Introverts and Extroverts: What Dog Is Best for Me?

Did you know that Americans have adopted over 90 million dogs?

If you’re also thinking about joining this fun club, finding the right breed that matches your unique personality will help you enjoy your life.

Are you wondering, “What dog is best for me?” Keep reading to learn more about how you can make this important choice.

What Would You Like to Accomplish With Your Dog?

Before you can decide if you’re interested in bold or shy dogs, you have to ask yourself which type of personality would mesh best with yours and what you’d like to accomplish.

As a general rule of thumb, the most harmonious matches are ones where the dog and the owner share many personality traits. However, boisterous dogs can be just what an introvert needs to break out of the shell more while calm dogs can help ground outgoing people. Once you figure out your own goals, you can start looking for a pup who can help you thrive.

The Best Dogs for Introverts

Greyhounds are some of the best dogs for homebodies because they’re affectionate, quiet, and love to spend their day snuggling. They may be known as giant athletes, but this breed only requires a couple of walks each day to let out their steam.

Other excellent breeds for low-key people include basset hounds, Shiba Inus, terriers, chihuahuas, and Maltese.

The Best Dogs for Extroverts

If you love to be out and about while meeting new people, dogs with outgoing personalities can help you make a lot more friends. Since people are drawn to dogs, you’ll have no trouble striking up conversations with strangers while you’re hanging out with your pup.

Some of the best dogs for extroverts include golden retrievers, labs, beagles, corgis, and pugs. No matter which breed you choose, your four-legged friend is sure to soak up all of your energy and always be content by your side.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Get a Dog

Getting a dog is a big decision, but that shouldn’t cause you to put it off for years. When it comes to dogs and the pandemic, more animals are in need of a home than ever. With all of the lockdowns around the world, less people are out looking at dogs to bring home.

Just because social distancing is our new normal for the foreseeable future, that doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself the pleasure of spending time with a loving companion. Whether you want to weather this pandemic indoors with an adorable couch potato or spend your days going on hikes, dogs will always be the perfect sidekicks.

What Dog Is Best for Me? Now You Have a Better Idea

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What dog is best for me?” now you’re one step closer to meeting your favorite furry companion.

Are you ready to start looking for your dog now? Make sure you browse our site so you can find and learn how to care for your pet.

Introverts and Extroverts: What Dog Is Best for Me?

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