Why It’s Important To Always Check If Your Dog’s Poop Is Healthy!

When you have a dog there is so much that you need to think about and consider. Looking after your dog as well as you can ensure that your dog will have a long, and happy life with you and your family. If you do not take good care of your dog, and you do not fill their emotional needs as well as their need for good food and company then you cannot expect your dog to give you 100% love, affection, and time in return. Owning a dog, and looking after them as well as you can is a massive commitment, and it is one that will last for anything from 10-15 years plus. Your dog may face many health challenges over their lives, and, as an attentive owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that any health, or, medical issues are resolved and supported as much as possible. Checking poop is healthy and can alert you to issues or problems that your dog may be having, so ensure that you are checking your dogs’ poop at least once a day, or more regularly if you suspect there are any issues or problems.

Behavioral Issues

Your dog may be acting out, or they may be ignoring your commands. Issues surrounding their behavior could be resolved by looking at their poop. Quite often poor behavior is a warning for underlying issues. Watching how your dog behaves and even watching them when they poop (to ensure that they are not having any difficulty) can alert you, and bring your attention to any issues that need fixing. As dogs cannot speak, they communicate issues and problems through barking and behavior. If you notice they are activating differently, or if you notice that they are withdrawn then you should always investigate that little bit further, as you never know what you will uncover and discover.

Lacking Nutrients And Nutrition

Poop shows you a lot, and if poop looks of poor consistency, or if it looks pale then it could indicate that your dog is lacking proper nutrients and nutrients from the food they eat. Feeding commercial and mass-produced dry dog food is not always the most beneficial thing for your dog, because most dogs’ foods contain high levels of grain and cereal which are not always good for your dog or their digestive system. You should know that pale dog foods are often heavy in processed foods and ingredients, and they are often lacking in real meat content. Taking the time to evaluate the nutrients and nutrition your dog is getting at meal times versus what they should be getting according to their breed and weight is always beneficial. Dogs that are struggling to get the nutrients they require will be a little weaker than they usually are, they will have reduced energy, their coats will be dull, and they will possibly be a shadow of their former selves. If, after looking at your dogs’ poop you see that they need a boost you can then start looking at additional support through vitamins and supplements.

Poor Diet

As poop says a lot, it can tell you about how good your dog’s diet is, or not. Dogs require protein, fad, and general goodness in every bowl of food you give them, and unfortunately, if they are not getting this then their poop will show it. Getting over the obstacle of a poor diet can be easier if you look at two different options. The first option is looking at cooking for your dog, each day. When you cook for your dog you know what is going into their diet, and you can control what they are having. When you buy commercial dog food, whether it is wet, or dry, you never really know what it is each scoop of kibble, and this is where issues lie – cooking for your dog can be done at the same time as you cook for yourself, or, it could be carried out just before or after. 

When you cook from scratch you get to use local ingredients, and, you get to use ingredients that are seasonal and fresh. Cooking for your dog allows you to control their intake, and ensure that they stave off obesity. If cooking for your dog is not possible, perhaps due to lack of time, then you can look at feeding them a raw or barf diet. Raw and barf diets naturally mimic and imitate their diet in the wild, and these types of diets can ensure that everything, from your dog’s eyes to their teeth and digestive system are kept as healthy, and productive as possible.

General Health And Wellbeing

If your dog is poorly it can result in soft, runny poops which are terrible to look at, and even worse to clean up. If your dog is constantly having running poops then you will want to start researching how to harden dog stool to find a solution because a runny poop consistently means that your dog is losing valuable nutrients each time they go to the toilet. Poor health and wellbeing will result in soft poop, and eliminating what your dog is missing or lacking, with a step-by-step targeted approach is often the best way to go, and the only way to go. If poop remains wet and runny for prolonged periods then you must see the advice and guidance of a vet as they will be able to quickly, and easily tell you what course of action or treatment is needed to get your dog back to looking and feeling their best. When a dog’s health is improved you will start to notice the results from inside out. You will start to see that their poop will be more solid, and more consistent in color. Yes, you will become a poop expert and a poop investigator when your dog is ill or sick, but at least this way you will be able to remedy almost any situation.


Tapeworms and intestinal worms are awful, but unfortunately, they are more common than you think, and more common than you realize, which is a scary thing. Worms can often be visibly seen in dog poop, and when you check your dogs’ poop regularly you can see a worm infestation before it gets too serious. Worms can be deadly to dogs, so, it is vital that you get your dog regularly treated for worms, and dewormed throughout the year. Getting a dewormer from your vets will allow you to get a general checkup for your dog at the same time. If your dogs’ poop is solid in its consistency, and it is not to dog, or pale, and it has no white spots or lines visible then the chances are that your dog is free from worms, but, like with everything, it is essential that if you are unsure you seek veterinary advice and support at your earliest convenience.

Long Term Problems

Poop can show you if there are any long-term health problems with your dog. Health problems can strike down any dog, at any time, and age isn’t necessarily the only factor at play. When checking your dogs’ poop, looking for issues over time will help you identify if any underlying long-term problems need looking at. Some long-term problems may not be seen at first, but, the sooner they are picked up on, then the easier and quicker you can get treatment arranged and prepared. Healthy poop will never give you cause for concern, but, if you notice runny poop, blood in poop, or even mucus in poop then this is something that you need to take up urgently with your vet. Of course, it could be nothing, it could be down to something as simple as a change in diet, but it is worth ruling out all options and avenues as soon as you are able to.

Diseases and Infections

Whether spread from other animals, through poop, or through flies, diseases and infections are common within dogs, and unfortunately, some are a lot more serious than others. Infections and disease can affect how regularly a dog poops, and also what poop looks like. So, if you think your dog may have a disease or infection, start monitoring the frequency of their poops, and start monitoring the color and consistency of their poops. If you end up needing to take your dog to the vets you will find that you need this information to hand, and if you do not have it to hand it can make a vets diagnosis particularly difficult and timely, which is of course not something you want to have to deal with when you are trying to identify potential diseases and infections within your dog.

Monitoring your dogs’ behavior regularly, being attentive, and looking for warning signals are what you need to do as a good dog owner. Spotting the warning signs by looking at poop will ensure that if any problems or changes are occurring within your dog, you can get them fixed as swiftly as possible, as ultimately no dog owner wants their poor pet pooch suffering more.

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Tim Hanson (101)

Contributing writer at Preferable Pups!