There is a reason dog lovers work with us!

At Preferable Pups, we’re puppy people. Our mission is to help you find your furever friend, but that’s not where our job ends. We believe in creating a successful and lifelong relationship between you and your new puppy. We love puppies, and we want your pup to grow up to be a welcome and loved member of your family.

Job Description

Who We Are: Preferable Pups. We connect puppy buyers to responsible dog breeders. We collect about 10,000 applications monthly, and customers come to us to avoid puppy mills and naughty dog breeders.

Who We Need: As a Puppy Advocate, you are a hero to our customers. Your sole role is to explain how our PawFax system prevents them from being scammed by the 2 million online sites and 10,000 puppy mills.

What The Leads Are: The leads you will receive are people looking to take home a puppy but have no idea of the tactics puppy mills and bad breeders use. It’s a straightforward sale if you keep it simple. Build a pipeline and explain the benefits, and use factual data about the number of online scams.

About The Sale: You will text the customers and call if they request an appointment. When a customer applies on the Preferable Pups website, you will reach out to them as a PawFax Puppy Advocate. The price is $199.99, and you will receive 50% of each sale. It’s very typical to sell 5-8 per day once you are seasoned with the information about PawFax.

What The Puppy Buyer Get’s:

  • $1,500 buyer insurance if the breeder either sells them a sick puppy or the puppy comes with issues.
  • A breeder negotiator (Not you) that will not only screen the dog breeders to keep the customer safe but will handle the contracts between the two parties. The breeder negotiator will also guide the customers to qualified breeders with proven track records.
  • $150.00 Vet Voucher to prove the puppy’s health before purchasing
  • $40.00 in dog sitting credits
  • Free ESA Letter so that no extra rental deposits or rent increases can be charged

In all, you become a hero for the customer and get to be proud of our efforts together to take down puppy mills!

Let me know if you want to join; I need a friendly dog-loving human to help save as many puppy buyers as possible!

You will need your own laptop and phone for this position, and you will be paid weekly. Email if you would like to apply!

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Over 50,000 Happy Families

Goldendoodle puppies for sale

We got a healthy Goldendoodle pup from Preferable Pups last year. They were so professional and helpful and kept us updated with each step during shipping/air travel. 

— Lux’s Mom

Parti Labradoodle

After being puppy scammed, we decided to call Preferable Pups and have had such great results!! Preferable Pups is where you should go for a puppy because you know your puppy is going to be taken care of with love.

— Sammie’s Mom

Parti Sheepadoodle

“I had a wonderful experience with Preferable Pups. From the application process to delivery, everything went smoothly. I now have a healthy, growing puppy!”

— Lucky’s Father

Helping you avoid being scammed

There are plenty of companies that will promise you a healthy puppy, then not deliver on that promise. It’s heartbreaking to see the pain of pup parents who lose their puppy to illness or disease because their puppy came from an unhealthy breeding facility. We think promises are important to keep, especially where the care of pets is concerned.

Preferable Pups Reviews
Merle Goldendoodle

“Preferable Pups made me and my pup feel like family. They were so understanding and answered every question I had.”

— Jack’s Mom

English Mastiff Puppies For Sale 3

“Other puppy providers’ service made me leery, but Preferable Pups went out of their way to put me and my puppy first. Thank you!”

— Winston’s Mom

Merle Sheepadoodle

“We were victims of a puppy scam. Afraid of more heartbreak, we decided to call Preferable Pups and have had such great results!”

— Benny’s Mom

Instagram Love!

Preferable Pups Reviews

My Special boy and I. Thank you @preferablepups

Preferable Pups Reviews

My life could not be better. My baby means everything to me and my family!

Preferable Pups Reviews

I believe I am a model, and as a model, I have cookie demands!