Our Process


Step 1: Pick a Breed

Perfect! You have officially made the decision to adopt a puppy! Now, how do you choose the breed that’s best suited to your way of life? 

This is a critical decision as the puppy you choose will learn to lean on you and is a long-term commitment. Being certain to choose the right breed for your household significantly reduces the chances of her ending up at the shelter later on and/or you being unhappy with your choice.

Every breed is unique. Not only that; every individual dog is unique. 

This isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. There are an overwhelming number of breeds to choose from. Be certain (even though it’s so tempting) not to choose a puppy solely for her adorable looks. Do a bit of your own research and find out what her grooming requirements are, what her level is activity must be, if there are any health conditions common in her breed, and all the other information necessary to fully understand her.

Take your time with this decision. This is also a time when you should ask yourself how much time you’re willing to dedicate to those activities. If you don’t want to groom significantly or don’t have time to groom your dog, you should search for a dog who requires less maintenance than others. Similarly, if you don’t have time for significant obedience training, you should search for an easy-to-train breed.

If you find yourself completely lost choosing a breed, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you find your furry best friend.

Step 2: Apply for a Puppy

Our application process is simple and quick. We don’t want to waste any time matching you with your new furry family member. 

Don’t worry. We keep all your information secure.

Here at Preferable Pups, not only do we screen the breeders to ensure they have an A+ rating, we also screen our customers. Please don’t be offended by this; this process ensures all our puppies go to homes they are best suited for.

After filling out the application, a member from our team will reach out to you to start taking notes for the matching process.

Once you have been approved, you will officially be ready to begin looking at our beautiful pups.

P.S.- No deposit necessary!

Step 3: The Matching Process

To ensure the best possible match, we have a live conversation with the puppy applicant to determine not only the best breed of dog, but to match you with the perfect puppy based on your own preferences (color, personality traits, etc.). 

You have already completed most of this during the application process prior to being approved, but we take this step a bit further to ensure you are matched with the best puppy possible for your family.

Step 4: Final Health Exam

Once you reach this step, you have already been approved for a puppy, and have selected the perfect puppy for you. At this point, the puppy will begin her health examination to ensure she receives an A+ health rating prior to going home.

The health examination is provided by PawFax and contains 20 criteria which must be signed off by a licensed veterinarian. 

We do not permit anything less than an A+ health rating.

To briefly explain the Pawfax; the Pawfax is part of a commitment to end the puppy mill crisis once and for all. That’s why it’s critical our breeders be screened to the maximum extent. We want to not only ensure you have a puppy with a health grade of A+, but also be certain all dogs are cared for properly (mother, father, all puppies). 

Every breeder is verified through the Pawfax platform. We are extremely proud to take part in such an organization and adhere to the Pawfax Breeder of Ethics Code.

Step 5: Travel Arrangements

The puppy you choose does not have to live near you or even live in your state. Travel arrangements are made by dog breeders who ensure your puppy arrives home safely. 

Dependent upon where you are located in reference to the puppy, Preferable Pups offers several options. 

If you are within 100 miles, we will provide safe ground transportation. 

If you are farther than 100 miles apart, we will either provide a puppy nanny or air travel to your closest airport.

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