Names For French Bulldogs

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So, you’re thinking about adopting a bat-eared French Bulldog and as a result, you’re wondering what will I name my new furry companion? Picking a name for your fur baby is above all one of the most important first steps, as naming a dog helps with bonding. However, sometimes it can feel exhausting to find the proper name. Moreover, with the number of names out there it can be difficult to choose. For instance have you ever looked up baby names, the number is frightening! So, don’t fret, we are here to help, here is a list of names for French Bulldogs.

Names for Male French Bulldogs

names for french bulldogs male

Popular French Names

Firstly, why not play off the fact that your Frenchie’s ancestors hailed all the way from France. Hence here are popular names from their motherland.

  • Antoine:  praiseworthy and priceless
  • Claude:  lame, crippled, limp
  • Frederic:  a peaceful ruler
  • Gaston:  from Gascony in southwest France
  • Gilbert:  trusted and intelligent
  • Hugo:  intelligence of mind and spirit
  • Leo:  bold as a lion
  • Louis:  brave warrior
  • Pascal:  born at Eastertime
  • Philippe:  one who loves and befriends horses
  • Pierre:  strong and solid like a rock
  • Raphael:  healed by God
  • Sebastien:  respected and adored
  • Simon:  God has heard
  • Theo:  gift and blessing from God
  • Valentin:  healthy and valiant

Popular American Names

On the contrary, if French names aren’t for you try some basic American ones.

  • Oliver: a descendant of the ancestor
  • William:  with gilded helmet
  • Ezra:  help
  • Henry:  ruler of home
  • Maverick:  wildly independent
  • Benjamin:  son of my right hand
  • Jack:  God is gracious
  • Theo:  divine gift
  • Levi:  joined in harmony
  • Grayson:  son of the grey-haired one
  • Lincoln:  from the lake settlement
  • Mateo:  gift of God
  • Gabriel:  God is my strength
  • Isaac:  he will laugh
  • Julian:  youthful, downy

French Bulldogs Found in History Names

Nothing like tracing your pooch’s name back to a historical figure. Certainly, you’ll have an interesting reason for their name. These are especially great if you are a history buff.

  • Napoleon:  former French emperor
  • William Shakespeare:  English poet
  • Aristotle:  Greek playwright
  • Julius Caesar:  former Roman consul and subsequently a character in a Shakespeare play
  • Plato:  Athenian philosopher
  • Augustus:  former Roman emperor
  • Charles Dickinson:  writer
  • Winston Churchhill:  former British prime minister
  • Woodrow Wilson:  28th U.S. president
  • Edgar Allan Poe:  poet and writer
  • Voltaire:  French writer
  • Saint Peter:  one of the twelve apostles
  • Socrates:  Greek philosopher
  • Vincent Van Gogh:  French painter
  • Oscar Wilde:  Irish poet
  • Ernest Hemmingway:  American journalist and writer
  • Michelangelo:  Italian sculptor and painter
  • Grover Cleveland:  22nd U.S. president

Roman and Greek Gods

In the same vein as a history buff, if you’re into mythology or Greek and Roman culture let us add some names of Gods. These boys will add some oomph to your snorting French Bulldog.

  • Apollo:  God of music, poetry, plague, medicine, sun, and additionally more.
  • Ares/Mars:  God of war
  • Cronus/Saturn:  God of time
  • Eros/Cupid:  God of love and sexual desire
  • Hades/Pluto:  God of death and also king of the Underworld
  • Helios:  God of sun
  • Zeus/Jupiter:  God of Gods and additionally lightening
  • Hermes/Mercury:  God of thieves and travelers while also a messenger for the Gods
  • Kratos:  God of strength and power
  • Pan/Faunus:  God of nature
  • Posiedon/Neptune:  God of the sea

Female Names for French Bulldogs.

names for french bulldogs female

Back by popular demand, some additional French names for female French Bulldogs. Surely you didn’t think we would forget about the girls?

Popular French Names

  • Aimee:  beloved
  • Antoinette:  praiseworthy and priceless
  • Charlotte:  strong and free
  • Chloe:  flourishing and blooming
  • Clementine:  merciful
  • Colette:  victorious and triumphant
  • Genevieve:  belonging to a tribe or race of women
  • Juliet:  forever young
  • Lucie:  illuminating light
  • Madeleine:  strong and great
  • Margot:  like a pearl
  • Odette:  wealthy and prosperous
  • Simone:  pretty and graceful like a lily
  • Violet:  a purple-blue flower
  • Yvonne:  an archer
  • Zoe:  vibrant and full of life

Popular American Names

Similarly as above, here are some female American names for French Bulldogs. Consequently, these beautiful names should fit perfectly with your new gorgeous Frenchie girl.

  • Emma:  universal
  • Olivia:  ancestor’s descendant
  • Ava:  like a bird
  • Isabella:  God is my oath
  • Mia:  of the sea of bitter
  • Amelia:  work
  • Ellie:  girl
  • Scarlett:  red
  • Luna:  the moon
  • Penelope:  with a web over face
  • Lily:  lily flower
  • Eleanor:  of unknown meaning
  • Stella:  star
  • Hazel:  the hazel tree
  • Aurora:  dawn

French Bulldogs Found in History Names

So you’ve ended up adopting a little girl Frenchie, why not give her some girl power? Indeed these women truly made history.

  • Jane Austen: a writer who defined a literary genre (Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, etc)
  • Maya Angelou:  poet, singer, writer, and additionally a civil rights activist
  • Anne Frank:  writer of The Diary of Anne Frank
  • Queen Elizabeth:  absolutely one of the most successful monarchs in British history
  • Rosa Parks:  truly one of the most important civil rights activists
  • Ada Lovelace:  worlds first computer programmer
  • Cleopatra:  ruler of Egypt
  • Mary Shelley:  created the science fiction genre and secondly was a feminist activist
  • Boudicca:  united Celtic tribes and consequently led an uprising against the Roman Empire
  • Joan of Arc:  martyr and military leader
  • Virginia Woolf:  British modernist novelist
  • Frida Kahlo: a famous Mexican artist and also a feminist activist
  • Nellie Bly:  pioneering journalist
  • Coco Chanel:  French fashion designer
  • Indira Gandhi:  Indian prime minister
  • Sappho:  greek poet

Roman and Greek Goddesses

Likewise here are some female French Bulldog names.

  • Persophone/Proserpina:  Goddess of spring, vegetation, and also the queen of the Underworld
  • Hera/Juno:  Goddess of Goddesses and furthermore marriage
  • Aphrodite/Venus:  Goddess of love and additionally beauty
  • Artemis/Diana:  Goddess of the hunt and also poetry and war strategy
  • Athena/Minerva:  Goddess of wisdom
  • Calliope:  the muse of epic poetry
  • Iris/Phineus: Goddess of rainbows while also a messenger for the Gods

Simple Fun Popular Names for French Bulldogs.

In addition, we compiled a bunch of fun simple names for French Bulldogs.

  • Fern
  • Peach
  • Bear
  • Gizmo
  • Finn
  • Frankie
  • Gus
  • Tank
  • Lucky
  • Orea
  • Yoda
  • Vader
  • Champ
  • Moose
  • Teddy
  • Scout
  • Simba
  • Ace
  • Bandit
  • Rose
  • Duke
  • Captain

Undoubtedly this list of names is far from complete. However, we do hope you’ve enjoyed it thus far. That being said this list should certainly help with choosing a name. Lastly, though I think we can all agree it is absolutely principle to pick the right name for our dogs and their personalities. If you are looking for french bulldogs reach out to us or apply below.

Names For French Bulldogs

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