What Do You Need To Walk Your Dog Properly?

What Do You Need To Walk Your Dog Properly?

Do you love walking? Is it part of your everyday routine? Well, that’s a commendable habit. As you take your daily stroll, it can sometimes get boring, especially when doing it alone. Hence, a companion will come in handy.

Your companion doesn’t have to be your partner or friend; your pet can fill the position. Suppose you have a dog for a pet and want to bring it with you for your walks. How will you make the experience easier and more enjoyable for the two of you?

Here’s what you need to walk your dog properly:


Toys are essential when you have a pet. They keep them busy and entertained, giving you room to execute other duties. In this case, you might take a walk in the park and need rest. While resting or doing yoga stretches, it’d help to keep your dog busy to prevent distraction. That’s why toys are important for your dog walks.

You can bring different toys, such as freebies, tennis balls, and tug toys. Your choice of toy depends on your dog’s activities. Are they playful and energetic, or do they love laying low? You also want to consider their fitness level. Some toys double up as dog exercise equipment. Be sure to add them to your list of essentials.

A Leash

A leash is a rope or tether that you hook on your dog’s collar. It helps to control their movement, allowing you to have an easy time during your walk. Going for a walk without a leash can be stressful. Imagine your dog running off, and you have to chase it to prevent it from hurting or disturbing others around you.

There are different leashes you can adopt. In most cases, the choice is based on your height. The leash should be long enough such that you don’t need to bend to hold onto it. You also don’t want to restrict your dog’s movement. They might get grumpy and start acting up. If constantly pulling on a leash isn’t your cup of cake, there are hand-free options. With this option, you’ll attach the leash to your waist instead of holding it with your hand. Visit neewadogs.com for more on available dog leashes. 

A Collar

A collar is a material you tie around your dog’s neck for identification, restraint, and to add a bit of flair. 

For identification, you’ll add a tag with your dog’s important details. List its name, your contact information, and the dog’s medical condition. This information comes in handy should you lose your dog during your walks. The person who finds the dog will use the information on the tag to locate you.

Regarding restraint, you have to attach a leash. However, ensure the collar isn’t too tight or loose. It might bring discomfort or come off where it’s loose. The clasp with which you’ll tie the collar should be strong enough that it can’t come off. 

It’s important to note that there are collars ideal for your night walks. These are reflective; you’ll be able to locate your dog easily. 

Poop Bags

During your walks, there’s a high likelihood your dog will poop. It’s crucial not to leave the poop there; collecting it for disposal is the right thing to do. In other states, it’s a law. Hence, poop bags are a must-have for your walks. 

It’d help to purchase small-sized ones that are easy to carry. They should also be scented to reduce the odor from the poop as you carry them for later disposal.

A Collapsible Water Container

Walking is an exercise on its own, and you’ll experience fatigue. Your dog, too, experiences this. Make sure to always bring water to rehydrate your dog. A collapsible water container for your dog works well. It’s good to familiarize yourself with your walking route, as some areas and dog parks have water stations.

Dog Treats

A treat is a reward given for doing something good. It’s something you should adopt for your dog walks. Walking with your dog isn’t easy. Your dog might try pulling at the leash or even go against your commands. It can be frustrating, but you can turn your walks into enriching activities. 

Encourage your dog’s good behavior by giving them treats, especially for listening to you. The treats prompt them to adhere to your instructions, making the walks easier. There are many treats you can bring with you. The excitement of guessing the treat is what you want to maintain with your dog. However, ensure the treat isn’t part of the dog’s everyday meal; it’ll do the opposite of creating excitement.


It’s said that the success of any adventure requires you to gather the right resources. Adopting this concept in your dog walking practice is crucial. It makes the walks enjoyable and effective. The discussion above highlights the things you need for your dog walks. Be sure to acquire them beforehand.

What Do You Need To Walk Your Dog Properly?

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