What You Need to Buy Before Getting a Dog


Bringing a new pup home is an exciting experience. Yet, it can hardly be done unprompted. Any new dog owner needs a lot of things to accommodate their pet’s needs. Hence, you need to take at least a day or two to get all the necessities ready. You want your new dog to feel at home. Hence, you need to show them they have a place in your house. They surely have to have their toys, food, bed, and so on. Here is a full list of items that you need to buy before getting a dog.

Dog bed 

Every dog needs its own place around the house. You can buy them a bed to provide with their personal territory. Even if your dog prefers your bed at night, it still needs a place to stay during the day. So go ahead, and start your shopping with a dog bed. 

Make sure that either the bed as a whole or bed covers are washable. Trust us on this one. You don’t want to throw away the new bed after the very first incident. These things will get messy pretty fast. So, it’s best if the covers are removable and easy to wash and dry. 

Collar and a leash

First of all, keep in mind that a small pup should not leave your house until they are fully vaccinated. The process can take from three months to half a year. So, there is no need to buy a leash and collar right away if your puppy is too young. More likely, they will grow out of that collar pretty fast. 

However, if you are getting an older dog from a shelter, you should start with walking right away. Get a new collar depending on the breed, size, and hair type of your dog. For instance, dogs with long hair are not a perfect match for a harness. Wearing it results in tangled hair around the stripes and causes severe discomfort. 

When it comes to the leash, choose it judging by its strength. If you have a small dog, you have little to worry about, of course. However, if your pup is a big one and probably stronger than you are, a high-quality, resilient leash is everything. Watch both the stipe and the clip. You don’t want any of those details to break on you during the walk. 

Grooming tools

Depending on what type of dog you have, you may need some grooming tools. Some short-haired breeds, like Pugs, Jack Russell Terriers, or Dalmatians just need a bath every once in a while. Still, you need to get nail clippers, shampoo, and things like that. 

Long-hair breeds, on the other hand, need grooming every day. It’s necessary for their health and looks. Of course, in this case, grooming sessions at professional dog salons are a must. Yet, you also need to buy special tools for their hair types like a fur removal brush, special conditioners, and so on. 

Food and water bowls

Of course, you will need to get your new dog food and water bowls. Even if you already have another dog at home, you still need to provide them with separate bowls for eating and drinking. It’s important for many reasons, from the hygiene standards to the sense of ownership to avoid any fights. Stainless steel bowls are the best option here as they prevent any bacteria spreading

Also, if you are getting yourself a puppy, consider taking a no-spill bowl at first. Puppies love playing with their food and bowls and will take great care in making a big mess out of their eating experience. You don’t want that, do you?


Of course, your new dog will need some toys. You should buy toys based on your dog’s age, breed, and habits. Overall, you will learn what types of toys your new dog enjoys the most. Until that, try buying several different toys for them to play with. You’ll see if they prefer balls overstuffed bears and rubber bones. However, keep in mind that playtime is important for the healthy development of your pup. So do provide them with enough toys to release their excessive energy. 


Your shopping here won’t be complete without buying dog food. Now, if you are a new pet owner, do get a consultation with other dog owners or a vet about what types of food you should buy. Also, ask a breeder or people at the pet shelter about their suggestions on the dog food. Remember, dogs of different breeds, age groups, activity levels, and health need a diet designed specifically for their needs. Your dog’s food may change over time too. Their taste preferences may also change over the years. Our readers can even write essays for me about what picky eaters their dogs are. So don’t buy too much food at first.

What You Need to Buy Before Getting a Dog

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