways on how you can help stray dogs without any risks is by calling a local shelter or a rescue organization immediately as soon as you see one wandering on the streets. Of course, it will not be advisable for you to approach a stray dog because there is a great chance that it may act towards you vehemently, particularly if it is no longer accustomed to people around him. There is no guarantee of how a stray dog will react towards you because it can either be scared or disoriented, which is why you need to be extra careful.

The experts will be able to handle a stray dog better because they are equipped with the knowledge and skills on how to do so. The local shelter will also be able to help locate the owner of a stray dog in case the one you saw is just lost. Otherwise, they will be able to provide a temporary place for the dog to stay while they exert the extra effort to find a new owner for the dog.

2. Become a Sponsor

Another way to help a stray dog is by becoming a sponsor to a local shelter that cares for homeless dogs while they are in the process of finding a permanent home for these animals. Caring for various dogs and other animals can prove to be resource-extensive because they need to provide for all the necessities of the animals under their care, such as food, vitamins, as well as health care. It is often the case that these shelters work with a limited budget, having to make do with the funds that are available for them to spend.

For a reason stated above, donating any amount to help fund an animal shelter will be greatly appreciated. In this case, leverage the digital world, and go ahead, explore online sources for you to have a few fundraising ideas to increase the amount that you will be able to donate to the shelter. While the amount that you can give will already be a big help to help the rescued stray dogs, being able to provide bigger funding will go a long way in terms of maintaining the shelter helping these dogs.

Aside from donating money, there is also the option for you to donate other goods and supplies such as food and beddings that will benefit the animals in the shelter. In this case, you can collect whatever the people in your community can give to ensure that there are enough supplies for the animals to use. You can also ask for the help of your friends and family to support your donation drive.

3. Volunteer in Rescue Shelters

Aside from becoming a sponsor or donating other supplies to your local shelter, you can also volunteer to help out in carrying out the tasks that need to be done to care for the animals in the shelter. Just keep in mind that taking care of the dogs in the shelter can prove to be quite a challenging task, such that any help that you can give to those who are working in the shelter will be greatly appreciated. This is also one of the avenues for you to meet like-minded individuals who have a big heart in caring for the dogs, such that they are also volunteering their services. With your continuous effort to help out in the shelter, the stray dogs and other homeless animals will have a safe place to stay while they are waiting to be adopted.

4. Foster Homeless Dogs

Finally, there is also the option for you to foster homeless dogs, which will greatly help the previously found stray dogs find a permanent home eventually. By fostering the animals in the shelter, you will be able to help rehabilitate them and teach them how to live with humans once again. However, you need to consider the particular condition of the dog that you will be fostering because elderly dogs, as well as those with special needs, require more intensive care and attention, which sometimes, the shelter may fail to provide. By fostering homeless dogs, you are also helping the animal shelter in a way because they will be able to channel their limited resources to the other dogs left in their care.

When you foster an animal from the shelter, you need to make some room in your home. This means that you need to dedicate a specific space for them where they will be comfortable, rather than letting them wander around in your home, where there is a great chance that they will be more frightened. Also, make sure that you have the contact numbers of the shelter easily accessible in case you encounter any problems with the dog that you cannot readily resolve. Alongside this, make sure that you have a proper first aid kit for both you and the dog that you are fostering.

It is important to help stray dogs, not only because it is humane to do so, but to prevent the spread of diseases as well. Thus, when you encounter one, make sure to get in touch with a local shelter or rescue organization immediately. From there, you can become a sponsor by donating to support their cause, or even volunteer your services to help them rear previously stray dogs until they find a permanent home. Better yet, try fostering a homeless dog because, in doing so, there is a great chance that a once stray dog will be able to find its permanent shelter in your home.

Tim Hanson (111)

Contributing writer at Preferable Pups!