Interesting Facts About German Shepherd Puppies

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It’s hard to find a more iconic and recognizable dog than the courageous and noble German Shepherd. With his traditional black-and-yellow markings and wolf-like appearance, this breed has displayed its versatility for over a century as police, herding, and family dog. It makes sense that this breed is the second most popular dog in the United States. Perhaps you and your family are thinking about bringing a German shepherd puppy into your home. It’s always a good idea to learn about a canine breed to make sure your new dog will fit your home and lifestyle. Here are some interesting facts about German Shepherd Puppies to help you decide if this breed is right for you.

German Shepherd puppies are brilliant.

The German Shepherd breed is well-known for its high level of intelligence. What does that mean for German Shepherd puppies? It means they are easier to train and likely to learn new behaviors and instructions after minimal repetition quickly. This breed’s intelligence is one reason why military and police forces rely on them, why farmers trust them to herd livestock, and why they perform so well in dog shows and competitions worldwide. In fact, Germans Shepherds have ranked the third most intelligent canine, following only Poodles and Border Collies.

The German Shepherd is so smart that you will need to keep your puppy physically active and mentally engaged daily. A smart puppy will fast become a bored puppy — and potentially one who develops destructive behaviors — if his mind is not as occupied as his body. The good news is that your puppy will keep you on your toes and moving just as much as he is on his paws, so you will both build a deeper bond while playing and exercising together. Finding German Shepherd puppies for sale is easy with Preferable Pups. 

Expect a mouthy German Shepherd puppy at first.

German Shepherd Puppy

Due to his herding ancestry, the German Shepherd tends to exhibit mouthing behavior. Thus, German Shepherd puppies tend to be more mouthy than other breeds at a young age. Puppies typically explore with their mouths in the first months and year of their lives, often due to curiosity, instinct, and teething. This normal puppy behavior is par for the course when you become a pup parent, but German Shepherd puppies can be mouthier than some other breeds because of their heritage. 

Proper training and socialization, along with lots of patience and love, will help your intelligent puppy to learn that nipping and biting are not acceptable in your home. Remember never to raise your voice or physically punish your puppy for engaging in natural behavior. Teach your puppy with kindness and consistency, and he will form an even stronger bond with you.

Interesting Facts About German Shepherd Puppies

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