What is the best dog food for Labradoodles?

What is the best dog food for Labradoodles?

Have you just brought home a new furry family member and are looking for the best food for them? Or is your baby no longer a baby, are you looking for an adult dog food? What food you feed your dog from puppy to well into their senior years is essential. A nutritious diet is not difficult to achieve after you learn a few facts about Labradoodles. We are here to help you in your search for the best options for your dog. To select the best dog food for Labradoodles, you need to know what they need and why.

Labradoodle Nutritional and Dietary Considerations

Labradoodles under 2 years old can commonly have food allergies, make sure to monitor your dog’s reaction when new food is introduced.

Joint Problems
Labradoodle puppies are prone to joint issues as they get older. Being especially prone to elbow and hip dysplasia, make sure they are eating high protein foods that promote muscle growth.

Most dogs will eat anything and everything. Be careful not to overfeed, it can lead to your puppy growing too quickly, which could result in joint and bone problems.

Eye Problems
Inherited eye disease is one thing Poodles, and Labradors are prone to, Labradoodles are no exception. Make yearly appointments with your vet to make sure your Labradoodle’s eyes are healthy.

Bloat is one of two things. The first being gastric dilatation, the stomach fills with gas. The second is gastric dilatation and volvulus, the gas-filled stomach then the stomach twists on itself. By splitting up meals into 2 or 3 smaller ones instead of 1 big one, you can avoid bloat.

Supplemental Calcium
Avid supplemental calcium as it can exacerbate hip dysplasia.

Labradoodle Puppy Nutritional Needs

Protein is for muscle growth and muscle usage.

Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids
These acids are beneficial for healthy skin and coat.

Amino Acids
Animal protein is the only place to find amino acids, they are crucial for body development.

Carbohydrates, Probiotics, and Fiber
These three things are helpful with digestion.

When and What to Feed Labradoodle Puppies

Creating a feeding cart for a Labradoodle can be tricky, seeing they come in a variety of sizes. We will focus on the most common sizes; however, you will need to adjust accordingly.

6 weeks – Weight 2-4 lbs
Ideally, your puppy will still be nursing; if this is not posable, try to duplicate the micro and macronutrients provided by the mother’s milk.

10 weeks – Weight 6-10 lbs
This is when your puppy will be transitioning to puppy food. Wet canned dog food is recommended by some veterinarians. When choosing to use dry dog food, it is a good idea to add some water to help aid your puppy’s digestion. Dry food can be a little too harsh for their new tummies.

12 weeks – Weight 9-15 lbs
Your puppy should be eating dry food at this point. To help your puppy transition mix wet food with dry food and slowly over the next few weeks, add more dry than wet.

3 months – Weight 14-21 lbs
Your puppy is 100% on dry food by now. Use puppy specific dog food to make sure your puppy is getting the fat, protein, and vitamins they need to help them grow into big and healthy adults.

5 months – Weight 27-35 lbs
Its time to start adding other food products to your puppy’s diet. Yes, we are talking about treats! Be mindful of the amount you add; you don’t want to add too many calories and create an overweight puppy.

1 year – Weight 45-65 lbs
Labradoodles are full-grown at this point. You will no longer be feeding for growth but to sustain. So fewer calories (cups of food) may be required. However, some adult dogs will be more active than when they were puppies, so monitor with caution; you don’t want to underfed. Keep feeding them two times a day so they won’t develop bloat.

Feeding Guide

Picking the right food and feeding your Labradoodle the correct amount is the key to giving them a healthy life for years to come. We have created a feeding guide to help you achieve this.

Labradoodle Puppy

Puppies require more calories than adults because they are growing. This is when you will form a base for your Labradoodle’s future health. Allergies can show up for some puppies, so make sure to monitor them when introducing a new food. To know how much to feed a puppy, we recommend identifying your puppy’s weight and following the chart on the dog food packaging. We would love to be more specific, but each puppy is a different weight. Their weight all depends on the parents and whether the puppy is male or female. Each dog food recommends an unusual amount of eating based on its nutritional value and the puppy’s weight.

Adult Labradoodle

Your dog will have reached adulthood around 10-12 months. Ideally, three cups of dog food over two meals a day will be enough. Again, this will depend on what dog food you chose. Do not feed your Labradoodle immediately before or after exercise. When using dry dog food, make sure you have plenty of water for your dog, it will help with digestion. Remember to pick a dog food that is high in protein and fat.

Senior Labradoodle

The geriatric stage starts at 11 years for Labradoodles. The only thing you need to change is the amount of food you will be feeding, this is because your dog will be less active. The risk for joint and bone pain goes up. Don’t think twice about a visit to your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

Best Dog Food for Labradoodles – Our Top 5

American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is the best dog food for Labradoodles. For its price point, it has an excellent nutrient profile. The great thing about this dog food is that it’s affordable. It has high-quality meat and high levels of protein while being grain-free. It is also easy to store. The things we wish could be a little better are the use of pea protein, remove it; moreover, it has a fish flavor, this could be a problem for some dogs.

Farmina Natural & Delicious Chicken & Ancestral Low-Grain Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

This is the best puppy food for Labradoodles. Farmina guarantees to be steroid-free, gluten-free, growth hormone-free, and they use organic ingredients. They use a low amount of grain, and the grain they do use is classed as “limited ancestral cereals,” which in small amounts can be beneficial. Also, this dog food is suitable for all ages.

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Fish Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance L.I.D. is the best sensitive stomach food for Labradoodles. The benefits are high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and its grain-free. Also, it consists of a single animal protein source, extra digestive help, and complex carbohydrate sources. It is, however, more expensive than other dry dog foods and lower in protein and fat.

Merrick Grain-Free Real Texas Beef & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food By Merrick

This dog food was produced specially for dogs with allergies, being grain-free, and gluten-free makes it easily digestible. Deboned lamb and beef meal provides protein and fat. However, some of the protein is pea protein. But still a great dry dog food for a dog with digestive issues.

Wellness Complete Health Adult Deboned Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe Dry Dog Food By Wellness

We would describe Wellness dog food as an all-around dog food. It is a little lacking in what we would recommend for your Labradoodle but will still give them enough nutrients to ensure a healthy puppy. The omega-3, fiber, essential oils, and antioxidants are provided by the carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, tomatoes and ground flaxseed. It also has whole grains that could cause digestive issues. Again the best all-around dog food.

So you now know the best dog food for Labradoodles to pick from for the different stages in your dog’s life. You are equipped to make sound nutritional decisions for your puppy into adulthood. One last tip, stick to a feeding schedule; this will not only help when your puppy is potty training, but they will have comfort in knowing when food will be available.

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What is the best dog food for Labradoodles?

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