Top 6 Great Dane Breeders in Arizona 2022

Top 6 Great Dane Breeders in Arizona

Top 6 Great Dane Breeders in Arizona

The Great Dane, known for its imposing size, is a dog of gentle nature. Truly a “gentle giant,” they are wonderful with families that have young children. They also prove to be very protective over their owner, proving to be great guard dogs and loyal companions. Ready to welcome this “Apollo of Dogs” into your family, but are unsure of where to start? Preferable Pups has narrowed your search by compiling this list of the 5 best breeders of Great Danes in Arizona.

Need extra help in finding the right breeder for your future best pal? Fill out our application, and we will guide you step-by-step through the adoption process. Now without further ado, here are the 5 best Great Dane Breeders in Arizona!

#1. Syvile Great Danes Review

Syvile Great Danes

If you’re looking for experienced Great Dane breeders, look no further than Syvile Great Danes. They have raised Dane puppies since 1991, and they have been presenting them in the show ring since 2008. They are committed to improving the breed with each generation.

Syvile Great Danes ensures that each puppy going to a good home has all its needs met before adoption. At 4 weeks of age, the pups are introduced to visitors and even puppy parties! Their required medical needs are guaranteed, and upon adoption, their new owners are given a small starter kit with a bag of food and a toy with their littermates’ scent.

Breeder Information:

Location: Litchfield Park, AZ



#2. Haus of Blues – Blue Great Danes Review

Haus of Blues – Blue Great Danes

The health, safety, and enrichment of Great Dane puppies are very important to Haus of Blues. They take pet adoption seriously, as any potential pet owner should. On their website, they host several informative pages on Great Dane ownership, ensuring that each pup goes to an educated owner.

The puppies at Haus of Blues range between $2,000 and $3,000. Their beautiful blue Danes come with health testing and a health guarantee. The little ones visit the veterinarian at 6-8 weeks where they receive their shots and are dewormed. If the puppy happens to come down with a congenital defect within 2 years of adoption, Haus of Blues can take the puppy back and offer another of equal value from their next litter.

Breeder Information:

Location: Huachuca City, AZ

Phone: (858) 864-7892

Website: Great Dane Puppies | Blue Great Dane Puppies | Blue Great Danes (


Facebook: Haus of Blues | Facebook

 #3. Dane Dreams Review 

Dane Dreams Great Danes

Valerie Metcalf of DaneDreams has a deep love and appreciation for Great Danes. She raises them in a loving home and enjoys watching her puppies grow into lumbering dogs of excellence. The little ones enter into a safe, secure, and loving environment from birth.

Socialization is crucial to DaneDreams. Valerie raises her puppies with basic manners, has them crate trained, house trained and exposes them to various sounds and surroundings. She also encourages early introduction to humans, adult dogs, and other animals that they might come across on their journey to their new home.

Breeder Information:

Location: Chandler, AZ

Website: DaneDreams in Arizona | Great Dane puppies | Good Dog

Facebook: DaneDreams -Registered | Facebook

Instagram: valerie (@danedreams) • Instagram photos and videos

#4. TLC Danes Review

TLC Danes Arizona

In southern Arizona, TLC Danes raise show-caliber dogs in a caring and careful home. They are dedicated to treating both their puppies and buyers with a positive experience from introduction to adoption.

The pups from TLC Danes come in fawn and black colors. Excellent care is taken to ensure that each puppy is healthy going forward in their lives. Tests for hip and elbow dysplasia are administered, and they receive eye, cardiac, and thyroid testing that is registered with OFA to guarantee a healthy, happy pup.

Breeder Information:

Phone: (701) 541-3585

Website: TLC Danes in Arizona | Great Dane puppies | Good Dog


Facebook: TLC Great Danes | Facebook

 #5. SteelRose Great Danes Review

SteelRose Great Danes Arizona

Kathy Patterson at SteelRose Great Danes is an experienced Dane breeder. She started entering her dogs in the show ring in 1980 and has since continued to breed and raise them as pets first and show dogs second. Kathy is CHIC certified and is a member of the Great Dane Club of Arizona.

The puppies at SteelRose Great Danes are exposed to several confidence-building stimulations such as slamming doors, blaring music, and other loud noises. They are crate trained and are led through obstacle items to encourage traits like balancing and climbing. Each puppy is sent home with a certificate of health, vaccinations, AKC registration, and a microchip.

Breeder Information:

Location: Kingman, AZ

Website: SteelRose Great Danes in Arizona | Great Dane puppies | Good Dog


Facebook: SteelRose Great Danes | Facebook

#6. Meadow Creek Great Danes Review

Meadow Creek Great Danes

The puppies born at Meadow Creek Great Danes are bred with temperament, soundness, and beauty in mind. The litters are carefully planned to enhance these traits and guarantee the best quality Great Dane pups around!

Meadow Creek’s main goal is to raise well-rounded and easy-to-train Dane for your family. They offer a 1-year health guarantee that covers genetic defects, and they send their little ones off with a microchip. Great care is put into these puppies, and Meadow Creek Great Danes aim to ensure that your newest addition is ready for a joyful, loving home.

Breeder Information:

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Website: Meadow Creek Great Danes in Arizona | Great Dane puppies | Good Dog

Facebook: Meadow Creek Great Danes | Facebook

Find your new Great Dane puppy in Arizona!

If you live in the “Grand Canyon State” and are looking to add a four-legged member to your family, the Great Dane could be a good choice for you. Loyal, affectionate, and protective, they make wonderful family dogs. The breeders listed above are all AKC registered and strive to raise healthy puppies. Careful consideration is required when adopting a pet, and we at Preferable Pups hope our list has made it easier to consider welcoming a Great Dane into your family.

Top 6 Great Dane Breeders in Arizona

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