Why Preferable Pups?

Our mission is to ensure that you are successful in raising your new puppy. We just so happen to also match you with the world’s best dog breeders.

Why Preferable Pups
Why Preferable Pups
We save you over 20 hours of breeder searching time.

Searching for the right breeder can be a vigorous process. We have made it uber-simple to find your new furry friends. Skip the hassle and keep things simple.

Preferable Pups Saves You Money!

We discourage all puppy buyers from purchasing puppies online. Typically, when you have to check out online, this either is a puppy mill or a scam.

Costs from being scammed by a puppy mill are extremely high

Puppy Mill Vet bill

Cost of their puppies

Cost of working with us




Pet Insurance Preferable Pups

Pet Insurance Included

All Preferable Pups’ family members need to purchase a pet insurance plan for their puppy. We provide flexible coverage options through approved, licensed insurance companies that cover all needs and budgets. Above all, we want to keep your furkid safe and sound. 

We care about your dog’s wellbeing, and there’s no better way to show you love your pup than to buy a pet insurance policy!

We are different and here is why!

We take the hassle out of finding a qualified breeder.

  • All breeders are screened and approved

  • 0% chance of puppy mill or sick puppies

  • Professional matching service is FREE to use with a puppy insurance quote. Normally $99!

Preferable Pups is different
Why Preferable Pups

What sets us apart?

When it comes to happy and healthy puppies, pup parents everywhere trust Preferable Pups to provide the dog they’re looking for. Unlike our competitors, we go the extra mile to make sure you and your puppy have a safe, successful, and fulfilling life together.

Why Preferable Pups

The The best puppies deserve the best families

The best pets deserve the best coverage