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Why Use Our Service?

Simply put Pet Finder is safe and reliable. What does that mean? Let’s talk about breeders. Some breeders are great but with 10,000 puppy mills in the US, it can be hard to tell who is ethical and who isn’t. These puppy mills result in an estimated 2.3 million puppies sold annually. This includes licensed and non-licensed. -HSUS 2018 Puppy Mill Facts and Figures It is hard to know who the great breeders are. Our Pet Finder takes all the worry out of your puppy buying experience. We have teamed up with PawFax to make sure our breeders are ethical, licensed and follow our breeder code of ethics. Puppy Scams are another real concern. They will make you an unbelievable deal on a puppy, take your money then never produce a puppy. This is just awful. Making sure we have happy healthy puppies is a top priority for us. 

About Our Pet Finder

We designed Pet Finder with you in mind. You have probably spent a considerable amount of time online looking for that perfect puppy. A few questions have probably come up in your search. Will my puppy be healthy? The breeder says they perform health test but the question is who actually does the test?  Puppy Mill or Not? This question can be frustrating, sure the breeder says they are not a puppy mill but how do you know? Then you have Puppy Scams. Will this breeder take your money and run? Pet Finder is here to help. It is a fast and simple way to find the specific puppy you are looking for by answering a few simple questions. When you are ready click apply to find your puppy.

How Our Pet Finder Works

Okay, so this is where it is as simple as it can be. First, you click on Apply it will take you to 10 easy questions. Second, answer the question. It is important to be realistic with your answers. For example, one of the questions is “Let’s think about exercise. I know! I know! But we need to know how much time you have to exercise your dog?” The answer options are “1-5 hours per week, 5-10 hours per week, 10-20 hours per week or I am unable to exercise with my dog.” How you answer is important because it will help us know what dog breed fits best in your lifestyle. Third, the last couple of questions are for your contact information. Fill them out so we can get in touch. Lastly, get ready for your new puppy. We see some puppy toy shopping in your future. Exciting! 


Simply, find your dream puppy with our Pet Finder.

Is PetFinder dogs only?

Our Petfinder dogs only features dogs and puppies for sale. If you are looking for a Petfinder that offers animals other than dogs, we are sorry we couldn’t help. But, we would love to change your mind. Dogs are awesome! 

Will PetFinder search my state for puppies near me?

Of course! Pet Finder is the easiest way to find puppies in your state. We take extra care hand-selecting our breeders. Also, keeping in constant contact with our breeders not only allows us to make sure they are doing things above board but to also know the birth timing of the litters. If your PetFinder search results show a litter isn’t available at the moment, don’t worry we are constantly adding new breeders apply for a puppy and we will find breeders near you. We are your #1 dog finder.

Will PetFinder search all states for a puppy?

Most definitely! Preferable Pups is dedicated to finding the top breeders in all states. We take our verification process very seriously and never cut corners. If your PetFinder search shows the puppy you can’t live without in a different state don’t worry we will handle all the travel arrangements. So no need to worry about finding that perfect pup, dog finder is our middle name.

Why does the same breed of puppy have a different price?

Several things go into the pricing of a puppy. Some of those things are size, coat type, disposition and breeder experience. The most important of these is the breeder experience. Having a breeder with experience in the right way to bred puppies results in healthy well-raised puppies. Preferable Pups is your #1 dog finder because we only use breeders with experience.

Can I list my puppies on Pet Finder? I am a breeder.

Of course! Any breeder is welcome to apply with Preferable Pups to list their puppies. However, you must first complete and pass the PawFax breeder verification. The responsibility to our puppy buyer is at the forefront. We will only provide the highest quality puppies to our buyers. If you are a breeder with experience and would like to list your puppies on our Pet Finder apply today. 

What’s the difference between you and PetFinder.com?

A site like Petfinder.com will allow anybody to list puppies for sale. Including puppy mills and scammers. We discourage using PetFinder services mainly for those reasons. If you are still thinking about PetFind, please ask the breeder questions first. Make sure to compare Preferable Pups with other sites before making a decision.