Why Do Dogs Like Their Collars?

Why Do Dogs Like Their Collars?

Have you ever thought about why your pet loves his collar so much? There’s a logic behind this fondness which you must know. 

When getting a dog, one important task you should take seriously is selecting the ideal collar for their lifestyle. Whether that’s the best waterproof dog collar, a GPS one or a specially designed one for the breed, collars are a key part of any dog’s wardrobe. As perplexing as it may be, dogs have an obsession with their collars. But why do dogs adore their collars so much?  

Why Do Dogs Adore Collars?  

A dog collar has a unique odor that your dog cannot approach while wearing his collar. Your dog’s scent has saturated the inside of the collar. When you remove it, the smell of the collar becomes much stronger, which tempts your dog’s interest.  

Furthermore, your dog’s scent is on an object he has been unable to see for the longest time due to the collar around his neck. When a dog collar is worn correctly, your dog will quickly become accustomed to the sensation of wearing one.  

Tips to Select the Right Collar for your Dog?

Here are some tips to help you identify the best collar for your dog:

Temperament and Breed

When making your decision, consider your dog’s build and walking manners. For example, Greyhounds, which have smaller heads and slender necks, may benefit from the support of a martingale collar, whereas a head halter would be a better fit for a large, energetic German shepherd.

Training Requirements of your Dog

Does your dog walk well on a leash or struggle and pull? Dogs who pull require a training collar, such as a harness or martingale.   

Consider your Pet’s Growth

If you buy a collar for your puppy, make sure to check the tightness of it regularly as your dog grows. Two fingers should be able to fit under the collar. It ensures that it is not too tight around your pup’s neck but snug enough that they cannot escape if they spot a squirrel. 

Bottom Line

Dogs love to run and play in open grounds and parks. And a collar usually indicates an out-of-house trip for them. It is the prime reason why dogs love their collars so much. So, ensure you pick the best collar for your furball that is stylish and comfortable. 

Why Do Dogs Like Their Collars?

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